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Monday, November 03, 2008

Obtained Promotion After 1.1.2006

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For those who have obtained promotion after 1.1.2006, the percentage

of hike they received from the 6th pay commission is very less when

compared to what they received in their 5th pay commission.

Even in that, particularly for those who have received their promotion

in their earlier stage within the payband of their carrer the percentage

of hike is very meagre.

However in Rule No.6(& No.5) option form the given chances of options are

1. Implementation of 6th pay commission from 1.1.2006

2. Implementation of 6th pay commission from the date of their

promotion or increment. Selecting the second option their salary

gets increased moderately.

Since selecting the second option result in the continuation of

5th pay commission format till their promotion or increment date

the arrears from 1.1.2006 till their promotion or increment date will diminish.

Fro example let us take an employee having the pay scale range -

3050-75-3950-80-4590,who getting after promotion on 1.1.2006 receives

4000-100-6000, if the person had choosen option two,the current

basic pay and loss of arrears he would incur will be as follows...

Promoted onOld BasicPayNew BasicPayJanuary-07January-08Sep-08Arrears Loss
Feb-200640009840984010140104501 Month
Mar-200640009840984010140104502 Months
Apr-200640009840984010140104503 Months
May-200640009840984010140104504 Months
Jun-200640009840984010140104505 Months
Jul-200640009840984010140104506 Months
Aug-200640009840984010140104507 Months
Sep-200640009840984010140104508 Months
Oct-200640009840984010140104509 Months
Nov-2006400098409840101401045010 Months
Dec-2006400098409840101401045011 Months
Jan-2007400098409840101401045012 Months
Feb-200740009840-98401014013 Months
Mar-200740009840-98401014014 Months
Apr-200740009840-98401014015 Months
May-200740009840-98401014016 Months
Jun-200740009840-98401014017 Months
Jul-200740009840-98401014018 Months
Aug-200740009840-98401014019 Months
Sep-200740009840-98401014020 Months
Oct-200740009840-98401014021 Months
Nov-200740009840-98401014022 Months
Dec-200740009840-98401014023 Months
Jan-200840009840-98401014024 Months
Feb-200840009840--984025 Months
Mar-200840009840--984026 Months
Apr-200840009840--984027 Months
May-200840009840--984028 Months
Jun-200840009840--984029 Months
Jul-200840009840--984030 Months
Aug-200840009840--984031 Months

(An important matter is that an employee got promotion from 3900 or 3800

means, he doesnot bother about second option.)

More details :http://90paisa.blogspot.com/2008/10/method-of-fixation-of-pay-on-promotion.html

Dearness Allowance paid from Jan 1996 to Jan 2004 to Central Government Employees

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The rates of Dearness Allowance paid by the Central Govenment during the period 1.1.96 to 1.1.04 are as follows:

As onRates of DA (%)

The Government merged 50% of the DA with basic pay w.e.f. 1.4.04 and the dearness allowance continued to be calculated with reference to the AICPI (IW) average as on 1st Jan 1996 of 306.33 without chaging the base consequent to the merger.Accordingly, DA at following rates was sanctioned by the Government from 1.7.04 till 1.7.07:

As onRates of DA (%)

The decision taken by the Government on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to DA, to decide that the DA admissible to all categories of Central Government employees shall be admisible from the dates mentioned below at the following rates:

As onRates of DA (%)

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