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Retirement age (62) of central government employees

Retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 62..!

Will the Retirement age of central government employees go up from 60 to 62?

As we heard every time before the budget session of parliament, this time also a rumor about raising the retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 62 is spreading here and there among the central government employees. May be the officers at the verge of retirement be happy about this rumor. Otherwise there is no reason to be happy about this rumor.. As India is having 51% of people below the age of 25 years , it is not a good news to millions of jobless people. Sources close to the trade union movements and Federations told that there is no such proposal with the government since none of the workers federations have demanded it.

In 2009, The Manmohan Singh government was serious in weighing the pros and cons of increasing the retirement age for government employees from 60 to 62 years.That time it was believed that the finance ministry had prepared a detailed note on the issue and sent it to the prime minister's office (PMO) But the government shelved the idea, largely because of fears that a higher retirement age would adversely impact employment generation and create resentment in the bureaucracy because of blocked promotional avenues. At that time, it was the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) that was asked by the PMO to study the issue and prepare a report.

The BJP led National Democratic Alliance government had raised the retirement age from 58 to 60, in 1998, a move that benefitted 90,000 government servants and 50,000 defence personnel. At the time, the logic was: the retirement of 140,000 employees would have cost Rs 5,200 crore whereas paying salaries cost only Rs 1,493 crore.

Incase if the decision is finally taken, it will only be the third time the government will have raised the retirement age. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister to have increased the age of superannuation from 55 to 58 following the 1962 war with China. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee government did it a second time in 1998.

Source: Vinmoney

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On 01.01.2011, DEARNESS ALLOWANCE crossed 50%. It started from '0' in 2006 and, within 5 years, i.e., in 10 instalments, it has completed 50%.
Government has decided to raise the Retirement age to 62
What is the background behind this news?
This is the first thing that all Central and State Government employees alike would eagerly like to know!
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It was only in the 6th CPC that the CHILDREN’S EDUCATION ALLOWANCE & HOSTEL SUBSIDY was introduced to Central Government employees.
5th CPC had ACP, 6th CPC had MACP; what does 7th CPC have?
Assured Career Progression (ACP) is a boon to employees who have been suffering without promotions for years.
The “Central Government Health Scheme” (CGHS) provides comprehensive health care facilities for the Central Govt. employees and pensioners and their dependents residing in CGHS covered cities
Possibility to announce Interim Relief before elections
Proposals of Enhancement of Retirement age and Merger of D.A may not materialize


D.V.Ramana said...

Government should not increase the retirement age to the employees those who are getting pension.The increase of age may be considered for the employees those who are not covered under CCS pension like the employees of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalays.


Anonymous said...

Better to have uniform retirement age of 62 or 64 or 65 for Scientific / technical staff rather than granting extention case by case

Anonymous said...

u r right ramanaji. in a country of more than 100 crore population, society is a laboratory to carry out experiments on innocent reluctant voters. revising the age of retirement will be a retrograde step. . when unemployment is not taken care of. just an example3 is upa govt revised the age of retirement from 58 to 60 and ias bosses revise it 2 62 and then politicians revise it to 65 to cross over scam reviews etc. then the chances of oc recruitment will disappear in as much as we r seeing only sc/st/obc recruitments more exceeding 50 per cent for the last 10 years.
if such a revision of retirement takes place those who retired ad did not complete 60 or 62 years or 65 years will have to be invited to join the govt. service and fulfil their ad aspirations of centre.

Dr Shukla said...

It will be good to increase retirement age from 60 to 62, as average life period index has gone up in recent decades. Already University Grant Commission has increased retirement of teaching employees to 65 years. Definitely scientist can be retained in government service till age of 65 years. Hope this government will think on this at an early stage.

Anonymous said...

Raising retirement age will not affect the youth in any way as they can also serve for a longer period.

Anonymous said...

The proposal(rumur) is nothing but a day dream of certian selfish category of govt servants. They never think about the fate of millions of our population striving for one meal per day. Inequality in distribution of income is already very high in India. 70% of population is meeting the two ends of a day with a megre 20 rupees. Increasing frustration due to unemployment among the society is another reason for all criminality, naxalisum and even terrorism. Raise in retirement age was also a reason for the defeat of BJP in 2004. NREGA itself is the solution for unrest among the unemployed youth. Raising of retirement age will harp the promotion chances of serving employees which is already in the stagnation paraticularly among Gp-C & B. At the outset raising retirement age of physical work force(Gr-D, C&B) is not advisable in any case.

Anonymous said...

Keeping in view the extent of unemployment existing at present in the country, it is not advisable to increase the retirement age. Rather it should be brought back to 58 again.

Anonymous said...

Retirement age must be reduced to 50 years and preferential custom of giving repeated extensions in service to select people till death must be abolished with immediate effect at all government sectors. This will eliminate the problem of unemployment and in turn poverty will be diluted among the huge population of India and much better effective utilization of human resource will happen.

Anonymous said...

The present day Youth (employees and unemployees) must understand the reality as they are unable to deliver the goods eg. the present employees working in the DOPT from bottom to top, it is better to extend the retirement age subject to working nature and mental power and experience.

Anonymous said...

Now that the life expectancy gone up, govt. may consider the retirement age upto 65. The Govt. may postpone its liability to pay the retirement benefits to its employees by 5 years. It may also consider payment of salary ( basic pay+ DA)beyond 60 upto 65.

Anonymous said...

Mr saini said that it will be good to enhance retiring age ,as in the present era ,a govt.employee can not complete his social obligation like marraige of daughter ,settlemet of the spouses etc during his service carrier . Enhancement of retiring age will at least give him a change to complte his liabilty during service career . Further his experince will definetly fatch benefit to the govt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The proposal(rumur) is nothing but a day dream......

I fully agree with this..
01. The fellows already occupying positions continue to do bossism for two years further.
2. Energetic/Young, awaiting for serving the nation by joining/promoting will get deeply disappointed.
3. Presently serving employees will have take care of their married children too...., as their employment chances will be postponed for two years.

I suggest, in the present scenario, Govt has to reduce the retirement age to 55, for energetic India!

Anonymous said...

Retirement age for defence personnel should be raised to 60 years at par with their civilian counterpart.

Anonymous said...

increasing retirement age will set back to youg generation, reducing age limit will chance to new people and will reduse unemployment. increasing age may be benificial to some of staff.

Anonymous said...

It will be good to increase retirement age from 60 to 62, as average life period index has gone up in recent decades.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

The UGC has raised the retirement of lecturers, readers and of professors from 60 to 62; in case of College Pricipals, it would now be 65. The retirement of ICMR, ICAR, DRDO has already been increased by the Govt. from 60 to 62. However,it is surprising to see that Govt. is not bothered to increase the retirement age of the CSIR Scientists from 60 to 65 like in case of UGC. Presently, the extension of two years is given only in so called selected cases of the post Scientist G and above. Certainly, it is an injustice to the scientists at junior level. Scientific Research is categorised under Academics. It is therefore necessary to increase the retirement age of the Scientists and of the Technical Officers from 60 to 65 working in the CSIR laboratories


Anonymous said...


In some European countries the age of superannuation of government servants has been increased to 62 years by the respective governments. While creating new job opportunities for the youths and the unemployed, the Central Government in India can enhance the retirement age of government servants upto 62 years. Two more years of service for experienced personnel makes a great difference and such move will benefit the employer and the employed.


P A KISHORE said...

Sir, Raising retirement age to Central Govt. employees from 60 to 62 is most welcome. The life span of humanbing is increased due to available medical facilities and health conscious.A politician who is supposed to safeguard the interest of the country is able to serve at the age of 70 to 80 years, why not a healthy, well experienced, workminded employee cannot be considered for 62 years ? Most of youth is in advance stage of sofeware, medical and other lines. Very few are coming to Govt. of India jobs. It is best proposal for raising retirement age from 60 to 62. P.A. KISHORE.

reena said...

Govt should raise the retirement age and make it uniform for all govt employees whether 62 or 65. It is true that average life period index has gone up and nowadays people are getting married late and hence they cannot accomplish their responsibilities/ social obligations like children's education, marraige of daughter ,settlemet of the spouses etc during their service carrier .
If politicians can serve the country at the age of 75 and above, why not a healthy, experienced and willing employee cannot be considered for 62 or 65 years?

amittej said...

Govt should raise the retirement age and make it uniform for all govt employees whether 62 or 65 including Judges of High Court and other courts and parity must be maintained in respect of salary and allowances of all types, including facility of telephone/mobile as provided to the other seniors officers. It is true that average life period index has gone up and people are getting married late and hence they cannot completed their responsibilities/ social obligations like children's education, marriage of daughter ,settlement of the spouses etc. during their service carrier.
If politicians can serve the country at the age of 75 and above, why not a healthy, experienced and willing employee cannot be considered for 62 or 65 years?

Balaji Kannan said...

It is not fair to raise retirement as there are millions of youngsters waiting for a government job. More over the aged persons would have lost morale to work due to poor promotional policies for the Government Staff. Better do not raise retirement age.


I do 100% agree with the comments extended by Mr. P.A. Kishore in favour of increasing retirement age of CG employees from 60 to 62 years and would like to add that the life span Indian people has increased and are very much capable for doing work in Govt. sector up to the age of 70 years. Now a days people are much conscious about their health. If the basic principle of determining present retirement age of 60 yrs of a Govt. employee is due to incapability of doing work in a particular department, then how a politician even beyond the age of 70 yrs can serve the country? This becomes big question mark. With the same logic retirement age of Central Govt. employee should invariably be increased to 62 even to 65 yrs.
1st April,2011

Anonymous said...

The age of superannuation should be increased to 65 years as the avarage life of an individual had gone up.Already UGC has increased up to 65 years to the teaching group.Definitely the Physical education personnel should be increased to 65 years as they are teaching the students, taking the classes and giving the Grades. More over all the cetral Govt employees should be increased to 62 years. There should not be any disparity. Every body should be treated equall so that people have the faith to the present Govt.Disparity will spoil the situation always

Anonymous said...

When there is no specific restriction on the retirement age of politicians, govt. heads and the Judges etc., why not the government employees should get the benefit of increase in retirement age limit upto 65 or at least 62. About 55 Lacs people are working under Central Govt. and this number is proportionately very low keeping in view the huge population of 120 Crores. Age relaxation will not make any adverse impact on job opportunities for the unemployed.

ADK said...

The argument that there will not be employment generation against the raising the retirement age holds no good. There is already a ban on employment!! The vacancies of the retired employees are not filled. If extension is given, at least the services of those given extension would be available.

Anonymous said...

I also fully agree with Mr P A Kishore & ADK's views. In our establishment, an average of 45 employees are going out from service every month. But nobody from the youngsters is getting job here. So, I would suggest the govt. to increase the retiring age to 62 years or more as early as possible. Then the huge amount which is supposed to be given to the retiring employees ca be retained by the govt, for another two years and the same can be utilized for further development works of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Since govt is not recruiting the way it should..the only solution lies in increasing retirement age from 60 to 62.We the younger generation could remain at the junior level for some more time but ultimately it is going to benefit us also in the long run.

sdshukla said...

It would be a good step by UPA Govt to raise the superannuation retirement age up to 62 years it will suport the rule of equality in all central Govt employee such as Judges, Proffessors, BARC Scientists.

Anonymous said...

Not increasing retirement age to 62/65 is short term vision, seems to be influenced by weak, eslfish young people. I am also young and got the job after lot of hard work. Infosys has raised the age of Chairman to 70 years so that company can gain from the rich experience of vintage people to creat more revenue and jobs for India.

Come on be a Man! Have/develop guts to get a job. we ofter hear that getting quality resource is difficult and thay are scare.
Retirement age of govt employees must be increased to 70 years India. It not correct to give jobs on the cost of jobs of other is something coward sort of. It's
hard earned money of Indians which govt pays to govt.employees. If increasing age reduce govt's expense than it must be done in the interest of whole India and for the benefit of overall economy of India.

Anonymous said...

May 06 2011
Anonymus (A Central Govt. Group B Officer)said
In a country like INDIA where so much of unemployment problem for literate youngsters persists for the last 50 years since independence,Under no cirumstances,the retirement age should be extended to 62, but it should compulsorily be lowered to 58 paving way to qualified young aspirants for giving a life to them.

K said...

The lust for service is endless, employees may seek service till death also.The Political class, who get their vote bank by enacting the up gradation of retirement age would ruin the employment of middle class families who dream for a Govt. service. Infact, the retirement age must be restored to 55 years as it was earlier. The younger generation have their birth right to claim govt. job, provided we vacate and renew them.....

K. Dhananjay,
IIAP, Dept. of Science & Technology,Govt. of India,

awadhesh kumar said...

after 20 years of service in government sector retirement should be compulsory to provide better gob opportunity in govt sectors.Retired persons may contribute the nation by joining other sectors.
awadhesh kumar singh
an Exserviceman

Anonymous said...

uonymus said.

Retirment age of govt servent should not be raised further because raising retirment age means creating unemployed young india who can create callouse and harm the country.

Anonymous said...

Retirement age should be reduced to previous 58 again. This will help New India to be built with the induction of more newer young generation in the organised sector which includes Government and undertaking sectors. With this, simultaneous inflation resistant effective Pension scheme is also to be introduced to maintain a comfortable balance of the scene in totality. Never increase Retirement age further.

Anonymous said...

retirement age should be raised to 65 years.

Anonymous said...

I am also Govt. Servant, and I feel that we all employees are so greedy and won't refused a salary of 40000/-
50000/- getting so casually without
doing much work and Govt. always think that they have to bear this social overhead expenses to avoid the
unrest in govt. set up and moreover a
who want to loose a golden
chalne do desh ki economy gaye bhad me.Youth marata hai to marne do.

Anonymous said...

retirement age should not be raised 62 years

jnsee said...

the retirement age of all the cg empolyee should be raised to65 years

Anonymous said...

ya this age should have to increase because no one will remain sit idle after the retirement age so it is not they srely go for the job in some or the other place so no use to raise the reason of the effect of development of india due to this

Anonymous said...

retd age 62 is not help for youths

Anusha said...

It is not advisable to raise retirement age.It will have adverse effect on unemployed youth in a country like us since population has already touched 121 crores.It is fair and just to retain the present retirement age of 60 years.

snpiplani said...

it would be a good step to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62 because after retirement at the age of 60 in technical group maximum experienced engineer, technical officer,technician got job in private sector at better salaries compared to govt.sector due to their experience and they gave their services upto age of 70 than why not the govt take their services upto 62. it would get better result for country development by increasing their services.

Anonymous said...

we always see financial benefits and old age facilities available in govt offices. the old people never want that young gerneration should take over. new generation is very competant and old people are a liability for the nation. no family want these old guys at home hence they want to stick to the chair for easy life at govt expenses.youth is running for a simple job with minimum salary with high qualifications but old people will never vacat. i recommmed the age be lowered to 58 or 55 so that youth could contribute to the nation and get rid of the old lot who feels competant without competance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Enhancing the retirement age is wrong step towards the youngster as well as to the employer. The wan on the employment is the whit elephant to the young generation. Because of the scientific production of the grains and eatables as welcomed lot of diseases just completing 45 years of age.To do the work without chasma, he can not do the work. Because of the sickness they depend on his subordinate. Please think, if the retirement age is extended will youngster not suffer? Can the job which an youngster do with the latest technology, will old person do? Sir definitely the age of 45 years employee have the experience, but the experience is on modern technology. Definitely No, as the youngster will have. Therefore in my opinion the retirement age should not be enhanced. It should be brought down as previous to 55 Years.

jnsee said...


Anonymous said...

manmohan singh ji aane wali 15 june ko central government employees ki retirement age 62 varsh karne ki kripa karen

jai hind

Anonymous said...

Various reasons are being given in favour of increasing retirement age, some in the name of increased age,fund position of government, loss of experienced manpower etc etc.
I have personally observed that people who have no work pressure in office only they wants 60 to 62-65.

Just think of,one peon in court who has to carry load of files or a person who has to perform on machine/boiler or an employee in fire service or a postman who has to deliver letters/packets on various floors of different buildings. Also see 62 year old coming to delhi from meerut everyday. how he will perform after long journey? Since a mistake has been made by enhancing s age from 58 to 60, if cannot be rectified no more mistake be made.

S.R.Chaudhary said...

Our unemployed young children are rearing here and there without any grass. It will not better under any circumstances to increase the retirement age beyond 60,rather it should be reduced to 55 for attaining the supreme goal of the life by the way of service and sadhana

Anonymous said...

Raising retirement age from 60 to 62 for teachers and 65 for professors,other govt employee at 60 is good but otherside defence personnel are discharged on superannuation at d age of 57. Why this disparity ?

K said...

Sir, lowering the retirement age from 60 to 55 is the need of the hour. The poor, educated, unemployed would be provided with certain jobs, in case the retirement age is lowered by 5-10 years.
K. Dhananjay

Anonymous said...

why government is too late for making the decision on raise the retirement age 60 to 62 years.

Anonymous said...

Retirement age of defence personnel needs a look. In case of PBOR's retirement starts at as early as 35 yrs of age and in case of officers close to 70% retires at the age of 54. Why no body talks about them

jnsee said...

It is for the betterment of the nation to keep the retirement age of all the empolyees who are on the payroll of the cg to have a uniform rule for retirements from cg services weather beaurocrats politicianss, technocrats,

ncsharma said...

hasgovernment is too late for making the decision on raise the retirement age 60 to 62 years?.ncsharma

ncs said...

Retirement age of defence personnel needs a look. In case of PBOR's retirement starts at as early as 35 yrs of age and in case of officers close to 70% retires at the age of 54. Why no body talks about them

g sharma said...

According to the rumors that this year PM will annaounce in his speech On 15 aug, of raising retirement age 62, is this is true because in many dep already the age has been raised for in state /CG/PSU

jnseecgwb said...

If it is necessary to encrease the retirement age of cg empolyees ,it should be extended to the empolyees who have a very good service record and sincere to the institution where they are working

jnseecgwb said...

If the factor of extenion of retirement age is coinsidered by the govt. it should not be a gift to all the empolyees but it should be for work oriented persons/empolyees who are sincere to their institution

Anonymous said...

retirement age for central government employees should come down to 50 yrs and after 50 yrs they should be given teaching job

Anonymous said...

Following Conditions shall be applied for retirement:
1. Age 62 years.
2. Service of 33 years.
Whichever is earlier.
This will improve quantum of the employment chances and all will get equal period of sevice to render. As it has been seen that the persons employed in earlier age are serving for 40 to 45 years and the persons employed in later age are serving for less than 30 years.
The above pattern will create a uniform frequency for employment for all the age groups and efficient persons who are young, energetic and technologicaly updated.
The above pattern woll give a better mixture of newcomers and experienced persons.

Anonymous said...

Retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 62years should be positive movement.
Government should think over the matter.

k.k. said...

no body can affected with raising of retirement age exept govrnment offices because today lots of private jobs available and the promotion aspects is so frustating in government job.let the experienced people serve the nation.another issue is new comers change their job in gov. sector.

Ralte said...

Just wait till 2013 when the government will be tempted to raise retirement age, not because the employees want (of course Secretaries to GOI will welcome it, and they have the influence) but the expected saving from non-payment of retirement benefits for estimated 5 lakhs or so who would have retired between 2014 to 2015 would be handy for finance minister to announce poll related expenses.

Rai S.K (Patna, Bihar) said...

Retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 62years should be positive movement.
this should be considered earliest

Anonymous said...

Retirement age need not be extended as we have to create avenues for employment to younger generation. There must be uniform retirement age irrespective of whether it is university sector or other government departments.


The retirement age should no more be enhanced. In my opinion the politicians should also not be allowed to continue as MLA/MLC/MP or any post in the Government.In case the services of any retired employee/officer is required in rare case keeping in view of their experience and betterment for any department,they may be engaged on daily wages basis for the required period.*SNSharma,IPS,Retired SSPOs (Deptt of Posts),MauNathBhanjan, UP)

pmvragh said...

Retirement Age should not be raised. In fact, Voluntary retirement should be made a permanent feature after 55 years, with half wages paid for the remaining service, which will be an incentive to submit one's papers.
In the vacancies so created, youngsters should be offered jobs.

sayam seetharamaiah said...

While requesting for enhancing the retirement age up to 65 we place the following logics.
1. Few of us due to getting job at later age got children also late whose marriageable age is due now only-we feel happy if our children can be got married while in service. A 2 to 5 years incrfease would ease.
2.For PSU(central) if a new entrant comes in our place they need to start providing for gratuity by 15 days pay for each year from now on where as we are already in maximum ceiling on gratuity-apart it no trng costs/recruitment cost no threat of leaving job for more better ones .We have more rich exprence.
Money to be shelled out in settlement on heavy lums or pensions can be deffered.
So pl consider enhance super annuity age

Anonymous said...

many state govts. have the retiring age as 62 yrs. if the central govt. is going to do this , it is going to benifit a small group of people. scintists & proffessors have this age as 62/65 yrs. why not central govt. employees ? those who r worried for the unemployment for them it is suggested that only one should get job either wife or husband who so ever gets better pay. i have always seen women crying that they have to do the house chores in addition to their job but they forget that it was their choice now why to cry & feel suffering. i have seen educated women were nourishing their children better that is what is thier real wealth, but who is bothered against the luxary.

Anonymous said...

govt. must raise the retiring age for central govt. employees.

S K Garg said...

I absolutely agree that retirement age of Govt. employees should not be enhanced rather keeping in view so may young persons jobless age should be reduced to 55 or to 58.

Girija Shankar Saxena said...

Respected Sir, keeping so many views in mind and thinking on the ground facts, I believe that the proposal of increasing the age of retirement should be considered up to 65 years but it should not be implemented as a GIFT for every body.It should be based on certain criteria viz. requirement of the person and a Confidential Report (mandatory) to be given the HoO considering the working capability and interest of the individual to his Job. Only when the services of an individual are found urgently required and beneficial to the Deptt the retention of the individual should be recommended.
Girija Shankar Saxena
Office Supdt
GE (U) Elect Supply, Delhi Cantt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

retirement age 65 years kar do,PM Saab. Vote apko hi denge.

Ralte said...

Some of our friends here opined that retirement age should not be raised for unemployed youth. Do they believe that those who are fit to serve in the government like their parents do really want take join government jobs even in this age of alowdown? I do not think so. They seem to conclude that government jobs are for people from small towns and distant states. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

The Government will be doing only a right thing if it raises the retirement age of Central Govt.employees from 60 to 62 and that too, may be made effective from 1st January 2012. It would be quite apt if this is declared on Jan 26th,2012 ie.on the Republic Day. This decision will surely be welcomed by all.

Anonymous said...

The government should instead reduce the retirement age from 60 to 55. This move of the government is against the youths of the country who are facing the problem of unemployment. Hope this is an per-election gimmick of the government to attract government employees and their family members.

Anonymous said...

Government should not increase the retirement age as it will increase the jobless people in the country. Our nation need young blood and not the old shoulders. In my opinion Govt. should make it 55 and create more jobs at the lower level.

Anonymous said...

retirement age was increase 60 to 62 or not ?

dttc said...

Not increase but set retirement age at 58.Age 62 is very difficult to complete the service for technical post and also for loco pilot.If govt. desire, call option from employees that he is willing or not but not forcefully.

Anonymous said...

Dear citizens, It will be injustice and unfair to the jobless / younger generation by increasing the retirement age to 62 years. I saw people consuming most of the medical leaves just before the retirement. People pass the time in the office with out doing any work. If the retirement age is increased, it will be injustice to those people who are in queue to get a job.

Anonymous said...

The employees who doesn't work at the younger age, how can we expect them to work at the age of 60 years. Secondly in a salary of a person at a senior position, atleast two young people can be hired at entry level and their family getting supported.

Lalpu-ngaihte said...

" If Politicians can serve the nation till the age of 80/90 years; the government servants may also be allowed to serve the Nation atleast upto the age of 65 years.The Lagislators (Politicians) in the parliament should think over very carefully and realise the adviseability of increasing retirement age atleast upto the age of 65 years irrespective of those who are covered or uncovered by CCS Pension Rules.A normal person is very much sound in body and mind at the age of 65.Increase in the age of retirement would greatly help the government in solving the problem of making fresh recruitment every now and then.Why should the government should go on the practice of sending away its servants as soon as the latter reach the peak of their exparte & most skilfull stage of service. Alas! it's a loss to the nation. Lowering or keeping the age of retirement at 60 of its servant would never be the solution of unemployment problem in the country.The Govt. would hardly have any regret if it increase the retirement age of its employees to 65 years of age; rather it would reap the sweet fruit of their experienced and skilled service.

Anonymous said...

Retirement age should be increased. But it is now done case by case, who polishes more to the boss. No scaling will help the scientific community to avoid corruption.
Hence retirement age should be increased if one has (1) Ph.D (2) atleast five first author publications (3) atleast five international journal first author publications.
If such strict norms does not exist only chemchagiri scientists are extending their tenure

Anonymous said...

it would be a good step to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62 because after retirement at the age of 60 in experienced group it is more beneficial for govt to take benefit of them or to increase the age of group B employees

Anonymous said...

this is very unfortunate that the persons supporting the increase in retirement age from 60 to 62 merely on increase in life span without considering the ground realty of unemployment. Rather it should be decrease upto 55 or 58. So that the employment opportunity could be increase. Nobody should forget that pvt. sector also follow this retirement age factor there. so the decrease in age will create more employment their rather here.

Anonymous said...

The proposal(rumur) is nothing but a day dream of certian selfish category of govt servants. They never think about the fate of millions of our population striving for one meal per day. Inequality in distribution of income is already very high in India.
Raising of retirement age will harp the promotion chances of serving employees which is already in the stagnation paraticularly among Gp-C & B. At the outset raising retirement age of physical work force(Gr-D, C&B) is not advisable in any case even govt to decide the age limit in lower side of the band i.e. 58 yrs 0r 55 yrs to decrease the un-employment

Anonymous said...

Teachers aur medical staff 62 year age tak apne duties ko pure anubhav ke sath pura karne me sakcham hai.Manmohanji Please is matter par turant vichar kariye aur anya state govt ki tarah central govt me bhi retiring age 62 year kar dijiye.

lovely2010 said...

the govt. will save Rs 1,735,000 crore if retirement age is increased to 62. why make unpopular decisions where the people get deeply hurt like hike in petroleum products. By just incresing the retirement age so much can be saved why not do it early. govt. can also reduce the price of petrol by waiving off the duty it charges to the tune of 43%

Anonymous said...

To serve in deptt of post is not so easy. It is better to retire after 58 years. Govt should not raise retirement age because lacs of employees could get the job and old pattern could be changed by giving employment to news generation.

Anonymous said...

Increase of retirement age for CG employees ..........

Whether Government increases the retirement age of CG employees or not there is one sector of CG which constantly getting the extension indirectly that is DRDO. Invariably many Scientist Gs and Directors of various Establishments get extensions once or twice irrespective of what they have achieved or otherwise. This trend should be curbed

Unknown said...

Keeping in view of the large number of unemployed youth the retirement age of Govt. employees should not be raised from 60 to 62Rather we should draw attention of the Govt. to think over the maximum age limit of politicians. MPs and MLAs should not be over the age of 65 years Necessary amendment of the constitution should be made on the age limit of the MPs and MLAs upto 65 years only

Unknown said...

Retirement age of govt. employees should not be raised from 60 to 62 years keeping in mind the large number of unemployed youth in India Rather we should urge the Govt. to fix a maximum age limit of the MPs and MLAs upto the age of 70 years Necessary amendments of constitution may be made in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Experts in specialized fields like nuclear/defense science & technologies are extremely difficult to be made needing versatility in many branches simultaneously. Razor cut or landslide researches & manufacture of products are to done soon afterwards. Rarely good people are available after extremely painstaking Herculean searches. When expertise are at their peaks to guide many, they are asked to go home. That is injustice. Retirement age must be increased to 65 years for them.

Rates of Dearness Allowance & Finmin Orders for DA, DR & 5th CPC

Effective DatesAdditional DA Total DA DA OrdersDR Orders5th CPC
1.1.2006 0-DA/DR
1.7.2006 2%2%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2007 4%6%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.7.2007 3%9%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2008 3%12%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.7.2008 4%16%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2009 6%22%13.03.200927.03.2009DA/DR
1.7.2009 5%27%18.09.200929.09.2009DA/DR
1.1.2010 8%35%26.03.201031.03.2010DA/DR
1.7.2010 10%45%22.09.201029.09.2010DA/DR
1.1.2011 6%51%24.03.201129.03.2011DA/DR
1.7.2011 7%58%03.09.2011 05.10.2011DA/DR
1.1.2012 7%65%03.04.2012 04.04.2012DA/DR
1.7.2012 7%72%28.09.2012 25.10.2012DA/DR
1.1.2013 8%80%25.04.2013 02.05.2013DA/DR
1.7.2013 10%90%25.09.2013 03.10.2013DA/DR
1.1.2014 10%100%27.03.201409.04.2014DA/DR


1. ALLAHABAD 2. AHEMDABAD 3. Bangalore 4. Bhubhaneshwar 5. Bhopal
6. Chandigarh 7. CHENNAI 8. Delhi 9. Dehradun 10. Guwahati
11. Hyderabad 12. Jaipur 13. Jabalpur 14. Kanpur 15. Kolkata
16. Lucknow 17. Meerut 18. Mumbai 19. Nagpur 20. Patna
21. Pune 22. Ranchi 23. Shillong 24. Trivandrum 25. Jammu.


Date of submission of 7th CPC Report05.04.2014-Rajya Sabha
Comments and Suggestions on 7th CPC04.04.201490Paisa
A webpage has been created by the Ministry of Finance for 7th Central Pay Commission24.03.2014-Finmin
Federations veiws on the ToR of 7th CPC05.03.2014AIRF/BPMS/IRTSA
Cabinet approved 7th Central Pay Commission Terms of Reference28.02.201490Paisa
Prime Minister has approved the composition of the 7th Central Pay Commission04.02.201490Paisa
Possible ToR meeting with Staff Side JCM-Dopt19.11.2013Dopt
7th CPC Date for implementation11.10.20137thcpcnews
Press Statement of Confederation of 7th CPC25.09.2013Confederation
Consent given by PM for 7th CPC25.09.201390Paisa


J&K Employees Retirement Age hiked to 60, on par with Central Government Staff11.04.201490Paisa
Retirement age of 65: The Politicization of Employees’ Demands11.04.201490Paisa
Retirement age to 62-What is the background behind this news?01.03.201490Paisa
Retirement Age 62 - Cabinet expected to clear on Friday (28.202014)26.02.201490Paisa
Retirement age 62 – No hike in Retirement age of Central Government employees…
Retirement Age 62 - Prime Minister likely to declare on his Independence Day
Retirement Age of High Court Judges23.08.201390Paisa
No proposal to enhance the retirement age from 60 to 62 years08.03.201390Paisa
Retirement age of Central Government Employees20.01.201390Paisa
Retirement age of faculty doctors from 65 to 70 years…03.12.201290Paisa
Enhancement of superannuation retirement age of KV teachers31.08.201290Paisa
Retirement age of Teachers and Lecturers26.08.201290Paisa


LDC-UDC Issue : Case Filed for Grade Pay 2400 to LDC27.03.2014AIAMSHQ
Upgradation Pay Scale to Railway Accounts Staff w.e.f. 1/1/1 996 on actual basis – NFIR19.03.2014NFIR
Demanding upgradation of the grade pay of LDC & UDC to Rs. 2400 & 2800 – Letter forward to MOSPI26.02.2014AIAMSHQ
Deputy Secretary JCA writes to Under Secretary CS-II, DoPT13.11.2013AIAMSHQ
LDC-UDC Issue -Letter sent to the PM forwarded to JCA for action23.08.2013AIAMSHQ
And more news...


SETTING UP OF NAC 12.01.2009
1st NAC MEETING(12.12.2009) 08.02.2010
2nd NAC MEETING(27.03.2010) AIRF//NFIR 04.05.2010
3rd NAC MEETING(15.02.2011) AIRF/CONF 21.04.2011
4th NAC MEETING(05.01.2012) AIANGO//AIRF 05.01.2012
5th NAC MEETING(17.07.2012) NFIR//NFIR 13.09.2012
2nd MACP MEETING(15.09.2010) CONF/AIRF 06.10.2010
3rd MACP MEETING(15.03.2011) CONF 20.04.2011
4th MACP MEETING(27.07.2012) NFIR/CONF/IRTSA/INDWF/NFIR 13.09.2012
NATIONAL COUNCIL JCM (15.05.2010) NFPE/BPMS 07.07.2010
AGENDA ITEMS AIRF2011/AIRF2012 17.01.2011
INCREMENT ISSUE SETTLED 05.01.2012 19.03.2012


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Rates of Daily Allowance-Finmin23.09.2008
Travel Entitlements - Finmin23.09.2008
Finmin orders on TA22.01.2009
Finmin Clarification on TA18.02.2009
IT Relaxation on TA04.03.2009
TA on Retirement11.04.2009
Travel Entitlements on Transfer08.06.2010
Finmin orders on TA/DA11.06.2010
Journey on Transfer30.12.2010
Finmin Orders on TA24.01.2011
TA/DA on Permanent Transfer01.02.2011
Different types of TA27.04.2011
Definition of Travelling Expenses02.06.2011
Railway Clarification TA on Transfer16.08.2011
Finmin Clarification on TA01.08.2012
CGDA Clarification on TA 'A' Cities08.01.2013
Travelling Allowances for Medical Treatment10.05.2013
Railway Clarification on TA/DA12.08.2013

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