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Merger of LDC and UDC upgradation of Grade pay to 2800 (Confederation resolution modified this as Rs. 2400 for LDC & Rs. 2800 for UDC)

Merger of LDC and UDC upgradation of Grade pay to 2800 (Confederation resolution modified this as Rs. 2400 for LDC & Rs. 2800 for UDC)

All India Association of Administrative Staff General Secretary Shri.T.K.R.Pillai has published on his blog about the issues related to the administrative staff of the Central Government of India, we placed here under is the content of the post for your information...


Dear friends,

The issues related to the Administrative Staff of the Government of India as follows have been placed before the 24th Conference held at Kolkata during 4th to 6th May 2013 by the undersigned in the capacity as National Organizing Secretary of the Confederation. The resolution committee of the Conference has finally adopted these demands and the same will be taken up with the Government by the Confederation in the coming days.

1) Merger of LDC and UDC upgradation of Grade pay to 2800/- (Confederation resolution modified this as Rs. 2400/- for LDC & Rs. 2800 for UDC).

2) Parity in pay scales of the Ministerial and Stenographers between Field and Secretariat offices.

3) Granting Rs. 4200 grade pay to 30% UDC after completion 5 years service.

4) Granting of MACP on promotional hierarchy. Abolition of Grade pay Rs. 2000/- for granting of MACP.

5) Finalization & implementation of cadre restructuring pending with various Ministries/Ministry of Finance/DOPT before constitution of 7th CPC.

6) Continuation of the Association with the already identified cadres. Stop re-identification of already identified groups for recognition which is against the CCS (RSA) Rules.



Anonymous said...

Dear sir please consider for education also. in PB1 the sslc failed employee getting same Grade pay of Graduate. so their should be difference between Qualification.
Please kindly do needful for EDUCATED Employees.

BALWANT said...

Original Application No.1038-CH-2010 (Raj Pal Vs. UOI etc.) by C.A.T. Chandigarh Bench, was decided on 31.5.2011 in pursuance of which a photcopier who had claimed parityu with LDC/UDC has been granted financial upgradation in Rs.4600 and LDC and UDC still fighting for 2400 or 2800..

Anonymous said...

Very good news for LDC UDC.

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir

This matter related to merger / upgradation of grade pay of LDC / UDC is pending since the implementation of sixth pay commission and still all LDC / UDC are in hope that this will definitely be finalized soon. Please let me know how much time it will take. Your efforts in this regard are highly commendable Sir.

Anonymous said...

Very good news for LDC / UDC

Mathew,CRSS said...

Sir,Behalf of all LDC and UDC you are done very good job.. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

But not good for stenos. Why the stenos are not upgrading, they r also in gp 2400/- . Therefor, u r reqested to include in this demand.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Please look also upgradation for steno cadre, there is no benefit in sub ordinate govt.deptt. of cen govt. They are also a part of cen gov.

pk naga said...

Thank u Pillaiji, u always did good job, but the decision makers are r sitting like wall. Perhaps, they need to suffer like LDC UDC who come from less fortunate people and then they'll show compassion. I m a LDC working in Central Secretariat Subordinate office in Delhi,in the absence of a staff, i use to take charge of the whole administrative work but getting only 1900 GP. its causing psychiatric propblem as my officer use to ask me if ther is any problem at home.

Anonymous said...

I am Tehnical Assistant in a Central University -Group C, grade pay of 2800. It has been observed that in most of the Central Organisations Technical Assistants are getting a grade pay of 4200 PB-2.Please help us to remove this anomaly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
I am working in central university as Technical Assistant(Computer) in Grade Pay of 2800.Many of the Govt of India Organisation including NIT's are giving pay grade of 4200 to Technical Assistant (Computer). Central University of Nagaland is also giving the grade pay of 4200.Kindly raise the grade pay issue of pay anomaly also

pk naga said...

High responsibilities with the 1900 GP which is lower than the unskilled labour MTS/peon/chawkidar who've got MACP, this give rise to low esteem in workplace effecting personality, psychologically, efficiency and so on because we r not respected by juniors,unsatisfied, feeling more like forced workers.Pillaiji proposal is very much justified. May God bles u for standing up for the weaker section of people who cannot afford to press forward one's own cuases.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr.P.K.Naga.
My case is also similar. Working as LDC in subordinate office with 1900 Grade Pay. But, apart from my duties I need to look after many other administrative matters due to lack of staff. Still, Govt. is not taking decision on Grade pay of LDCs.

Anonymous said...

igh responsibilities with the 1900 GP which is lower than the unskilled labour MTS/peon/chawkidar who've got MACP, this give rise to low esteem in workplace effecting personality, psychologically, efficiency and so on because we r not respected by juniors,unsatisfied, feeling more like forced workers.

Anonymous said...

Asst D Ram (BRO),
Respected Sirs/Madams thanks a lot for taking such a tremendous steps for seeking natural justice of poor petty clerical cadre of Central Govt Departments. 6th CPC recommended parity with CSCS to clerks of Field Offices vide Chapter 3.1 of its recommendations, despite of lapse of more than five years, this recommendation had not made applicable to the Clerical Cadres of Field Offices like BRO. Kindly get your initiative materialized wef 01 Jan 2006 as soon as possible as the 7th CPC is approaching very fastly and once 7th CPC is setup then we will never get the above benefits.

Pradip Bandopadhyay said...

Dear Sir,

It is outstanding news for LDC & UDC. I got promotion to the post of UDC w.e.f 01.12.1995 and I have been granted MACP (Last) w.e.f 01.9.2008 and with my fixed at grade pay of Rs.2800/-. Why I had not been fixed at grade pay of Rs.4200/-. At present I have completed more than 18th years of service on the same post i.e., UDC. I am waiting for the final result of the above.

Anonymous said...

Sir,Behalf of all LDC and UDC you are done very good job. In ACP after 24 year service of LDC get 4200 GP and in MACP LDC/UDC get only 2800 GP.

Bhayya said...

Sir,Behalf of all LDC and UDC you are done very good job.. Thank you.

Gagan Sharma said...

Dear Sir,

We appreciate your sincere efforts regarding revision of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC. Kindly inform the tentative date for implementation of the same.???

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

My Dear LDC & UDC friends, The present authority has no intention to upgrade the LDC & UDC Grade Pay, it is very unfortunate for our cadre, I am urging all the related authority without any dely you should do something positive action in the area of upgradation of LDC/UDC Grade Pay.

Ajit Sharma, Chandigarh

Anonymous said...

In my office in pre-revised structure there were only the pay scales of Rs.3050 - 4590/- (of LDC) which was given the corresponding grade pay of Rs. 1900/- in 6th CPC and Rs.4000 - 6000/- ( of UDC) which was given the corresponding grade pay of Rs.2400/-. But when an LDC in my office was given MACP he was awarded the grade of Rs.2000/- which is corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.3200 - 4900 which pay scale(i.e.Rs.3200 - 4900) does not exist in my office. Is it justified? If any one knowing the clarification, please clarify whether it is justified or not? As there was no pay scale of Rs. 3200-4900/- what should be the grade pay of an LDC on MACP ? (Rs.2000 or 2400/- ?)

Anonymous said...

There seems no progress on the subject regarding grant of GP Rs. 2400/- to LDCs & Rs. 4200/- to UDCs considering the huge work load/responsibilities being performed by them. A person does his matriculation and 3 Yrs diploma, gets Rs. 4200/- in PB2. Whereas, the entry level qualificatin of UDCs is graduate (normally I class), who is being paid Rs. 2400/- of grade pay. This should be legally challenged and the Masters of VI pay commission must be asked upon regarding determination of Grade Pays vis-a-vis entry level qualification/creteria.

Anonymous said...

Though the decision from the CGE federation is too late, it should be in letter & spirit from the govt i,e,dop&t orders. For this the CGE federation should be after the govt & fight nail & tooth till the orders to this effect are issued. NO logic, straight & simple to GP proposed by the federation should have been given by the govt in the initial stage itself. OK no adverse thinking, we have achieved at last. expecting orders at the earliest.

A ministerial staff from Doordarshan, Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

very good news for all the depressed LDCs/UDCs of CG. The CG federation should get the orders from the govt at the earliest possible, since it is already too late.

from an administrative staff of DDK, Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Jaya.Anbu, Secretary, Puducherry Judicial Employees Association.
Respected Sir, thanks a lot for taking sincere efforts regarding revision of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC.Kindly get your initiative materialized w.e.f 01 Jan 2006 as soon as possible as the 7th CPC is approaching very fastly and once 7th CPC is setup then we will never get the above benefits. I am waiting for very good news.

Anonymous said...

Its really a great news fr LDC's nd UDC's . Our best wishes r always with u. we all LDC's nd UDC's r with u nd fr u always.

1. Syed Samiullah Hussaini (UDC, F&A , MANUU, Hyderabad)
2. Md. Javed Ahmad Khan (UDC, F &A, MANUU, Hyderabad)
3. Mrs. B. K. Kavitha ( UDC, F&A, MANUU, Hyd)
4. Mohd. Arshad ( UDC, Proctor Office, MANUU, Hyd)
5. Sharad Kumar (LDC, F & A, MANUU, hyd.)

shiv dayal Kushwaha said...

I am Tehnical staff working as jr. sub editor in kvic Ministry of msme -Group C, grade pay of 2800. It has been observed that in most of the Central Organisations Technical Assistants are getting a grade pay of 4200 PB-2. even photographer who is getting gp of 4200.
Please help us to remove this anomaly.

S. DAS said...

I am working in Patent Office under M/0. Com. & Industry as a PHOTOGRAPHY ASSTT. with GP-2800.It has been observed that most of the GP had been revised and resently one good news come to know that LDC & UDC GP also to be revised. But GP 2800 not revised to 4200 till date. Who will think for us ? DOPT or JCM ? Our dept. doing nothing. Pl. help us to revise the GP 2800 to 4200. S.DAS, NEW DELHI.




Anonymous said...

The present Govt. motive is not a favour of LDC & UDC Cadre. The Election Process is coming, I urging to all my LDC & UDC brother & sister, our number is about above 10 lakhs family members your each-each vote is very important for comming Lok Sabha Election you caste your vote against the injustice, curruption & also money londring. Some one taking 200000/- p.m. salary from Govt. Trasury & our L.D.C have not being giving 20000/- p.m. this is a big difference about development of our society. So all of our LDC/UDC members stand against injustice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ajit Sharma, Chandigarh

mohan said...

only Merger LDC and UDC in ministry but other jr Assistant GP 1900 and assistant GP 2400,in other organizations like ( university, college

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir (General Secretary),

Highly appreciated.

But when it will get applicable in all the Central Government offices..?

Anonymous said...

Govt must consider to remove the annomoly between CSS and Non CSS Cadre. As lakhs are employees are awaiting for justice to treat them at par with CSS cadre and they should be awarded the same benifits

Anonymous said...

when will it come true for LDC/UDC

Anonymous said...

Merger of LDC and UDC is very good. But the grade pay of LDC and UDC may be fixed at Rs.2800. At the same time as per the new suggession an LDC get Garde pay of Rs.2400/- Therfore while geting first MACP he should get 2800 grade pay. In the case of second MACP the grade pay should be increased to Rs.4200. May I correct.That is justifiable. You have to understand that the work load in every offices fall on LDC and UDC and not on higher officers.

Anonymous said...

hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

As per demand No.4 i.e. Granting of MACP on promotional hierarchy. Abolition of Grade pay Rs. 2000/- for granting of MACP. Similarly Abolition of Grade pay Rs. 4800/- for granting of MACP from Rs 4600/- as it is less
advantageous for everyone in general and for group B in particular. A very
less benefit of Rs 2oo/- after completion of 10 year service

786rider said...

the recent DPC order No: CAU/Reg/59-Tech/97/420 dated.05.06.2013 has marginalized Clerk-Cum-Typist and confined to isolation without consideration of qualification, work efficiency, work load and sense of responsibility and is in view,

1. that where 8th std passed post for driver or 10th passed + Diploma holder Carpenter post on completion of 5 years have got promotion from T-1 to T-2 scale (Technical) i.e Rs.5200-20200 + 1900- Rs.5200-20200 + 2400 and graduate + diploma typing + Computer post clerk-cum-typist is given only Rs.5200-20200 + 2000 after 10 years completion as ACP then Clerical staffs career may end up after getting Rs. 5200-20200 +2400 or hardly 2800 scale (30 years without promotion) by time they will reach T-5 or T-6 scale.

2. that, the entry level of pay for equivalent qualification post like Account Assistant (B.Com) is Rs. 5200-20200 +2800 and has been elevated to 9300-34800+4200 after completion of 6yrs (Subject to clarification) and confined to specific job.
whereas clerical staffs of equivalent( graduate + diploma in typing + Computer) qualification are utlised in same capacity in Account Section, Establishment , Academic Section and in addition even assigned as I/c in Transit Hostel, Guest House , Preparation of college leaflet, Prospectus , certificate, brochure and many other works.
DoPT OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt(D) dt.19-05-2009 is a curse for LDC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes Exactly the LDC/UDC working hard but taken salary is very low the injustice not in 6th CPC past commissions also not justice LDC/UDC

vinod kumar said...

Please look also upgradation for stenographer (Jr.) grade pay 2400 there is no benefit in sub-ordinate govt. deppt. of centeral govt.6th CPC not justice in stenographers.

Rehan Mallik said...

Sir , Please look also upgradation for Jr.MRT & Sr.MRT. 1900/- to 2400/- & For Sr. MRT 2400/- to 2800/-.

Gautam Guha said...

In DGQA of Min of Defence the Technical cadre join the service in the gp 4200/- as JE. However most of the employee get only one promotion during their service period in the gp 4600/-.After studying with science & Engineering subjects the employees have no promotions & no career. Even employees with matriculation qualification have better career prospects. I would request to raise the matter in suitable forum.

faisal khan said...

pls sir help us we are really helpless, because nobody is listening our voice thats why LDCs and UDCs are facing more problems, they are equivalent to MTS

Anonymous said...

In my office Assistant Store Keeper getting the Grade Pay of 2400/- in the same pay scale then why LDC not gets 2400/- & UDC gets 2800/-?

Anonymous said...

Clerical staffs recruited through SSC which is very competitive, but the salary and prospect offered is ridiculous in considering the the exponential market rate. Rather, the staffs are under pressure of transfer on pursuing a PROMOTION for little monetary benefits, some times zero benefit depending upon the place of posting, that too after long service at about 15-20 years in previous post. The 6th pay commission recommendation made the clerical life miserable/worst by offering ridiculous pay structures for clerical cadre in particular. So, it is necessary to offer LDC grade pay Rs. 2400/- UDC & HC/OS-II merged and re-designate all existing staff by offering GP Rs. 4200/- and on next promotion GP Rs. 5400/-. All the intermediate pay & GP should be abolished.

rajith raj said...


Please consider the case of Stenographers also. the steno cadre is always keeps besides by all.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know whether the grade pay of LDC / UDC will be increased or not. This issue is going on almost for last 4 years but no outcome. But we should definitely salute the continued pressure of Mr. T.K.Pillai on government representatives to increase the grade pay of LDC / UDC and there is a hope for the positive response in due course of time. But it is too late and all LDC / UDC are discouraged due to the present grade pay.


syam kumar said...

very good news keep on going till we succeed


Prabhat Kumar said...

All ldc & udc staffs should file RTI to the concerning departments and make pressure on the government to increase the grade pay of ldc & udc staffs.. Make strong your voice through RTI and hope for the good..

J K Satapathy said...

Its nice and very good news for LDC & UDC staff. As they are the hard worker of a govt. office. After 5 years get 4200 GP is great. But what is for LDC. Can he get promotion or after how many years he get 2800 GP ?

Sitesh Sahu said...

Pillai Sir,
What a great work u have done hat off to u.
How can i help u?
I am ready to give u money & time but pl sir fight for LDC's and UDC's
my No. is 9838893779

Sitesh Sahu said...

All LDCs and UDCs are requested to give their mobile no. for being in contact with each other. Because STD is now days cheaper. My Name is Sitesh Sahu, working as LDC in Station Health Organisation, Lucknow Cantt. My No. is 9838893779. Pl fwd all brothers and sisters and give nos. to each other

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pillai sir, u may write a letter to Madam Sonia Gandhi for the up-gradation of Grade Pay to LDC/UDC, then PMO office awaken after sleeping 7 years.

yours LDC/UDC family

I.K. said...

In suboridinate offices steno-III have been working in GP.2400 as equivalent to UDC. I am unable to understand why the stenos case are no including with LDC/UDC. I some office they are working since 25 years in the initial scale without any promotion. I am same person facing the same situation. I have been working on the different seats since initial. Stenos should be upgraded at par with UDC in subordinate offices also.

IK said...

Stenos of subordinate offices are facing the same humiliation due to no promotional avenues since long. We are unable to understand to why the stenos are not being included when they are working in their office on all the seats and handling different seats in addition to their cadre duties.

hari babu said...

Stenos are worst affected in the subordinate CG offices with no promotional avenues. they join as stenos and retire as stenos. even their grade pays are not upgraded. I joined service in 1998 and at present i am in G.P.2800 even after completing 15 years of service. Gross injustice.

Anonymous said...

I heartily thankful to Mr. Shri.T.K.R.Pillai for taken initiative for the issue of LDC/UDC. According to memorandum the total number in the grade pay (Rs 4200) will be restricted to 30% of the sanctioned strength only. It should be 100% so that all employees can be benefitted.


Sir,Behalf of all LDC and UDC you are done very good job.. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
I am working in central university as Technical Assistant in Grade Pay of 2800. To my knowledge Many of the Govt of India Organisation including central universities are giving pay grade of 4200 to Technical Assistant. Kindly give your expert advice on this discrepancy for which i will be thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Shr T.K.R. Pillai to raise the issue of LDC/UDC. For better & effective communication it is requested to Shri Pillai to circulate his mobile number.


very good news for LDC AND UDC IN CENTRAL govt employees. thank you sir

Muraleedharan UDC, GREF said...

Sir, I am serving in GREF (few people say BRO)since last 26 years. I remained in the appointed post of LDC for 21 long years and promoted to UDC 05 years ago. I have represented to the Cadre Controlling Authority to take up case with Govt for grant of GP Rs. 2800/- to UDCs with effective date of 6th CPC orders based on orders of CAT Chandigarh, HC and SC orders and I intend to knock at the court of law. Please give ur suggestions

Anonymous said...

Since 5 years after the 6th CPC scales effected to CG Employees, this issue is being taken. Till date no progress from the DOPT Side but efforts are made to solve this problem.

I would like to say that Not only LDC/UDC scales to be upgraded and the cadre of Stenographers are forgotten by each and every individual and they retire in the joining grade only.

If at all the scales of LDC/UDC are upgraded, then the same should be implemented to Stenographers also because they join in the grade of UDC at the time of recruitment. Kindly look this matter also.

Anonymous said...


I PROMOTED TO LDC WITH GP 1900 IN 31/03/2003.

2ND MACPON 01/09/2008 WITH GP 2000.

Anonymous said...

My dear friends, 7CPC announced and I think govt. is not serious about upgradation of GP. Please hope for best in 7 CPC.

K.Nagaraju, LDC said...

Sir, Plz listen patiently, all are asking to consider education qualification for GP. I dont think so, if u want Salary for ur qualification then dont come to the post of LDCs, Those who wants extra benefit for their education plz apply for offr posts not for clerks. In this connection already there are so many courts given judgement that even in recruitment also u wont get extra marks for your extra education qualification. dont try to divide by asking GP for Degree fight for LDCs GP to 2400/-. Those who wants extra salary or GP for education plz resign for the post of LDC and try for Offr.

Anonymous said...

Sir, what about the fate of LDCs who are drawing Rs.2000/- GP instead of Rs.2400/- and what the associations / conferation are doing, is there is anyone who are sincerely fighting for LDCs as well as for UDCs. There is no action has been taken by the DoPT on Suprement Court Judge - for grainting of MACP on Promotional Hierarchy. The LDCs before 1.9.2008 are already got Rs.2400/- grade pay in govt. offices - but whereas the LDCs who got Rs.2000/- grade pay after (1.9.2008) in the same single cadre and it has become anamoly..... I pray that present government should interevene in this matter and give directions to the DoPT / MoF for takingup the issue as on merit basis and issue necessary orders to the government offices for granting of MACP on promotional basis immediately... I once again request the all the association / conferederation not play hide and seek with the lifes of LDCs & UDCs which are common cadres and also keep the ensuing general elections. If our request not considered by the MoF, DoPT, by present government

Anonymous said...

Revision of pay scale is intellatual decion, this is balance in pay and work. if this will do, effeciency will come in govt. work, due to clerical work is "Reed Ki Haddi" of govt. offices.this decision will come interest of young for clerk post. i wish you a very thanks for all decision makers.

Best regards.

1. ALLAHABAD 2. AHEMDABAD 3. Bangalore 4. Bhubhaneshwar 5. Bhopal
6. Chandigarh 7. CHENNAI 8. Delhi 9. Dehradun 10. Guwahati
11. Hyderabad 12. Jaipur 13. Jabalpur 14. Kanpur 15. Kolkata
16. Lucknow 17. Meerut 18. Mumbai 19. Nagpur 20. Patna
21. Pune 22. Ranchi 23. Shillong 24. Trivandrum 25. Jammu.
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Comments and Suggestions on 7th CPC04.04.201490Paisa
A webpage has been created by the Ministry of Finance for 7th Central Pay Commission24.03.2014-Finmin
Federations veiws on the ToR of 7th CPC05.03.2014AIRF/BPMS/IRTSA
Cabinet approved 7th Central Pay Commission Terms of Reference28.02.201490Paisa
Prime Minister has approved the composition of the 7th Central Pay Commission04.02.201490Paisa
Possible ToR meeting with Staff Side JCM-Dopt19.11.2013Dopt
7th CPC Date for implementation11.10.20137thcpcnews
Press Statement of Confederation of 7th CPC25.09.2013Confederation
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Retirement age to be extended by 2 years to 6204.06.2013--FExpress
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Cabinet today approved the proposal to enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers to 6521.07.2012--PIB
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