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Monday, January 26, 2009

Children Education Allowance Application Form

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Children Education Allowance Scheme for Central Government Employees

Application form for Children Education Allowance

Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy

Application Form

I   hereby apply for the reimbursement of Children Education Allowance for my child and relevant particulars are furnished below.

1(a) Name of the Child (in BLOCK letters): ....................................
  (b) Date of Birth : .....................................

2(a) Name and address of the School in  Which studying : .............................................................................

(b) Class in which studying : ...........................................

3. Details of Children Education Allowance (CEA) Claimed already in earlier quarters: 

Quarter of Year : .........................

Academic Year: .............................

Amount Claimed: ......................

June to Aug : ...........................

Sep to Nov : .......................................

Dec to Feb :..........................................

March to May : .......................................

4. The quarter of year and Academic year for which the
    Children Education Allowance is applied now:

Quarter of year : ............................

Academic Year : ...........................

5.(a) Whether the child for whom Children 

Education Allowance applied is disabled child?     Yes/No

 (b) If yes, indicate the nature of disability:

Date of disability certificate:

6(a) Date
 (c) Indicate the percentage of disability:

 (d) Bills of expenses incurred towards school fee/ for purchase of text books and note books, uniforms &sheets and for which reimbursement of Children Education Allowance now:
S.No.Description of Fee PaidReciept No.Amount
1.Tuition Fees--
2.Admission Fees--
3.Special fee charged for AgricultureElectronics, music or any other Subject--
4.Fee charged for practical work under The programme of work experience--
5.Fee paid for the use of any aid orAppliance by the Child--
6.Games/ Sports fee--
7.Laboratory Fee--
8.Library Fee--
9.Fee for extraCurricular activities--
10.Expenses incurred forOne set of text book and Note books--
11.Expenses incurred forOne set of Uniform--
12.Expenses incurred forOne set of School Shoes--

(b) Total Amount of Children Education Allowance Claimed: Rs 7. Details of Cash receipt No/Counterfoil of Bank Chelan/Credit voucher no: 

 8. (i) Certified that the fee/amount indicated above had actually been paid by me. 
(ii) Certified that My wife/husband is/is not a Central Government Servant. 
(iii) Certified that my husband/wife Shri/Smt. Is presently working as in And that he/she will not apply/has not applied for the Children Education Allowance for the child mentioned above.

9.Certified that I or my wife/husband has not claimed and will not claim the Hostel Subsidy in respect of the child mentioned above.

10.Certified that my child in respect of whom reimbursement of Children Education Allowance applied is studying in the school/junior college which is recognized and affiliated to Board of Education/University.

11.The particulars /information furnished above are complete and correct and I have not suppressed any relevant information. In the event of any change in the particulars given above which affect my eligibility for reimbursement of Children Education Allowance, I undertake to intimate the same promptly and also to refund excess payments, if any made. Further I am aware that if at any stage the information/documents furnished above is found to be false I am liable for disciplinary action.

Details of documents enclosed: 
Signature of Employee: 

Designation: Office: 

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Anonymous said...

The download link for "Children Education Allowance Application Form" is not working. Please activate the link so that the OM can be downloaded. Please upload the matter or recheck the link address given. Bhaskar Ray

mathtam said...

Please provide New "Hostel subsidy " application form like one that is pasted for CEA

Anonymous said...

I have admitted my son in sainik school. I have to keep him hostel as this is unique school which prepares students to join indian army.Pl tell whether i will get hostel subsidy 3000 or children education allowance 1000

Anonymous said...

Could you please elaborate, whether the fees/payments made by the Officers, towards Extra-curricular activities of their children for under going certain vocational courses in connection with the personality/educational development of the school going children, such as Abacus, Art-Crafts & Drawing, Dance-Music-Singing, etc. under taken by various institutions/organisations other than the concerned school authorities, are reimburseable, under the present CEA scheme (under the provision of reimbursement of fees for extra curricular activities) in connection with the education of the child.

Anonymous said...

6(a) Details of expenses incurred towards school fee/ for purchase of text books & note books, uniforms &sheets and for which reimbursement of Children Education Allowance now: S.No. Description of Fee Paid Reciept No. Amount
1. Tuition Fees - -
2. Admission Fees - -
3. Special fee charged for AgricultureElectronics, music or any other Subject - -
4. Fee charged for practical work under The programme of work experience - -
5. Fee paid for the use of any aid orAppliance by the Child - -
6. Games/ Sports fee - -
7. Laboratory Fee - -
8. Library Fee - -
9. Fee for extraCurricular activities - -
10. Expenses incurred forOne set of text book and Note books - -
11. Expenses incurred forOne set of Uniform - -
12. Expenses incurred forOne set of School Shoes - -
Total - -

1.As per OM two sets of uniforms but in the form only one set will be mention.
2.In every school they charged every year Secession fee (examination fee-400/-,Bulding Maintenance Fee-500/-,Games fee-400/-,Extra calicular activites fee-600,ETC.)like near about 2000/-to 3000/- in each year they charging by taking permmission from the directorate of education of each state/UT, But in the OM the secession fee not incluted.due to which the PAO did not paying the CEA for secession fee.if its incluted by the ministry then it helps to all CGE's welfare.
3.In the form Computer fee also not mention but in the OM its mention so, Kindly if the points are rectified by the consent ministry who giving the helping hand to the CGE welfare then its helpfull please.

Anonymous said...

Employees posted in NE region and remote areas have to keep their wards in different places for education is there any additonal support for employees posted in remote areas.

Anonymous said...

whether the development fees charged by kendriya vidyalay i.e. VVN which is compulsory for all children can be reumbersed in children education allowance.Office is not reumbersing this.Either it should be rembursed or government should not charge this from central government employees.

Anonymous said...

Vidyalaya vikas Nidhi being charged by Kendriya Vidyalayas is reimbursible or not?

Anonymous said...

Please clarify whether school Bus/Van fee is reimburseble in CEA under the head aid and appliances?

kamal ranjan said...

SIR.we are paying scout dress uniform for the children along with normal school uniform.I would like to know is it reimbursible? By- K.R.Chakraborty

K T PRASAD said...

Sir, I joined Navodaya Vidyalaya Samit, an autonomous organisation under Ministry of HRD, as TGT in English. I was promoted as PGT English in 2008 while I was working at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Waranal, Andhra Pradesh. My son was in class IX (CBSE)in and pursuing his education in the same school. I could not take my son with me to Chindwara (MP)as there was no Telugu language for him there. He passed Class X from the same school. Then I joined him in a recognised college (affiliated to Board of Intermediate Education, AP) in the same town, thinking that it was a residential college. I paid Rs.40000/- towards mess fee but the bills bear the name M/s AVR Hostel,Warangal. The college provides lodging facility on its campus to hundreds of students and provides food on its campus but gets the bills issued to parents through a private run hostel. Can I claim hostel subsidy by submitting these bills (The college may certify my payment.)? I am told by friends that the college should be a ' recognised residential school'? But the fact is my son is pursuing his +1 education in a recognised college which is some 800 kms from my present place of working. Besides, Waranagl is not my native district. Please clarify. Yours, Prasad

Anonymous said...

Please upload full version of Central Service regulations

Anonymous said...

CEA Scheme simplified: -
1.Under the CEAS the Govt bodies should take certificates issued by schools from the parents and to be submitted to respective bodies for payment of CEA in their monthly pay slip equally amount divided into 12 months starting from the academic year.
2. This will provide unnecessary wastage of valuable time of claimant/processor, paper, upto some extent duplicate /bogus bill suppliers.

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