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Leave Rules for Central Govt. Employees

Dopt Published Leave Rules and Procedure for Central Govt. Employees

Leave Rules for Central Govt. Employees

Some important questions are arising among the serving employees of Central Government regarding their leave, the nodal Department of Central Government has now clarified as a method of Question and Answer, Frequently Asked Questions. We have reproduced and given below for your easy convenience to read the clarifications about Leave Entitlement, Earned Leave, Child Care Leave, Leave Encashment, EL Encashment, Encashment on LTC, Calculation of Encashment, CCL for Public Sector Employees…

Frequently  asked Question by Departmental of Personnel and Training…

1. What are the leave entitlement of Govt. servants serving in a vacation Department w.e.f.  1.9.2008?
Earned  leave  for persons serving  in  Vacation Departments:-

(1)   (a) A Government  servant(other  than  a military officer) serving in a Vacation  Department shall not  be entitled to  any earned leave in respect of  duty performed  in  any year  in which  he  avails himself of  the full vacation.
(b)  In  respect of any  year  in  which  a Government  servant avails himself of a portion  of the vacation,  he  shall be  entitled to earned leave in such proportion  of  30 days, as the number of days of  vacation not  taken  bears  to  the  full  vacation:
Provided that no such leave shall  be admissible  to  a Government  servant not in permanent  employ  or  quasi-permanent  employ in respect of the first year of  his service.
(c) If, in any year, the Government servant does  not  avail  himself  of   any  vacation, earned leave  shall be admissible to  him in respect  of that year under rule 26.
For the purpose of  this rule, the term ‘year’ shall be  construed not  as  meaning a  calendar year  in which  duty is performed but  as  meaning twelve months of actual duty in a Vacation Department.
A Government servant entitled to vacation  shall be considered  to  have  availed  himself  of  a vacation or a portion of a vacation unless he has been  required by general or special  order  of  a higher  authority  to  forgo such  vacation or portion of a vacation:
Provided  that  if  he has  been prevented by such order from enjoying more than fifteen days of the vacation,  he   shall  be considered  to  have availed himself of no portion of the vacation.
When  a Government  servant  serving  in  a Vacation  Department proceeds  on  leave  before completing a  full year  of duty, the earned leave admissible  to him  shall  be  calculated  not  with reference to  the vacations which  fall during the  period  of  actual duty  rendered before proceeding on  leave  but with reference  to  the vacation  that  falls during  the  year  commencing from  the  date on  which he  completed  the previous year of duty.
As per Rule  29(1) the half pay leave account of every Government  servant  (other than a military officer shall  be  credited  with half  pay  leave  in advance, in two installments of  ten days each on the  first  day  of  January  and  July  of  every calendar year.

2. Whether encashment of  leave is allowed  after LTC is availed.
Sanction of leave encashment should, as  a rule, be lone  in  advance,  at   the time  of  sanctioning the LTC.  However, ex-post facto sanction  of  leave encashment  on  LTC may  be  considered  by  the sanctioning  authority  as  an  exception  in  deserving
cases  within  the time  limit prescribed  for submission of claims for LTC.

3.  Whether encashment of Leave with LTC  can be availed  at the time when  the LTC is availed by the Government servant only or  can leave be encashed  at the time when LTC is availed by family members?
A Govt. servant can be  permitted to encash earned leave  upto  10  days  either at  the  time of  availing LTC  himself  or when  his  family avails it, provided other conditions are satisfied.

4. Whether leave encashment should be revised on retrospective revision  of pay/D.A?
In  terms  of  38-A  of  CCS(Leave)  Rules, encashment  of EL alongwith  LTC  is  to  be calculated  on pay admissible on the date of availing LTC+DA  admissible on  that  date.  If  pay  or  DA admissible  has been revised with retrospective effect,  the  Govt. servant  would  be  entitled  to encashment of Leave on the revised rates.

5. Whether encashment of Earned Leave allowed  to  a  Govt. servant  prior  to  his joining the  Central  Govt.  is  to   be  taken into account while retiring ceiling of leave encashment  on his  superannuation  and retirement from Central Govt.?
Encashment  of EL  allowed  by  the  State Governments,  Public Sector  Undertakings, Autonomous  Bodies for  services  rendered  in  the concerned Govt. etc. need not be taken into accounl for  calculating the ceiling of   300 days  of   Earned leave to  be encashed as  per CCS(Leave) Rule.

6. Whether leave  encashment  can  be sanctioned  to  a  Govt.  servant  on  his superannuation while under suspension?
Leave encashment can be sanctioned, however Rule 39(3)  of  CCS  (Leave) Rules,  1972  allows  with holding of leave encashment in the case of a Govt. servant who retires  from  service  on attaining  the age of  superannuation  while  under suspension  or while disciplinary  or  criminal  proceedings  are pending against him,  if  in  view  of  the  authority there  is  a possibility  of   some  money  becoming recoverable  from  him  on conclusion  of   the proceedings against  him. On conclusion of  the proceedings  he/she  will become  eligible  to  the amount so withheld after adjustment of Government dues, if any.

7.Whether leave encashment can be sanctioned  to  a  Govt.  servant  on  his dismissal/removal, from service?
A  govt.  servant who  is  dismissed/removed  from service  or whose  services are terminated ceases to have any claim to leave at his credit from the date of such dismissal, as per rule 9(1).  Hence he is not entitled to any leave encashment.

8.  Whether interest is payable  on delayed payment of leave encashment dues?
No, there is no provision in the CCS (Leave) Rule 1972 for payment of interest on leave encashment.

9. Whether  a Govt. servant  who  has  been granted study leave may be allowed  to resign  to  take  up  a post  in  other Ministries/Department  of  the Central Govt.  within the bond period?
Yes, As per rule 50(5)(iii) a Govt. servants has to submit a bond  to  serve the Govt. for a period  of 3 years.  As the Govt. servant would  still be  serving the Govt. / Department he may be allowed to submit his technical resignation  to  take up another post
within the Central Govt.

10. Whether women employees  of Public sector  undertakings/Bodies  etc. Are entitled to CCL?
Orders  issued  by  DOPT are not automatically applicable  to  the  employees of Central Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous Bodies, Ranking industry etc. It is for the PSUs/ Autonomous Bodies to  decide the  applicability  of the  rules/instructions issued  for  the central Government employees  to their employees  in  consultation  with  their Administrative Ministries.

11. Whether Govt. servant can  be permitted  to leave  station/go abroad while on CCL?
Child care leave is  granted to a woman employee to take care of the needs of the minor children. If the child is  studying abroad or the Govt. servant has to go abroad for taking care of the child, she may do so  subject to other conditions laid down for this purpose.

12. What  is  the intention  behind  the instruction that  CCL  is to  be  treated  like EL  and sanctioned as such?
The intention  is  that  CCL  should be availed  with prior  approval  of  leave sanctioning authority  and that the combination  of  CCL with  other leave,  if any, should be  as per the restriction of combination with EL.  The restriction of the limit of  180 days at a stretch  as  applicable in the case of  EL  will  not apply in  case of CCL. The other conditions like CCL may  not be granted for less than  15 days or in more than 3 spells, etc., in a year, will apply.

Leave Rules…


jayadev veer said...

kya july 2009 me join karne wala TGT TEACHER LTC ke sath 10days ka leave incashment le sakta hai jabki HPL leave milti hai

Anonymous said...

maine jan 2011 mai kendriya vidyalaya as a regular teacher join kiya tha and i was not paid 50 days pay of vacation(may and june). kya mujhe vo pay kabi nahi milegi. can u pls guide.

anil kumar said...

i am PGT in NAVODAYA VIDAYALAYA SAMITI, I WAS retained in 24/12/2010- 05/01/2011 in the winter break for +2 class but till date no EARN LEAVE credit in my leave a/c. IS there any rule in this favour

Anonymous said...

Please let me know for getting pay in advance is 30 days leave necessary or 15 days leave including the date of payment signing is enough to apply for pay in advance.

Dinesh Kumar Joshi said...

whether a central goverment employee entitled journey priod with earned leave from north east to Uttarakhand to his home town 220 Km away from nearest Railway Station.
From ,
Dinesh Kumar Joshi,
Shillong (Meghalaya)

RAMNATH said...

I have joined in Railways in 1998 and acquired MBA degree from IGNOU with due permission.Can I get incentive for acquiring higher qualification?Kindly suggest so that I can apply for it.
Thank U,

Subhayu said...

I am a Central Govt. Employee who lives in a non-CGHS area. Now if I want to take a leave on medical ground, is it compulsory to attach certificate from an Authorized Medical Attendant or simply a certificate from any Registered Medical Practitioner is enough? Pls quote the relevant order with order no. with date & name of theissuing authority.

P.S.: Here I am talking about medical leave only and I am not talking about any medical bill.

Anonymous said...

i am posted in North east states and my home place is border of Andhra and orissa. for journey it takes 2 days . i want to know can a central govt employee allowed to avail journey period excluding leave period?

Anonymous said...

I am central Govt Employee. I have taken 3-day medical leave on 10-12 May, 2012 Commuted leave) and submitted medical certificate and fitness certificate. Administrative Officer told me that your 3-day salary will be withheld and disbursed in next month. They deducted 3-day salary from the month of May's salary.

is it right?
Any rule regarding this?
Let me help

Anonymous said...

If a central govt employee wants to publish an article in journal/conference is it required for him/her to take permission from higher authority? In case the article does not contain any ineternal information in the article also does the employee need to take permission? pls let me know the conduct rules regarding the same

Anonymous said...

If a central govt employee wants to publish an article in journal/conference is it required for him/her to take permission from higher authority? In case the article does not contain any ineternal information in the article also does the employee need to take permission? pls let me know the conduct rules regarding the same

Anonymous said...

I am a central govt employee..i want to know whether even one day earned leave is considered as one spell..or is 15days of EL counted as one spell...somebody please let me know

Anonymous said...

Upto what time a central government employee can avail commuted leave without medical certificate, or can hpl be availed without medical certificate in general conditions if s then upto what time...plz help

Anonymous said...

I am a temprory central govt. employ as hav'nt completed 2 years of service. I want to resign from my current job to join another central govt. job. will my service be counted. if not then will i get leaved enchashment

Sathish said...

I working in central paramilitary force for 5 1/2 years after applying noc to higher pay scale for same post in psu my noc was not granted. Now I eligible for full leave encashment and also what about my hpl please reply

nisar said...

sir,i m working in cantonment board an autonomous body of central gov, as a lab technician i. want to go gulf for 2-3year for job.can i apply for leave without pay or what is the rules

Himanshu said...

I am working as a probationer in GR-A service my probation will finish on 30 July 2014.
I want to apply for 30 day Earned leave for preparing for UPSC (already intimated to office).
On what grounds should I apply for earned leave.


Rates of Dearness Allowance

Effective DatesAdditional DA Total DA DA OrdersDR Orders5th CPC
1.1.2006 0-DA/DR
1.7.2006 2%2%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2007 4%6%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.7.2007 3%9%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2008 3%12%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.7.2008 4%16%29.08.2008DA/DR
1.1.2009 6%22%13.03.200927.03.2009DA/DR
1.7.2009 5%27%18.09.200929.09.2009DA/DR
1.1.2010 8%35%26.03.201031.03.2010DA/DR
1.7.2010 10%45%22.09.201029.09.2010DA/DR
1.1.2011 6%51%24.03.201129.03.2011DA/DR
1.7.2011 7%58%03.09.2011 05.10.2011DA/DR
1.1.2012 7%65%03.04.2012 04.04.2012DA/DR
1.7.2012 7%72%28.09.2012 25.10.2012DA/DR
1.1.2013 8%80%25.04.2013 02.05.2013DA/DR
1.7.2013 10%90%25.09.2013 03.10.2013DA/DR
1.1.2014 10%100%27.03.201409.04.2014DA/DR

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Right now, the retirement age for Central Government employees is 60. While news has circulated that the Government has decided to raise the age to 62, no decisions have been made regarding this during the Cabinet Committee meeting that was held on 28.02.2014. There also have been no reports of any discussions on this issue. 



Date of submission of 7th CPC Report05.04.2014-Rajya Sabha
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A webpage has been created by the Ministry of Finance for 7th Central Pay Commission24.03.2014-Finmin
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