7th CPC – STEP 1
The Prime Minister of India gave consent to the formation of 7th CPC (25-09-2013)

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram announced that the Prime Minister has formally given his consent to the formation of the 7th CPC. Announcement was also made that it would be implemented on 01.01.2016.

Usually, not only employees, news agencies also would start guessing when the announcement would be declared. But this time, there were no such speculations. It has become clear that the Government’s decision and the date of announcement of 7th CPC are being kept secret.

The sudden announcement had caught everybody by surprise. There is no doubt about the fact that it was a pleasant surprise to all Central Govt Employees...! (Click to read more...)

7th CPC – STEP 2
Prime Minister of India gave his consent to the Composition of 7th CPC (04.02.2014)
On 04-02-2014, Finance Minister P Chidambaram announced that the Prime Minister has given his approval to the composition of the 7th CPC. With the formation of a four member committee, led by Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur, the 7th CPC moved to the next stage.

With the Confederation announcing a strike on the 10th and 11th of this month, and with all the major Federations of Central Govt Employees and also Railways in the country declaring their intention to protest to central government, the move is being viewed by many as Government’s attempt to pacify. (Click to read more...)

7th CPC – STEP 3
Cabinet gives its approval to the 7th CPC Terms of Reference (28.02.2014)
On 28.02.2014, the Central cabinet clearly explained and gave its approval to the Terms of Reference of 7th Central Pay Commission.

One of the salient features was that the Commission has to present its recommendations to the Government within 18 months, and, if required, also submit an Interim Report.

There was no word about the much-anticipated Interim Relief and DA Merger. (Click to read more...)

7th CPC - Step 4
Finance Ministry created a webpage for 7th CPC (28.02.2014)
A webpage has been created by the Ministry of Finance for 7th Central Pay Commission. 

In order to publishing orders and announcements of 7th CPC, the Finance Ministry has launched a new webpage in their official portal under the category of 'Employees Corner'. 

Visitors are requested to scroll down the website home page of 'Ministry of Finance' and find at the bottom of right side corner.

At present they have published only one Government Gazette that 'Resolution of Terms of Reference' of 7th Central Pay Commission, which was published on 28th February 2014. (Click to read more...)

7th CPC - Step 5
7th CPC requires Central Staff on Deputation Basis (27.03.2014)
Government of India has notified constitution of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) vide Gazette notification No.1/1/2013-E.III(A) dated 28th February, 2014. 

You may also be kindly aware that Seventh CPC is mandated to submit its report to the Government within 18 months of its constitution. Further the Commission has been mandated to appoint such Advisors, Institutional Consultants and Experts as deemed necessary for any particular purpose. (Click to read more...)

Read our exclusive articles about 7th CPC...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


mansoor rahman said...

Kindly arrange to provide a system of re-employment facility to all retired railway pensioners(voluntary retired) of below 55 years of age.Since as per government policy the employed person can eligible to work up to the age of 62-65 years only, but due to unavoidable personnel problems employees opted for voluntary retirement and latter facing very hardship to survive with small amount of pension.
Sir, kindly do needful to all retired railway employees of below 55 years age group.

With regards,
Retired Railway Pensioner,
Resident of Bangalore.
E-mail address: rahmanmansoor663@gmail.com

mansoor rahman said...

Sir, kindly arrange re-employment facility to all retired railway pensioners of below 55-62 years age group(including voluntary retired pensioners )on fixation of pay with out any allowances

With regards.

Honest citizen & retired railway employee.
Resident of Bangalore.
E-mail address : rahmanmansoor663@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
i have got my vrs in the year 2005 31th oct.till now i do not get my re-employment in the rlys.eithor or settle as per the cg orders which hasbeen published even published 9th nov.2012 neithor nor given my correct pension with not given promotions,vrs differences,Gps &other allowances.so many arrears have been keeping pendings.
when i the undersigned sri d.p.sarkar ex.rly.engineer of kpa kolkata/wb will gets the above.
i request to all of you to arrange the above as early as possible 7 oblige.
thanks a lot,yours truely D.P.SARKAR

BINDAS said...

A ralway employee was appointed on 12.05.1998 as LDC ( GP 1900 ) and was given his normal promotion on 16.07.1992 ( GP 2400 ), 2nd MACP was given to him wef 01.09.2008 ( GP 4200 ). When he will be elligible for his next MACP ?

Anonymous said...

His next MACP will be on 01.09.2018

Dilip John said...

sir, now the retirement age is 60yrs
so the government should increase the
recruitment age up to 40.

Kalyan Singh said...

My IInd ACP was granted on 23-04-2008 for G.P. 4200/- as per the office memorandum No. 10/02/2011-E.III/A Dt. 19-03-2012 . Can I get one increment i.e. from Feb.2006 to June 2006 please give reply as soon as earlier.

Thanking you

Kalyan Singh Panwar, LDC
Survey of India, Gandhinagar(Gujarat)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
kindly end the post of clerk in indian army as the clerks are downgraded from last two pay commissions (From Gp B) as they equaled with gp D and Gp E Emp as notified in 4th pay commission

786rider said...

1. That recent Order.No. Cau/Reg/59-T/420 dated 05.06.2013 granting financial upgradation of Rs.100/- (MACP/non promotional benefit) i.e. from Grade pay of Rs.1900 to Rs.2000/-to CCT (Graduate post) after completing 10 years of continuous service.
2. Whereas lower qualification post like Drivers, Carpenters, plumber, Medical attendants etc. (order referred above) are granting 2400 Grade pay after completion of 5 years.

A comparative statement on requisite qualifications and financial benefits given to some posts of the university is furnished below for your kind perusal.

Name of post Essential Qualifications Entry level Grade pay
After 5 years service Grade pay
After 10 years service Grade pay
After 20years service Grade pay
After 30 years service
Carpenter Matriculation followed by on year trade certificate from a recognized institution Rs.1900 Rs.2400 Rs.2800 Rs.4200 Rs.5400
Plumber Matriculation followed by on year trade certificate from a recognized institution Rs.1900 Rs.2400 Rs.2800 Rs.4200 Rs.5400
Driver Passed class VIII from a recognized institution and 3 years experience of driving after obtaining driving license from a recognised authority Rs.1900 Rs.2400 Rs.2800 Rs.4200 Rs.5400
Medical Attendant Matriculation from a recognized school and minimum 6 months training in the relevant field Rs.1900 Rs.2400 Rs.2800 Rs.4200 Rs.5400
FCLA Bacheler’s degree in Science/Agriculture/Horticulture Rs.1900 Rs.2400 Rs.2800 Rs.4200 Rs.5400
CCT Any Graduate from recognized institution and type writing certificate (6 months course) from a recognized institution with typing speed of 30 W.P.M
NB: At present computer has replaced manual typing machine and in CoHSc all typist are dealing and engaging all types of computer works from letter typing to certificate, leaflets, information Brochure, Annual reports data entry works, Pay and allowances preparation etc.
Whereas the computer Operator is granting 9300+4200 pay scale (Quli: Graudate+ CoPA passed) Rs.1900 Nil Rs.2000 Rs.2400 Rs.2800

From, the above comparison Graduate clerk (CCT) has been equated to a extreme low level after completion of 20 years get Rs.2400 GP and 2800 GP after 30 years (MACP or non- promotional benefit) and Rs.2400 GP is granted to VIII Passed/Matriculate employee/s after completion of 5 years service, 2800 GP after completion of 10 years, 4200 GP after completion of 15 years, 4600 GP after completion of 20 years, 4800 GP and 5400 GP after completion of 30 years.

Therefore the authority is requested to kindly consider and grant some respectable pay structure of CCT which are assisting in performing sophisticated, Tedious & highly complicated and sensitive jobs ie. Recruitments, Posting / Transfers, DPC, Welfare, Labour Relation Work, Financial Implications viz. GPF A/c’s maintaining records of Advances, Pension / Retirement Terminal Benefits, Facing Audit Objections, Procurements , Preservations, Control on Material Movement, keep safe the inventories, computer works etc. etc. or change the designation of CCT to Senior clerk / (Graduate post clerk) on the same analogy of the group D staffs which get benefit after merging to Newly created post MTS (Multi Tasking Staff Now Group C ).
Prayer for early and positive action

ram lakshman said...

JEs in Indian Railway join (Through RRB) after Diploma in Engineering. For whole of his service of more than 30 years he has only one promotion to SSE.
SSE joins Indian Railway (Through RRB) after B- Tech/ Engineering and for throughout of his service of more than 30 years, he has no promotion. He retires as SSE only.
Is it justified?
Even Grade pay Rs.1800 has promotional avenues to reach to Grade Pay of Rs. 4600 in Indian Railway but not to the back bone of technical Engineers of Indian Railway i.e. (JE & SSE).
It is sameful for the representatives who till now represented JE & SSE.

cd unnikrishnan said...

A hadjoined in service on 05 nov 1981. he was promoted to HS II in jul 86 and got promoted to HS I in 91,. With Vth CPC directives he had step downed to HS in 1996. In 1998 Oct placed as MCM, and promoted in 2006 Jan as Chargeman. In 2008 Sep he got MACP of Rs 4600/-Whether he can stay in that GP of Rs 4600/-?

Anonymous said...

thank you sir for publish 7th pay commission news, i am happy with new project

Anonymous said...

There is a very huge gap in the salary and facilities of a class one govt employee and a class iv employee in India. It clearly shows that class 1 employees are masters and Class iv employee are slaves in India and we are following the rules of GULAM BHART of BRITISH era in India. If a class iv employee cannot do the work of a class I officer then it is also hard truth that class I employee can not do the work of a class IV employee. We acknowledge the work done by the class one employee but work done by the class iv employee also should be acknowledged. We should have a right of equality as per our constitution. We all collectively should think and work sincerely about this matter and we must approach to the 7th pay commission and government (who always talk to minimize difference between RICH AND POOR) to minimize the salary gap between highest paid employee and lowest paid employees of Govt of India. All are requested to write your views on this matter.

S M Naidu said...

As expected the 7th pay commission would be set up by the Govt. and likely the employees would get the benefit by Jan. 2016. But an interesting fact to know is the 7th PC's projected pay scales where the grades are set, using common multiplying factor '3'. But here it has to be noted that when it comes to fixation of the salaries of the employees then what formula will be adopted. As far as 6th CPC was concerned they had different factors for different grades which was starting from 1.86. Therefore it is requested to the Trade Unions to clearly negotiate with committee which would be constituted by the govt. in the matter of the multiplying factor, which should be common to all the employees same as followed in 5th CPC. Multiplying factor for fixing the pay should be '3'.

Deepak Thapa said...

Deepak K T
As per the 6th PC & Projected Figure of 7th PC for PB 2 GP 4220,4600,4800 there is really a negligible difference in Grade Pay the GP 4200 should be merged with 4800 & 4800 to 5400

PB-2 9300-34800 4200 13500 29900-104400 12600 40500
PB-2 9300-34800 4600 17140 29900-104400 13800 51420
PB-2 9300-34800 4800 18150 29900-104400 14400 544500
The committee of 7th Pay should take this in to consideration regarding this.

Amar David said...

Yes Sir.... This is very true.... Group D employees are pillars of the Indian railways... They should have good facilities.... Class 1 officer always treat group d employee as an slave....

Amar David said...

Yes Sir.... This is very true.... Group D employees are pillars of the Indian railways... They should have good facilities.... Class 1 officer always treat group d employee as an slave....

Nitin ma said...

As per 6th cpc if an employe first appointed in grade pay of 4200 in pb2 he will get

in 1st macp 4600
in 2nd macp 4800
in 3rd macp 5400
the demands for 7th cpc are

- there should be only three grade pay in pb2 band instead of present structure of 4200,4600,4800,5400 this may give the chance for employe to get pb3 grade pay.

-gradepay 4600 & 4800 should be merged as there is no significant difference.

-instead of three macp there should be five macp.

-macp should be granted after the completion of seven years service.

Anonymous said...

please look in to the working conditions and perks of MNS Officers of INDIAN ARMY.Specially not implementing AV singh committee previllages, reduced grade pay etc

arup das said...

A cabinet secretary should not compare himself with a CEO of Private Organisation. The Govt organisation is not Cabinet secretary's Parental property. It is an organization run by public money. A cabinet secretary got the opportunity to educate himself. If an employee got the same opportunity, he could also become a cabinet secretary. Both have been facing same challenges as far as work is concerned according to the level of employment.

Moreover one member in the CPC should be an Engineer from unorganized Sector. No Pay Commission had done for unorganized govt cadres anything till date.

Ravindra Choudhary said...

do every govt employee get pension? is old navodaya vidyalaya staff have any provision for pension?

Anonymous said...

In indian railway there have many group D employees who have graduate degree but Class 1 officer always treat them as a personal servants,

Anonymous said...

TA ,DA on tour presently employees are facing so many Problems.Departments asking for food bills and bills with TIN no hotels at the time of claiming.With a small amount giving by the govt and insisting on bills.Atleast in this pay comission unions should demand only self declaration by the employee for these bills at the time of claims.

Jayant Patel said...

Most of Central Government employees wants something good in this pay commission. 7th Pay Commission expected pay scale and news has been provided here.

Anonymous said...


AIDRDO TOA said...

Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers’
Organisations (CCGGOO) is disappointed to note that our
demand for five years wage revision w.e.f. 01.01.2011 and
merger of DA with Pay has not been considered favourably by
the Government. When the public sector employees are given
five years wage revision and the erosion in real wages has
reached an all time high due to steep price rise, grant of
five year wage revision to Central Government officers,
employees and pensioners is fully justified. Similarly every
time the Government appointed pay commission, merger of DA
was also granted. This time Government has not acceded the
demand for merger of DA with pay Even the demand for
inclusion of a labour representative in the 7th CPC was
disregarded. Thus by appointing pay commission without
declaring interim relief, employees will not be getting any
financial benefit now.
The methodology adopted for compensating the erosion in the
real value of wages had been the merger of DA with Pay. The 5th
CPC had recommended that the DA must be merged with pay and
treated as pay for computing all allowances as and when the
percentage of Dearness compensation exceeds 50%. Accordingly
even before the setting up of the 6th CPC the DA to the extent
of 50% was merged with pay. Presently, the Dearness
compensation is 100% as on 1.1.2014.

As on 1.1.2011, the DA was at the rate of 50%.The suggestion
for merger of DA to partially compensate the erosion in the
real wages was first mooted by the Gadgil Committee in the post
2nd Pay Commission period. The 3rd CPC had recommended such
merger when the Cost of Living index crossed over 272 points
i.e.72 points over and above the base index adopted for the pay
revision. In other words, the recommendation of the 3rd CPC was
to merge the DA when it crossed 36%.

The Govt. in the National Council JCM at the time of negotiation
initially agreed to merge 60% DA and later the whole of the DA
before the 4th CPC was set up. The 5th CPC merged 98% of the DA
with pay. It is, therefore, necessary that the Govt. takes steps
to merge 50% of DA with pay for all purposes to compensate the
erosion of the real value of wages of Central Govt. Gazetted
Officers and employees.

CCGGOO urge upon the Government to declare interim relief, merge
50% Dearness Allowance with pay for all purposes and revise
wages w.ef 01/01/2011 failing which the Confederation shall be
constrained to go for agitational programmes.

Mahananda Sikdar said...

It has been observed that students pass graduation , post graduation and B.Ed degree in local/regional language and they become teacher and get payment at the teacher’s scale. Such teachers are termed as “teachers” but they can not teach anywhere in India. Not only that, such teachers create regional feeling among students and this feeling continue generation after generation. If we think about nationalism, if we stand at Delhi then a teacher of CBSE board offers a considerable contribution to the nation, to the future generation. A regional teacher stays at his own home throughout whole service life and cultivates lands and produces crops and enjoy a great whereas a teacher of CBSE board has to stay at different place but gets equal payment of a regional state teacher. Same thing happens for those who clear UGC NET and get lecturer job at far place, at distant place in another state. There are students who clear SET and get lecturer job in their own state iuniversities and teach in local language and enjoy a lot. But all are getting equal payment. Is it justifiable ? Will this thing lead us to form one state, one language ? There are states in India where teachers, Head Master, lecturer, professors can not read, write and speak in Hindi because they did not study hindi from class one to PG. Such teachers are called “teachers” because they can teach only students of his own language. Such teachers teach students to ignore hindi. Such teachers teach students, “Do not watch Hindi movie, do not sing Hindi song, you will become a bad student”. Such teachers fear that if Hindi is promoted then they (teachers) have to learn Hindi, so better to live peacefully at one corner of the country. Therefore, I request authority to promote/upgrade pay scale for those teachers who can teach all over India. There should not be same scale for teachers all over India. CBSE board teachers should get much higher payment and other facilities. Their basic scale should be atleast 2000 (two thousand rupees more) than a state govt teacher. A CBSE board teacher and UGC NET lecturer must get good accommodation wherever he gets posting. The condition of quarter must be developed. He and his family members should get free medical support. All universities have to mention in certificate of degree/PG and B.Ed/M.Ed the medium of instruction. Universities have to add this sentence either in marksheet or in certificate that, “ His medium of instruction was “ English” or “Hindi” or “Bengali”. “yeh dekhkar sabko pata lagega ki tum kis khet ki muli ho “ People of India do not want equality and to make them alright these measure is required. Another thing I want to tell you sir that Mathematics teacher should get 1000 rupees more payment than other subject teachers.

Anonymous said...

Why this 7 CPC announced when 6 CPC anomalies not solved, we are suffere of 6 CPC 's MACP scheme. We were waiting for our 2nd ACP in 2011 but due to MACP we r getting only 4200 - 4600-4800-5400. & in ACP our seniors got 4200-4600-6600-7600. A major difference in one cadre, wew are sick of writing to DOPT/ Finance but nothing happening & GOD knows what will happen . We are fighting since 2009 but nobody is hearing,

Anonymous said...

Sir, Namaskar
I am working as Personal Assistant in AG's office, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh. My request is that our cadre, Stenographer/PA/PS is not identified in any where. our posts in IA&AD are in toto below 1000. kindly to identify our cadre and do justice. No association/union in our cadre. I once again request that kindly to suggest/advise what we can do.


nair rs said...

There is shortage of approved hospitals in Kerala where retired Govt Pensioneers can benefit from. All such hospitals are in Trivandrun only. It would me more appropriate if at least ONE hospital in each Disrtict is authorised to have Specialist facility along with free distribution of medicines to CGHS lifetime card holders

Anonymous said...

It is to draw the attention of Seventh Pay Commission that Statistical Investigators in various departments are designated differently e.g NSSO, CSO, RGI Etc. The qualification of elligibility are different too. In NSSO a graduate SI gets 4200 Gr. Pay where as in RGI recruitment for SI was done with eligibility of Post Graduation and placed in the same Grade Pay of 4200. There should be some structure. Further, Various anomaly arises in feeder Grade pays for which ACP for one is boon and MACP for other is a curse.

Rohitash Meena said...

I Rohitash meena Working in Delhi Milk Scheme Govt. of india post at Skilled operator in 19 june,1999 scale of 3050-4590 there after 9-8-99 order Date 24-10-02 and 9-02-04 by CAT OA No. 2721/2001 & MA No. 2236/2001 in the case of Shri Surjan Singh & Others V/S Union of India & others give me Revised Pay-scale 4000-6000.( Appointment date and Revised pay-Scale date different only 52 days). Now Iam working without ACp/MACP,Promotion 15years. Please Kindly suggestion Me.
Thanking you
Rohitash meena Skilled operator, Delhi milk scheme

ranjan said...

I have seen different DA rate in central govt organization like cda,ida & vda .one DA should be implemented for all. this will reduce loss of manpower,time,paper work etc.

RANJAN said...


Anonymous said...

more officers retired on vrs due to a number of problems are languishing in humilliation when they go public meetings/marriage halls as if they have done a great sin.
any sort of re-employment should start from ascending order, if they extend the retiring orders, i.e., those who are going to complete 64 yrs shall have to be picked up, then 63 years, then 62 years, 61 yrs,60 yrs chronologically and these officials/officers should be reemployed in any central dept in non technical posts and then technical posts suitable to them.

1. ALLAHABAD 2. AHEMDABAD 3. Bangalore 4. Bhubhaneshwar 5. Bhopal
6. Chandigarh 7. CHENNAI 8. Delhi 9. Dehradun 10. Guwahati
11. Hyderabad 12. Jaipur 13. Jabalpur 14. Kanpur 15. Kolkata
16. Lucknow 17. Meerut 18. Mumbai 19. Nagpur 20. Patna
21. Pune 22. Ranchi 23. Shillong 24. Trivandrum 25. Jammu.
Date of submission of 7th CPC Report05.04.2014-Rajya Sabha
Comments and Suggestions on 7th CPC04.04.201490Paisa
A webpage has been created by the Ministry of Finance for 7th Central Pay Commission24.03.2014-Finmin
Federations veiws on the ToR of 7th CPC05.03.2014AIRF/BPMS/IRTSA
Cabinet approved 7th Central Pay Commission Terms of Reference28.02.201490Paisa
Prime Minister has approved the composition of the 7th Central Pay Commission04.02.201490Paisa
Possible ToR meeting with Staff Side JCM-Dopt19.11.2013Dopt
7th CPC Date for implementation11.10.20137thcpcnews
Press Statement of Confederation of 7th CPC25.09.2013Confederation
Consent given by PM for 7th CPC25.09.201390Paisa
Retirement age of 65: The Politicization of Employees’ Demands11.04.201490Paisa--
Retirement age to 62-What is the background behind this news?01.03.201490Paisa--
50% DA Merger and Retirement age almost disappeared from CG Employees Diary...!07.03.2014-GServants-
High hopes fading due to announcement of election dates...05.03.2014-Karnmk-
Proposals of Retirement age 62 and 50% DA Merger..?01.03.2014-GServants-
Retirement Age 62 - Cabinet expected to clear on Friday (28.202014)26.02.201490Paisa--
Retirement Age 62 – Cabinet is likely to clear some of these demands..!25.02.2014-PCUpdate
Proposal for raising Retirement Age to 62 waits for Cabinet Nod17.02.2014-GServants-
Parliamentary panel urged to raise the retirement age to 65 years08.02.2014--TOI
Retirement Age 62 : Govt not considering to raise retirement age to 6218.08.2013-PTI
Retirement age 62 – No hike in Retirement age of Central Government employees…15.08.2013-CGEN.in-
Retirement Age 62 - Prime Minister likely to declare on his Independence Day speech14.08.2013-CGEN.in-
Retirement Age of High Court Judges23.08.201390Paisa--
Retirement Age 62 – Cabinet decision to increase retirement age deferred03.08.2013--B.Standard
No plan to increase retirement age of employees16.06.2013--PTI
Pros and cons of raising the retirement age of Central Government Employees09.06.2013-EOrders-
No decision on central staff retirement age on cabinet meeting05.06.2013-PCUpdate-
Retirement age to be extended by 2 years to 6204.06.2013--FExpress
Increase retirement age of government employees to 6230.05.2013--ET
Union government wants retirement age 6229.05.2013--Rediff
No proposal to enhance the retirement age from 60 to 62 years08.03.201390Paisa--
Call to increase retirement age of bank employees to 6504.02.2013--Hindu
Retirement age of Central Government Employees20.01.201390Paisa--
Retirement age of faculty doctors from 65 to 70 years…03.12.201290Paisa-
Enhancement of superannuation retirement age of KV teachers31.08.201290Paisa-
Retirement age of Teachers and Lecturers26.08.201290Paisa--
Cabinet today approved the proposal to enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers to 6521.07.2012--PIB
Retirement age across the world - ILC Report10.07.2011--Global
Govt employees near retirement should not be disturbed05.09.2010--PTI
PIL on retirement age of civil servants 25.09.2010--PTI


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