Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pay and promotional disparity in BSF compared to armed forces

World's largest para-military organisation, Border Security Force (BSF) suffers from highest attrition for quite a while. Experts cite reasons like low promotional avenues along with pay disparity in relation to their armed forces counterparts after the implementation of the Sixth pay commission report for the high attrition rate in the BSF. Every month at least 350-400 BSF jawans and officers seek premature retirement of which Rajasthan Frontier has not been far behind.

A BSF source said the Centre does not realise the challenges our jawans and officers face every day while protecting the 7,000 km long border adjoining Pakistan and Bangladesh. "During 30-35 years of career, a BSF person could manage to stay not more than a few days with his family and the promotional avenues in comparison to the army personnel, it has been frustrating for them," said a source.

According to an available data more than 900 jawans and officers from the Rajasthan Frontier alone left the job during October 1, 2008 to September 30 ,2009. The data released by BSF headquarters at New Delhi reads that in 2008 alone at least 4,400 people left the job while till June 2009, it has crossed 2,600 at the all-India level from the organisation.

As the data reveals most of the personnel leave the job after completing 20 years in service just to take post retirement benefits while almost 40% of them leave the organisation well before 20 years of service on account of low wages, promotional avenues and tough living conditions and service conditions.

A retired director general BSF, M L Kumavat, accepted the fact of high attrition rate in the BSF but said "The trend has been arrested after the implementation of the pay commission report." Kumavat believes that not only the service conditions and pay disparity have not been the reasons for high attrition. "People leave the job as they get lucrative offers from the private sectors and also family pressures and responsibility plays its role," added Kumavat.

Kumavat accepted the fact that a constable in the BSF takes at least 20 years to be promoted to head constable while a similar rank in the Army needs 7-8 years to reach that level. Similarly, a second command officer in the BSF have not been included in the pay band 4 (P4) while his counterparts Lt colonel has been included.

Agrees P S Nayar, general secretary, All India Central Para Military Forces and Services Welfare Association, who said "The difference between the salary of a jawan in BSF and Army is of at least Rs 5,000 a month meanwhile the difference goes up to Rs 22,000 in case of higher ranks. This disparity does more harm than good so far moral of BSF is concerned."
Source:The Times of India


Anonymous said...

This seems to be a biased opinion. For one, leaving the BSF is far far easier than quitting the army - so figures are not comparable (Although no equivalent figures are given for the army). Secondly, Lt Col in the army is not necessarily the second-in-command - most often Lt Col is the CO - Lt Col in the Army being merely a rank and not an appointment! Moreover, the role of the BSF / CPMF and Army is JUST NOT COMAPRABLE!! In Fact, it is high time we stopped comparing Army with any other service and for a change give due regard to ALL OUR ARMED FORCES INCLUDING CPMF/ BSF AND POLICE. (Why was Army required for rescue ops of a rail accident at Mathura on 21 October 2009?)PLEASE DO NOT POST SUCH BIASED ARTICLES!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. Noeadays it seems to be fashion to berate army while calling upon them for all sorts of civilian functions. Time to listen to the voice of aam aadmi.
A Concerned Citizen.

Anonymous said...

hey, why d fuss? army is ARMY & bsf is bsf

Anonymous said...

There is no comparision between a Army Lt Col and a BSF 2I/C --- Please do not REPEAT do not go on shoulder rank badges ----- a Lt Col has always been equivalent to a para military commandant and continues to remain so. The only difference is that earlier the 2nd in command or the 2I/c was wearing a Ashoka as his shoulder rank badge and now a star has been added to it but this additional star does not bring him at par with the armt Lt Col who continues to command a unit in Army and their equivalent in Navy and Air Force, where as a 2I/c despite that additional star on the shoulder is still a 2nd in command.So please get your facts right

Anonymous said...

Well! I agree that service conditions in BSF are difficult, but so is with Army. It is unfair to compare service conditions of BSF with Army...or for that matter with that of any two services. Even in Armed forces, Air Force is relatively more better of and comfortable as compared to the other two services. That does not mean we start introspecting with lens and demand parity in pay and service conditions.
So let us get mature and demand what we deserve extending logic of our own and do not make fool of ourselves in the hands of babus.

Anonymous said...

It is the fact that the BSF and CRPF personnel do not get their due in comparision to armed forces. Only the combatent in the armed forces face hardships but rest all enjoy their life with drink and dance... and keep fighting for their equavalance with civil counterparts.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that BSF is performing is very hard duty, a BSF person has to remain stand on the international border front of counterpart which is called ACTIVE DUTY, but usually army performs the duties in the mid cities and a soldier of ARMY tender his job after 15 yrs and perhaphs throughout his service he would have not seen the border.I want to say that when a bullet hits a soldier it never sees whether an army person is killed or a BSF person is killed. Disparity in income only proves that life of an BSF person cheap as compared to army man which is not justifiable.

Brajesh said...

Its not understood as to why people in the name of anonymous overreact towards genuine cause of BSF.well G'leman "anonymous" what BSF is asking for itself,is affecting u.U may well claim high for Army, Air Force or Navy.I respect yr concern but please don't disrespect somebody's else concern.The colour of our "lanyard" may be different from yours however our conviction,dedication & sacrifice towards the country is no less than yours,rather in few aspects more than yours.So calm down yr anxities & worries.U asked for yr self ,u got it.Allow us to putforth our point.Learn to respect others as well.Good Luck

Amit said...

Well this is true that we don't want to be compared with indian army who left the post and in the name of cold or ice then again fighting a war just to reclaim the own land suffring the casualties and showing that how heroic act was at the same time all the LC where BSF was deployed not a single inch were encroched by intrudes so this the diffrence between them and us i believe Lt Col is merely a rank only in army because of deployment in peace posting or way behind the borders just making fools of our countryman well how many wars our army had fought so far and won for us only one 1971 its better they utilized in accidents as far as mathura accident because they r there only having all sort off material with them its better you start thinking that there are others who are doing agreat job better than you not killing the innocents or brothres officers or doing land scam.

er.mandeepdadhwal said...

there is no need to compare the armed forces with BSF as the question is not who is getting more the problem is BSF personnel are being deprived of what they should be entitled to for example the BEF personnel does ot get any after retirement benefits now for 2004 onwards recruited ppl ,and please officers are well paid and fed in any force and agency its the soldier who gets neglected ... BSF has done a variety of tasks assigned with iutstanding discipline and courage dont post stupid comments disregarding BSF or its current offcrs . it can not b compared and should not be just the problems should be addressed to and solutions be given relieving the sodiers jai hind

Anonymous said...

The very fact BSF is a PARA-MILITARY force, its job is also PARA in nature. If BSF feels so strongly about a raw deal given to them , kindly shift over to ARMY which I m triply sure not even a single officer would like to do so because they are well aware the difficulties involved and the huge amount of previleges they get being only 3 or 4 in number (ie the comdt, dy comdt and the asst comdtthey would nver in life get in army when posted in an infantry battalion where the number of officers is large. BSF must not forget its status and never dream to compare with the million strong Army. It is a known fact that 95% of the BSF officers have faced the SSB to enter the army and once rejected, resorted to join the BSF.

Anonymous said...

Dear we are talking about life and its value..bsf/crpf losing men in fighting against maoists lyk u guys looses in war,u cant say as army is 1 million so bsf should get less pay than army...hold on which planet y hv come frm dude..we are talking about due respect n monetary benefits which should be given to capf people..this is the proof how an idiot can also make it in ssb..

Pankaj said...

The demand of all CPMF is genuine to the best of my knowledge LT. Col is now commanding a company which means a strength of 50 personnel where as a CPMF company is of 120 plus personnel. Army revolted when LT.Col were not included in PB4. Also second in command on average commands a battalion minimum for 3 month or more in a year and due to shortage of officer they are also commanding a battalion. So government should include second in command to PB4 and give more dignity to CPMF officer this difference is more humiliating in organisation like NSG when a newly promoted LT.Col gets more benefit than second in command who may be 6 tears or more in service because of wrong decision

Anonymous said...

one cannot compare the duties done by BSF with any other Armed forces!
Armed forces are much more well facilitated than the inhuman basic condition provided to a BSF constable. It is an accepted truth "BSF is doing difficult duty" by the Army personnel's who have seen & experienced BSF duties live. So better not to compare BSF with Armed forces. Pls give BSF personnel hygiene & healthy living/working condition

yogendrasingh chouhan said...

Dosto miltry aur paramiltry ki salary mai etna difference Kyo h? Pls tell me anyone......


dosto military &paramilitary. ke pay aur wef me antar Nahi hona. chahiye.

Anonymous said...

Well gentlemen,BSF and Army have entirely different roles and objectives for which they are raised. So comparison should not be there. Army has unbridlled powers,manpower and ammunition for any external aggression. And BSF have limited powers for enemy response and less advance weapons n much more. Also CAPF personnel are the unsung heroes n the irony is that the common man counts their efforts as of Armed forces. N yes,selections of a CAPF officer is not that easy. Don't compare with SSB. There are many candidates who had qualified SSB's n never joined.....from the CAPF's tooo

Anonymous said...

you are right. I agree with you. I think bsf jawan ko 18hrs ke badle sirf 8hrs ka daily duty diya jaye to dunia me bsf jawan se jada khushnaseb koi nehi hoga.

VICTOR said...

Dear Anonymous, I read ur views and ur claim as the Army is higher than the Paramilitary. I am not agree. I would like to clear that, the BSF is created for guarding the frontiers of the nation looks like Police and do like Army. An Army person can seek peace posting after hard posting in Cities/cantonments which are well facilitated. What is hard posting for Army, posted in Jodhpur, Agartala and other towns is termed as hard postings? The BSF has 3 kind of postings viz (i) Static areas - where in the Field unit/Ftr/Sector HQ are some times co-located in the same campus in which a BSF person can get 30 days EL in Sector HQ/Ftr HQ etc where in 60 days in field unit and not able to get any Risk & Hardship allowance to Static HQ personnel. (ii) Unit postings - Here one has to struggle for leave, rest & relief etc due to non availability of sufficient staff(Nafri Kum). (iii) Border deployment - Deployed in Border Out Posts(BOPs). In nights the Ghosts and BSF Jawans move together. If, a Army person posted in Agartala & Jodhpur, Amritsar, Jammu cities are termed as 'FIELD' and the posting of the Border is termed as 'WAR', then the BSF people are always in 'WAR ZONE'. All are enrolled to feed their stomach by search of jobs. No wonder one can enroll in Army and one can in BSF all has their recruitment procedure. Police has to learn Law & order only, Army has to learn Tactics & FC etc only. But BSF has to know both Law & order as well as to Tactics & FC etc being multifarious. BSF is always in hot war zone any Skirmish arises in border first targeted by BSF not by the Army which is deployed too far as compared to BSF. Hence, be cool. BSF still deprived by the facilities and pay, perks as being enjoying by the Army. A BSF jawan hardly slept for 3 to 4 hours per day. In BSF keeping of family is very harder now a days too for the sake of children education. In BSF everyone waits to complete their 20 Years of service so that they can leave the force at any time for the sake of various problems as well as 'NO RECOGNITION' of their services as the 'RECOGNITION' is being hi-jacked by the Army. From me to today, getting a girl for BSF jawan is too harder as they have no rehabilitation facility after retirement facilities like reservation in Govt jobs etc. I will really appreciate you, if u dared not to take any benefits which were not extended to BSF?, then you will get real pain. Hence, I request u all, you are not the one and all to provide the things which we are asking. Better calm. My intention not to hurt any one. Just bringing the facts. After all we are 'INDIAN'and serve for our mother nation. Mom some times loves one very much and some one to little. In my view BSF(PARA MILITARY) always calm to advertise their achievements in comparison with other forces otherwise this situation would not be arise. Regards.

b k singh said...

the position of promotion policy in bsf is still where it was in previous years.why govt is not treating at par with other forces? why there is stagnation in all cadre in BSF but nothing is being done.i know a few BSF personnels who are facing extreme hardship in their personal lives but still waiting for dignified treatment

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