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Central Government employees’ retirement age to be extended by 2 years to 62


Central govt employees’ retirement age to be extended by 2 years to 62

New Delhi: The government is planning to extend the retirement age of all central government employees by two years — from the current 60 to 62 years. Sources said that an in-principle decision has been taken in this regard and the department of personnel and training (DoPT) has begun the work to implement the same. A formal announcement to this effect is expected this year itself.

The last time the government extended the retirement age of central government employees was in 1998. It was also a two-year extension from 58. This was preceded by the implementation of the 5th Pay Commission, which had put severe strain on government’s finances. Subsequently, all state governments followed the Centre’s policy by extending the retirement age by two years. Public sector undertakings followed suit too.

The decision to extend the retirement age is well-timed both politically and economically.

The UPA government reckons the move would be a masterstroke. At a time when it is buffeted by several corruption cases, it is felt that the extension of the retirement age will go down well with the middle classes. Economically also, the move makes sense because by deferring payment of lump sum retirement benefits for a large number of employees by two years, the government would be able to manage its finances better. “An in-principle decision has been taken to increase the retirement age by two years within this year itself. This would reduce the burden on the fisc from one-time payment of retirement benefits for employees including defence and railways personnel,” an official involved in the discussion said. With the fiscal consolidation high on the government's agenda, this deferment would come handy.

There’s some flip side too if the retirement age is extended by two years. Those officials empanelled as secretaries and joint secretaries would have to wait longer to actually get the posts. And of course, there is the issue of average age profile of the civil servants being turning north.
It is also felt that any extension is not being fair with a bulk of people who still look for jobs in the government.

However, officials point out that at least it prevents an influential section of the bureaucracy to hanker for post-retirement jobs with the government like chairmanship of regulatory bodies or tribunals.

“As it is, a sizeable section of senior civil servants work for three to five years after the retirement in some capacity or the other in the government,” said a senior government official. The retirement age of college teachers and judges are also beyond 60.

As per a study, the future pension outgo for the existing Central and State government employees is estimated at a staggering R1,735,527 crore or 55.88% of GDP at market prices of 2004-05.


Source: The Financial Express


PKNKP said...

The proposal is nothing but a day dream of certian selfish category of govt servants. They never think about the fate of millions of our population striving for one meal per day. Inequality in distribution of income is already very high in India. 70% of population is meeting the two ends of a day with a megre 20 rupees. Increasing frustration due to unemployment among the society is another reason for all criminality, naxalisum and even terrorism. Raise in retirement age was also a reason for the defeat of BJP in 2004. NREGA itself is the solution for unrest among the unemployed youth. Raising of retirement age will harp the promotion chances of serving employees which is already in the stagnation paraticularly among Gp-C & B. At the outset raising retirement age of physical work force(Gr-D, C&B) is not advisable in any case.

Anonymous said...

Raising the retirement age will definitely increase the unemployment which will further lead to frustration among the youths.Raising of retirement age will harp the promotion chances of serving employees which is already in the stagnation, therefore retirement age should not be raised.

Anonymous said...

the retirement age should not be made 62. the youth of india will lose opportunities to get job for a long period. THANKACHAN

Anonymous said...

It is not a good dicition.this will affects the youth

Anonymous said...

Increasing of retirement age is nothing but a creating of Severe unemployment problem and miss management of Young man power in India

Anonymous said...

# This is not fair for country's youth.In fact retirement age should be made the workmansip output is dropped at 60yrs.$

mathur aditya said...


Anonymous said...

good decision.

jnseecgwb said...

When the ministers of this country has no age bar,PM.PRESIDENT,and judiciary of this country can function well at the age of abive 90 and drawing the salary from public money then why not the age factor is made common to all at once

Anonymous said...

Raising the retirement age without gauging the performance efficiency of individuals would make the functioning of the government very difficult.This step of the government will be welcomed by the corrupt and would undoubtdly lead to more and more of corruption and inefficiency. The younger educated masses would be frustruated by this attempt, as it would result in freezing job opportunities by two years.In case the government increases the retirement age, masses would move to the streets to express their anguish.It would not be proper to increase the retirement age beyond 60, keeping in view the availability of younger manpower, in need of jobs.

SPM said...


Anonymous said...

retirement age should not be increased

Anonymous said...

The govt will defnitely loose the good will of 51% of the population who are the youth of this country at the cost of gaining a few votes from the elderly govt. employees.

Anonymous said...

what a joke from my frriends that if the retirement age will increase than unemployment will increase .yar u must know that experience of these peoples will provide our country ne ideas as the young person just learns what old peoples r in expert i know lot of peoples who r young at the age of 60 and they can provide good decisions policies etc and can benefit india i am in favour of increment of retirement age

Anonymous said...

increment in age will benefit the whole system the experience of these persons will provide for good opportunity to young ones and will provide growth to the nation why to think individually why wiill the increment in age donot benefit the system it will benefit surely so why to wait incrase as fast as u can

Anonymous said...

IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER IF THE GOVERNMENT COSIDERS THE SUPERANUATION AGE TO BRING DOWN BY 55 YEARS(.) as most of the people at the age of 55 and above suffers from many ailments and are not at all able to work and enhance the productivity which will certailny bring down the outcome of the govt. machinery also the reservation on account of promotions be withdrawn as the category people use to enjoy the reservation at all levels i.e. education,initial appointments and then on to promotion that is not at all fair in part of the peers working together(.) The reservation while promotion for reserved category demoralizing the general category employee(.)

varaprasad said...

increase in upper age limit from 60 to 62 years is a nonsense proposal. it not only affected the young generation of India who are looking for some opportunities but also the serving employees who are in turn for promotion. Govt should not play cheap politics. in today situation no body can bear the work pressures even at the age of 60.

Anonymous said...

it was a good decision of govt , we think age of 62 decison should be take fast .....

Anonymous said...

Raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 years is not a good proposal. Even the retirement age of 62 or 65 for teachers in colleges and universities itself is not welcome. Such decision will create lot of unemployment among the sescond largest population in the world. Government should think over and should not increase the retirement age.Not only that, theretirement age of 62 or 65 whatever may be implemented so far should be taken bakck and made only 60. Will governemnt do this?

Anonymous said...

The govt should take a bold decision to increase the retirement age of all the central govt empolyee of all catagories whose service record is very good with out any aligation and the persons/officials who are in their interest ,harming the image of the institution should be shunt out at the age of 55

Anonymous said...

Our youth would be frustrised and they r our future.The age limit should not be increase from 60 to 62

Anonymous said...

IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER IF THE GOVERNMENT COSIDERS THE SUPERANUATION AGE TO BRING DOWN BY 55 YEARS(.) as most of the people at the age of 55 and above suffers from many ailments and are not at all able to work and enhance the productivity which will certailny bring down the outcome of the govt. machinery. And also solve the unemployment problem in youths. Once a technical person crosses 50 years after working many years using the machines are totally down by healthwise. It is advisable to give a chance to their own family members who are young and in this way the employement problem of many can be solved.

Arvind Sharma said...

Retirement age should be increased from 60 to 62 becuse the Governors,Vice President, President, Prime Minister and other political leaders are working in the age of 80s then why not Aam Aadmi

Anonymous said...

Retirement age is already too high keeping in view Indian health standards. Go to any Ministry in Delhi or Any state capital and observe how employees enter their office building for work. You will notice half lame/half blind/half grey headed/paunches with more circumference than height/women with ungainly walk and bodies etc. Do you ever wonder what kid of brain power these physically unfit people have? I have worked in various ministries and noticed that 90% employees work for only 200 hours an year. It is a criminal waste of money that these people get paid lacs of rupees per annum till they die.

Let retirement age be reduced to 55 and ban all jobs post retirement. The unemployment problem will be solved in a few months and we will have a leaner and more productive work force.

krish said...

Yes, it was a good decision. If we think economically after sixth pay commission their salaries had increased so why we wouldn't take extra benefit from them. Most of the Central Govt. Employees like Teachers, Lecturers, Railways and Military are not having that much emoulments per month so they would have more chances for their children to provide them better education. Our young generation not only going for these vaccancies, many of them intelligent ones are trying for DRDO and other places where cream needed they will reach there because vacancies are always there. But mass population if given retirement at an instant and you hire all young generation without any plan then may be that much experience will not be provided to our generation which had not taken birth till now.

Anonymous said...

यह जानते हुए की भारत में आज ७५% नौजवानों संख्या की हैं , सरकार उन सब नौजवानों को हताश ही नहीं कर रही हैं बल्कि उन को बेरोजगार कर के उन्हें गलत रास्तों पर चलने को मजबूर भी कर रही हैं I सरकार का यह फैसला कहीं आगे जाकर हमारे देश के लिए न केवल एक नई और बहूत गम्भीर समस्या लाएगा बल्कि कहीं न कहीं आतंकवाद , छिना-झपटी ,चोरी-डकैती आदि वारदातों को प्रोत्साहन भी देगा ..... सरकार का प्रथम कदम होना चहिये , की वह देश के नौजवानों को रोज़गार देकर कर उसे एक जिम्मेदार नागरिक बनाए , न की उनको बेरोज़गारी भत्ते का लालच दे कर कामचोर , नाकारा , बदमाश आदि बनने का उपाए सुझाए ........ इसलिए मैं सरकार के इस प्रस्ताव पर क ड़ा विरोध दर्ज करती हूँ ......जिसमे की वह केंद्रीय कर्मचारियों के सेवा-अवधि की आयु सीमा ६० साल से ब ढा कर ६२ साल करने का विचार कर रही हैं I मुट्ठी भर लोगों की मुट्ठी गरम कर के सरकार देश के भविष्य निर्धारित करने वाली पीढ़ी के साथ एक बहूत ही गंभीर मजाक कर रही है ! यह तो वही कहावत हो गई -- "अँधा बाटें रेवड़ी, अपने-अपने को दे"

आप सब का इस सरकारी फरमान के प्रति क्या सोचना है ?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the decision that retirement age should be increased from 60 to 62 because most of the central govt.employees are not having that much emoluments per month and for them who belongs from middle class are not able to provide their children a better if it happens then they would have more chances to provide their children a better education...more over as far we concern...not all the youths are searching for govt jobs....and if it so then vaccancies should be increased...and as many are saying that if people will work upto 58,60 or 62 years of their age,it will affect their health...its just a silly excuse..bad health can cause to ANY it will be better if govt take such a decision because our governor,president,prime minister and other leaders are working in the age of 80's so they should think about aam janta also.....

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