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Monday, October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Release of Grant-in-Aid to Pensioners’ Associations – DoPPW Orders

Release of Grant-in-Aid to Pensioners’ Associations – DoPPW Orders

Release of Grant-in-Aid to Pensioners’ Association by DoP&PW for implementation of Web-based “Pensioners’ Portal” Project.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG. and Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi- 1100 03
Dated: 10th October, 2018

The Pay & Accounts Officer,
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare,
Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi.

Subject: Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ Project – Release of Grant-in-Aid to Pensioners’ Associations for implementation of the objectives of the Portal.

I am directed to convey the sanction of the President of India to the release of a sum of Rs.284969/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Eighty Four Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Nine only) towards Grant-in-Aid in favour of the following 4 Pensioners Associations on their having been registered under NITI Aayog DARPAN and having been linked with PA&O under PFMS for meeting expenditure in connection with the implementation of objectives of ‘Pensioners’ Pertal’, as per the details given below:

2. Utilization Certificate in respect of earlier grant sanctioned to above Pensioner Association are enclosed.

 3. Details of Recurring Grant for admissible Activities:
The maximum permissible amounts on {he individual component eligible for sanction/reimbursement in the form of Grant-in-Aid are as follows with flexibility of 25% on higher/lower side of individual component:

(i) Telephone + Internet Connection – Up to Rs. 12,000 per annum
(ii) Stationery+ Battery replacement – Up to Rs. 19,500 per annum
(iii) Subsidy towards Rent of Building/ Water/electricity/AMC of equipment – Up to Rs. 28,500 per annum
(iv) Remuneration Payable to Data entry (Part time) – Up to Rs. 15,000 per Operator
Total – Up to Rs. 75,000 per annum

4. Any other expenditure by the Pensioners’ Association on any activity/component other than those mentioned above will not be admissible from the Grant-in-Aid and will be treated as an unspent amount, to be recoverable or adjusted from the future grant as the case may. In case the actual expenditure during the year on individual. component is less than the permissible amount on individual components, the difference of Grant-in-Aid and the actual expenditure will be treated as unspent and will be adjusted in the next year’s grant.

5. Further, the above Grant-in-Aid is subject to maintaining a separate Bank Account for the Grant-in-aid under Pensioners’ Portal. The Grantee shall also furnish a Utilization Certificate (in the prescribed proforma) for the grant received and utilized during the year 2018-19 within six months of the close of the financial year 2018-2019 i.e. upto 30th September, 2019. Failure to do so will make the Grantee Pensioner Association liable for refund of entire Grant-in-Aid amount along with the interest.

6. The Pensioners’ Associations are required to submit a consolidated performance-cum-Achievement report immediately after utilization of this grant. The Associations are also required to prepare their Annual work Plan for the current and next financial year before they could become eligible for Grant of any further Grant-in-Aid for the next financial year.

7. The grant is further subject to the terms and conditions as indicated in the Annexure.
8. The above Pensioners Associations is, therefore, advised to book the utilization of funds for approved components under the Scheme of GIA through EAT Module under PFMS. Any expenditure incurred otherwise than through EAT module will not qualify for adjustment against the Grant-in-aid being sanctioned and released and the Association will be liable to refund such amount to this Department:

9. In case of any difficulty in booking Expenditure under PFMS, Pensioner Association may also contact PFMS Central Help Desk Contact number and email ID for PFMS-EAT Module query: PFMS Main e-mail ID: and and The following are the Individual contact number and e-mail ID for PFMS-EAT MODULE query
Shri OM Pathak, PFMS Trainer – Mobile No. 08287789975 and Tele No. 011/24641225
Shri Rajesh Jain, Sr. AO, Tele No. 011-24626331 and E-mail ID
Shri Sat Narain, Sr. AO PH: 011-23343860 (Extn.270)- E-mail :
Shri T.M. Rajan, Sr. AO PH: 011-23343860 (Extn.279)- E-mail :
Sh. Vishnu Singh, Sr.AO -PH: 011-23343860 (Extn.280)- E-mail :
Shri S.Francis, Sr. AO – PH: 011-23343860 (Extn.284) – E-mail :
Shri K. Sridharan, Sr. AO – PH: 011-23343860 (Extn.281) – E-mail :

10. While making any query on PFMS EAT MODULE through e-mai), please mention the following details ( mandatory requirement):
GRANT NO. : 70

In View of the above Pensioner Associations are advised to book the expenditure against grant-in-aid only through PFMS EAT Module for the prescribed components as mentioned in the Sanction letter.

11. The Drawing & Disbursing Officer of the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare is authorized to draw the amount as mentioned in Col 5 of Table given in para l above for disbursement to the Grantee Pensioners Association by way of transferring the amount to the Bank Accounts of respeetive Pensioners’ Associations.

12. . The expenditure involved is debitable to Major Head “2070”- Other Administrative Services 00.800. Other Expenditure, ( Minor Head); 43- Plan Scheme of Department of Pensions and Pensioner Welfare, 43.01 Pensioners Portal; 43.01.31- Grants-in-Aid-General under Demand No.- 70 Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions for the year 2018 19.

13. The accounts of_ the above Pensioners Associations shall be Open to inspection by the sanctioning authority-and the audit, both by the Comptroller and Auditor -General of the India under the provision of CAG (DPC) Act, 1971 and internal audit by the Principal Accounts Officer of the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, whenever the organization is called upon to do so.

14. This sanction issues under financial powers delegated to the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Division vide Diary No. Dir (F/P)/E5250 dated 27.09.2018.

15. The expenditure of Rs. 284969/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Eighty Four Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Nine only) has been noted in the grant-in-air register for the year 2018-2019.

Yours faithfully,
(Manoj Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

October 15, 2018

Employment News Job Highlights Oct 2018

Employment News Job Highlights Oct 2018


No.of Vacancies : 2000
Last Date :29.10.2018

No.of Vacancies : 85
Last Date :13.11.2018

Name Of Post : Professors, Additional Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professors
No.of Vacancies : 106
Last Date :26.10.2018

Name Of Post : Stipendiary Trainees
No.of Vacancies : 122
Last Date :31.10.2018

Name Of Post : Chief Manager, Deputy Manager, Assistant Manager etc
No.of Vacancies : 99
Last Date :25.10.2018

Name Of Post : Sports Persons against Sports Quota in East Coast Railway
No.of Vacancies : 21
Last Date :29.10.2018

Name Of Post : Sports Persons against Sports Quota in East Coast Railway
No.of Vacancies : 21
Last Date :29.10.2018

Name Of Post : Staff Nurse, Technician (CT Scan, MRI T and S Trainee)
No.of Vacancies : 53
Last Date :12.12.2018

रोजगार सारांश

अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली को
पद का नाम : नर्सिंग ऑफिसर (स्टाफ नर्स ग्रेड-II)
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 2000
अंतिम दिनांक :29.10.2018

भारत-तिब्बत सीमा पुलिस बल
पद का नाम : कांस्टेबल (पशु परिवहन) की आवश्यकता
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 85
अंतिम दिनांक :13.11.2018

जवाहरलाल नेहरु स्नातकोतर चिकित्सा शिक्षा और अनुसंधान संसथान, पुदुच्चेरी को
पद का नाम : प्रोफेसरों, अतिरिक्त प्रोफ़ेसर, एसोशिएट प्रोफ़ेसर और सहायक प्रोफेसरों की आवश्यकता
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 106
अंतिम दिनांक :26.10.2018

न्यूक्लियर पावर कॉर्पोरशन लिमिटेड को
पद का नाम : प्रशिक्षुओं हेतु आवश्यकता
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 122
अंतिम दिनांक :31.10.2018

नेशनल स्मोल इंडस्ट्रीज कॉर्पोरशन लिमिटेड को
पद का नाम : मुख्य प्रबंधकों, उप प्रबंधकों और सहायक प्रबंधकों हेतु आवश्यकता
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 99
अंतिम दिनांक :25.10.2018

पूर्व तट रेलवे में खेलकूद कोटा
पद का नाम : (खुली विज्ञप्ति) के अंतर्गत खिलाडियों की भर्ती
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 21
अंतिम दिनांक :29.10.2018

नॉर्दन कोल्फिड्स लिमिटेड को
पद का नाम : स्टाफ नर्स, तकनीशियन (सीटी स्कैन, टी और एस प्रशिक्षु हेतु आवश्यकता
रिक्तियों की संख्या : 53
अंतिम दिनांक :12.12.2018


October 15, 2018

MACP in Promotional Hierarchy – AlCAEA

MACP in Promotional Hierarchy – AlCAEA

Discrimination in granting Grade Pay on Grant of Financial Benefits under M.A.C.P. – Violation of 

Government Order and judicial Verdicts
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
(Recognized by Govt of India)
Central Headquarters
Phone No. 011-23345070, Mob.No.9868520926 e-mail:

Central Office: Room No.251, ‘B’ Wing,
Loknayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110003

Address for Communication:
17/2-C, P&T Quarters,
Kali Bari Marg,
New Delhi-110001

No:- AlCAEA/HQ/A-2/2018/412

Dated: 08.10.2018

Shri Anthony Lianzuala,
Controller General of Accounts,
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure,
4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
New Delhi – 110023

Subject: – Discrimination in granting Grade Pay on Grant of Financial Benefits under M.A.C.P. – Violation of Government Order and judicial Verdicts.

On behalf of members of this Association I am to submit herewith following facts for your kind consideration and early favorable action.

1. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension under O.M. No. 38/86/03-P&PW(A) dated 26-04-2004 has granted parity of Pay Scales in organized Accounts cadre w.e.f. 01-01-1996 notionally and actually from 19-02-2003 as shown below:

S. No.
Name of the Post
Existing Pay Scale as on 01-01-1996
Up-graded Pay Scale to be applicable.
Sr. Auditor/Sr. Accountant
Section Officer/junior Accounts Officer
Asst. Audit Officer/Asst. Accounts Officer
The hierarchal set up of the Department is:

Accountant  Group ‘C’
Filled in by Direct Recruitment or by Promotion from L.D.C.
Sr. Accountant Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted
Promotional Post to Accountant
Asst. Accounts Officer Group ‘B’
Promotion Post to Senior Accounts Officer on passing the Departmental Examination and on seniority -cum fitness basis
3. The 6th Central Pay Commission has merged the post of Section Officer with Assistant Accounts Officer from 01-01-2006. The 6th Pay Commission has recommended the Pay Band 2 in the Pay Scale of Rs. 9300-34800 Plus Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- to the Senior Accountant. The Asst. Accounts Officer were also given the Pay Band No. 2 but they were given the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/-.

4. The Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions under O.M. No. 35034/3/2008-Estt (D) dated 19-05-2009 has introduced the Scheme of Modified Career Progression Scheme (for brevity M.A.C.P.) which is the modified version of earlier A.C.P. Scheme. As per the Scheme the Government Servants will be granted 3 financial up- gradations after completion of 10, 20 and 30 years of service if they have not received any regular Promotion. The condition No. 2 read with 6.2 of the Annexure 1 of the OM. laid down that:

…….financial upgradations under the Scheme should be done strictly in accordance with the hierarchy of grade pays in pay bands as notified vide CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008”

According to the information available to this Association, the Senior Accountants are being granted Grade Pay of Rs. 4600 /-(level 7 of pay matrix) on grant of benefits under M.A.C.P.

In this connection, your kind attention is invited to the following orders/Judgments of the various Tribunals/ High Courts/Supreme Court wherein the Tribunals/ High Courts have held that the Grade Pay of hierarchical Promotion Post has to be given on grant of financial benefits under M.A.C.P.

1. Central Administrative Tribunal (C.A.T.) Ernakulam Order dated 27-09-2011 in T.P.Leena Vs. Union of India.
The Tribunal has granted the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- on grant of lst Financial Benefit under M.A.C.P. from Rs. 4200/-.

2. The High Court of Ernakulam has by Judgment dated 21-06-2012 in the case of Union of India Vs. T.P.Leena has upheld the Order of CAT. and Hon’ble Supreme Court has dismissed the S.L.P. by Judgment dated 15-10-2012 holding that there is no reason to interfere with Impugned Order.

[Copies of above Order/ judgments are enclosed as Annexure ‘A’)

3. CAT New-Delhi by Order dated 26-11-2012 in Sanjay Kumar & others Vs. Ministry of Defence & others has granted the Grade Pay of Promotion Post (Copy enclosed).

Sir, it would not be out of place to submit that the Controller of Accounts C.B.D.T. Mumbai in compliance of C.A.T. Mumbai order has by order No. ZAO/MACP/ADMN/12015-16 dated 01-02-2016 has granted Grade Pay of Rs. 4800[- (level 8 of Pay Matrix] to 13 Senior Accountants on grant of benefits of 2“d M.A.C.P. The copy of the Order is enclosed as Annexure ‘B’ for your perusal.

It is further submitted that the Principal Chief Controller of Accounts. Zonal Accounts Office, CBDT, Mumbai has, while quoting Principal Chief Controller of Accounts C.B.D.T. New- Delhi letter No. -PCCA/CBDT/Estt/Rep/2018-381-382 dated 01-08-2018 has granted benefits of 3rd M.A.C.P. to 16 Senior Accountants under order No. ZAO/CBDT/MUM/ADMN/MACPS/2018-191 742 dated 04-09-2018 [Copy enclosed]. The perusal of the order would exhibit that all the Senior Accountants were in receipt of Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- (level 8 ef Pay Matrix] on grant of benefits of 2nd M.A.C.P. and they have been granted Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/-[level 9 of Pay Matrix) which is the Grade Pay of hierarchical Post of Asstt. Accounts Officer.

In View of submission made in the letter, it is clear that the members of our Association are meted out with discrimination as far as grant of Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/-[level 8 of Pay Matrix) on grant of benefits of M.A.C.P. to Senior Accountants are concerned. They are given the Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- [level 7 of Pay Matrix). This amounts to discrimination and violative of Article 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India. It is therefore requested that the Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/-(level 8 of Pay Matrix) may please be granted to all the Senior Accountants who have been granted benefits of M.A.C.P. A comprehensive review may please be taken and set right the grave injustice caused to our members.

In this context the observation of Principal Bench New Delhi in the case of All India Defence Civilian Clerks Association of ADC and Records Office and another Vs. The Secretary, Ministry of Defence and others in order dated 01-02-2012 (Copy enclosed) assumes importance.

We do not understand the logic of the Ministry of Defence, D.O.P & T. Ministry of Finance or even the Ministry of Law as to how the aforesaid directions as upheld by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and the Apex Court cannot be made applicable to the Applicants who are admittedly similarly placed. In our considered opinion the Respondents/Departments should desist from rejecting the genuine request of the employees and force them to knock the door of Courts unnecessarily without any justifiable grounds.

In view of above observation of Hon’ble Principal Bench I request you to consider our request positively and arrange to do justice by removing the discrimination between the two set of similarly situated employees.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General


October 15, 2018

Revised Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners from July 2018

Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners — Revised rate effective from 01.07.2018

Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)
PC-VII No. : 120
RBE No.: 147/2018
File No. PC-VII/2016/1/7/2/3
New Delhi, dated: 08.10.2018

The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All Zonal Railways & Production Units,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: – Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners — Revised rate effective from 01.07.2018.

A copy of Office Memorandum No. 42/06/2018-P&PW(G) dated 18.09.2018 of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions (Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare) on the above subject is enclosed herewith for information and compliance. This order shall apply mutatis mutandis on Railways also.
2. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

3. Hindi version is attached below.

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII
Railway Board


October 15, 2018

All India LTC for Officers and Staff Working in Board’s Office

All India LTC for Officers and Staff Working in Board’s Office

Procedure for availling optional scheme of 
All India Leave Travel Concession (AILTC) facility for 
officers/staff working in Board’s Office



Sub: Procedure for availling optional scheme of All India Leave Travel Concession (AILTC) facility for officers/staff working in Board’s Office.

Subsequent to IR employees being given AILTC facility on optional basis in accordance with the CCS(LTC) Rules, 1988 as per Board’s Order No.E(W) 2017/PS5-l/3 dated 10.09.2018, all officers/staff working in Boards office are also eligible to avail AILTC.

2. For availing the facility of AILTC, Officer/Staff working in Board’s Office should have rendered four or more years of continuous service on the date of the commencement of the journey. The following guidelines may be adhered to by the applicant for availing AILTC:-

i) Privilege Pass Surrender Certificate (PPSC) may be obtained from ‘G. Branch by following the prescribed procedure as contained in Boards letter dated 10.09.2018. However, in the first instance before applying for PPSC, the concerned staff should check his/her eligibility for availing AILTC.

ii) Leave of any type may be applied for and a declaration/advance intimation letter as per proforma enclosed at Annexure-I intending to avail AILTC may be submitted to the concerned Establishment Branch (ERB-I, ERB-II & ERB-V) along with original copy of PPSC issued by ‘G’ Branch.

iii) In case, AILTC advance is required, a separate request may be submitted as per prescri bed proforma enclosed at Annexure-II to the concerned ERB section ( ERB-I, II & V) in addition to submission of self-declaration/advance intimation letter. AILTC advance is to be applied 65 days (in case of Air travel) or 125 days ( in case of train travel) before the proposed date of outward journey and within ten days of the drawal of advance, the concerned employee is to produce tickets, irrespective of the date of commencement of the journey.

iv) LTC advance upto 90% of the estimated fare would be sanctioned.

v) In case, an employee performs journey without intimation and submission of original PPSC to the concerned ERB section, claim for reimbursement under AILTC would not be entertained.

vi) Subsequent to performing the journey related to AILTC, necessary claims for reimbursement /difference of expenditure ( in case of advance) may be submitted directly to respective Cash-I/II/III Sections as per enclosed proforma at Annexure-III for final settlement with all necessary required document.

vii) LTC claim as per Annexure-III is to be submitted within three months of completion of return journey, if no advance has been drawn; else, within one month of completion of return journey, if advance has been drawn.

viii) After undertaking journey, unspent amount of AILTC advance, if any, should be remitted within one month and in one lumpsum.

ix) Travel by Premium trains/Premium Tatkal trains/Suvidha trains are allowed on LTC however, travel in such train is to be by shortest route. Reimbursement of tatkal charges or premium tatkal charges shall also be admissible for the purpose of LTC. Flexi Fare (dynamic fare) applicable in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains is also admissible for the journey(s) performed by these trains on LTC.

x) Those officials entitled for Air travel are required to travel by Air India only at LTC-80 fare or less. Fare indicated at LTC-80 is the maximum permissible ceiling limit for reimbursement; however, efforts should be made to book Air tickets at the cheapest fare possible.

xi) Those employees ( i.e, Pay Level 1 to 8 of Pay Matrix as per 7th CPC) who are not entitled to travel by Air may travel by any airline; however, reimbursement in such cases shall be restricted to the fare of their entitled class of train /transport or actual expense, whichever is less. Further, dynamic fare component in respect of Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains shall not be admissible in such cases i.e., where a non­ entitled Government servant travels by air and claims reimbursement for the entitled class of Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains.

xii) In all cases, Air ticket is required to be booked either directly through the airlines ( Booking Counters, website of airlines) or by utilizing the service of Authorized Travel Agents viz ‘MIS Balmer Lawrie & Company’, M/s Ashok Travels & Tours’, and IRCTC ( to the extent IRCTC is authorized as per DOP&Ts OM No. 31011/6/2002-Estt(A) dated 2.12.2009) while undertaking LTC journey. Booking of tickets through other agencies is not permitted and no request for relaxation of rules for booking the tickets through any other agencies shall be considered by Boards office.

xiii) ) It may also be noted that Travel on Tour packages is not allowed, except in case of tours conducted by Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), State Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) and IRCTC. In such cases, only the fare component shall be reimbursable provided ITDC/STDC/IRCTC separately indicate the fare component and certify that the journey was actually performed by the Government servant and his family members for which he/she is claiming the All India Leave Travel Concession.

Important order on LTC: Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER, J&K and A&N– Extension Orders issued by DoPT 

xiv) All tickets purchased should be submitted in original along with boarding passes duly stamped by Airport authorities (in case of Air travel) at the time of submitting claims after performing journey.

xv) In respect of special relaxation relating to travel by Air ( for those who are not entitled for Air travel under AILTC) on LTC to North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar, DOP&Ts OM No. 31011/3/2018-Estt(A-IV) dated 20.09.2018 may be referred to.

3. Role of ‘G-Branch’, ERB-I, II, V, Cash-I, II & III sections and PAO/Office/RB would be as under:-

a) General Branch will issue the Privilege Pass Surrender Certificate (PPSC) for AILTC purpose within 10 days of receiving the request from Applicant as per the instructions contained in E(W)’s above mentioned letter.

b) After receiving the request for optional AILTC as per Annexure-I & II, respective Establishment Branches (ERB-I, ERB-II & ERB-V) would verify/certify the necessary columns in it along with checking the admissibility as to whether the concerned employee is eligible for AILTC as per extant policy instruction and forward it to concerned Cash Section in case LTC advance has been sought.

c) An acknowledgement to the concerned employee may also be made and a copy of guidelines for perusal of employee may be given so as to ensure that the concerned employee is fully aware of the extant rules to be followed while availing optional AILTC and that there is no issue with regard to clearing of AILTC claim. In case AILTC is not admissible for the concerned employee, the same be advised in writing to the employee within three working days of the receipt of the intimation. A copy be also endorsed to the concerned Cash Section for information and record.

d) Concerned Cash section would process the case for LTC advance and reimbursement/claim as per extant rule for AILTC issued by Board’s Office like normal reimbursement of TA/DA, Children Education Allowance (CEA) claim without referring it to Associate Finance. However, if any clarification is required on the extant rules, the nodal branch may be consulted. In respect of AILTC advance/clearing of claim, concerned Cash section are to sanction the amount based on concerned employee’s eligibility for travel in AILTC, fares of shortest route by train and as per fare available under LTC-80 in respect of Air ticket.

e) After clearing of LTC claim, the concerned Cash Section would maintain the details of such claim separately as per CCS(LTC) Rule for maintaining register of LTC claim. Proforma is at Annexure-IV.

f) ERB-II, V and PAO Sections would also be required to make an entry in the service book of concerned employee claiming LTC along with an undertaking of completion of four or more years of service in this regard.

g) ERB-I, II, V, Cash-I, II, Ill & PAO sections may also go through the instructions issued on AI LTC/LTC by E(W) branch & DOP&T before processing the request related to AILTC.

4. All concerned may note that any misuse of AILTC will be viewed seriously and the concerned official would be liable for appropriate action under the relevant rules. Cash section may also randomly get some of the air tickets verified from the airlines concerned with regard to the actual cost of air travel vis-a-vis the cost indicated on the air tickets submitted by the officials.

5. The above issues with the approval of competent authority.

Encl: Annexure- I to IV

No. 2018/0&M/2/15
Dated: 26/09/2018

(H. Moharana)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board


October 15, 2018

Pay Hike Notification for Tripura Govt Employees

Pay Hike Notification for Tripura Govt Employees from 1.10.2018

Minimum Pay at the Entry Level of the Pay Matrix will be Rs.18000 per month for Group ‘C’ employees and Rs.16000 per month for Group ‘D’ employees of Tripura State Government

The Government has approved to implement the following recommendations made by the Expert Committee for the employees, workers & pensioners of the State Government, Subordinate fudiciary, Tripura Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Tripura public Service Commission, Grants-in-aid Schools, Tripura Board of Secondary Education and other Constitutional Bodies

  • Date of effect of the revision of Pay /wages/ Pensions shall be from 01.10.2018
  • New pay structure shall be in the form of “Tripura State Pay Matrix 20L8” with 21 Levels
  • Annual increment shall be @ 3% per annum
  • Two dates for grant of increment i’e’, on 1st January or 1st July of every year

New Pay Matrix Table for Tripura Govt 
Employees – Click here to view the table
October 15, 2018

Summary of Bank Bipartite meeting on 12th October 2018

Summary of Bank Bipartite meeting on 12th October 2018

No such breakthrough as expected did happen in the meeting between Bank Unions and IBA.

In today’s discussion, Union reiterated that offer of 6% increase should be substantially improved.

Performance linked pay should be delinked from age revision. IBA repeated their proposal that wage increase should linked to paying capacity.

Unions rejected IBA’s proposal and informed that if IBA does not change their stand, it will lead to confrontation and agitation.


*In today’s discussion with IBA*
UFBU reiterated

1. Their offer of 6% should be substantially improved.
2. Performance Linked Pay should be delinked from wage revision.
3. Resolution of mandate issue.

IBA repeated their proposal that wage increase should linked to paying capacity.
We have rejected and informed that if
IBA does not change their stand
it will lead to Confrontation and Agitation.
Circular follows.

SK Bandlish ,
Convenor/ UFBU


Expected Bank DA Calculator

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