Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clarification regarding Drishti Eye Foundation, Meerut–CGHS Order


G.I., M.H., O.M. No.W.11011/23/209-CGHS D.II/Hosp. Cell, dated 25.04.2011

Clarification regarding Drishti Eye Foundation, Meerut

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to the Office Memorandum of even number, dated the 21st February, 2011 on the above subject, and to clarify that Drishti Eye Foundation, Meerut, would continue to be empanelled under CGHS, Meerut as per the directions, dated the 7th April, 2011, of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in WP C No.2352 of 2011 and CM No: 5014 of 2011, filed by Drishti Eye Foundation, Meerut V.Union of India and Others, till the matter is decided by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.