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Railway Board Orders on MACP - Granting 3rd financial upgradation under MACP Scheme - Clarification regarding

(Railway Baord)

New Delhi, dated 05.03.2013
The General Manager (P)
Chittranjan Locomotive Works

Sub:- Granting 3rd financial upgradation under MACP Scheme - Clarification regarding.

Ref:- CLW’s letter No.CMA/Ruling/453, dated 19-02-2013.

With reference to CLW’s above cited letter, it is stated that Board’s letter dt. 13-12-2012 has been issued as a sequel to the instructions contained in para-8 of Annexure to Board’s policy instruction on MACPS dt 10-06-09 (RBE No.101/2009) and therefore has to be viewed in context thereof only. Further, while implementing MACP Scheme these instructions i.e. para-8 of Annexure to Board’s instruction dt. 10-06-09 and Board’s letter dt. 13-12-2012 has to be seen in light of the cadre structure/hierarchy of progression that has emerged as a result of implementation of 6th  pay structure.

As regards example No.I (a), it is stated that a Technical Supervisor, who has joined in GP-4200 on direct recruitment basis and have earned promotion to next post in Grade Pay of Rs.4600 is entitled to be considered for grant of 2 and 3rd financial upgradations to GP Rs.4800 and GP-5400 of PB-2 respectively under MACPS subject to fulfilment of terms & conditions relating to the Scheme.

As regards example No.I (b), it is stated that a directly recruited SSE in GP of Rs.4600 is entitled to be considered for grant of 1st, 2nd and 3rd financial upgradations to the GP-4800 / PB-2, GP-5400 / PB-2 and GP-5400 / PB-3 respectively under MACPS subject to fulfilment of terms & conditions relating to the Scheme. 

As regards example No.I (c), the point on which clarification has been sought is not clear.

As regards example No.II (a), it is stated that the next promotional post for chief Matron’s post is Assistant Nursing Officer (ANO) in same Grade Pay of Rs.5400/PB-3, therefore, (Chief Matron entitled to be considered for 3rd financial upgradation to the same Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 in terms of Board’s letter dated 13-12-2012 (RBE No.142/20I2). 

As regards example No.II (b), a Staff Nurse directly recruited in GP-4600 is entitled to be considered for 3rd financial upgradation under MACPS to the Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 in terms of the provisions contained in para-8.1 of Annexure to Board’s letter dt.10-06-09 (RBE No.101/2009).

Dy.Director, Pay Commission - V
Railway Board

Source: AIRF

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