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One-rank one-pension for Ex-Servicemen

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The demand for one-rank one-pension stands already examined in detail and was not found acceptable due to administrative, financial and legal reasons.
Moreover, the pensionary benefits of the Personnel Below Officer Rank, particularly of the three ranks of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar, were significantly increased wef 1.1.2006 by increasing weightage from 5 years to 10, 8 and 6 years respectively and by allowing pension of pre-1.1.1996 retirees to be computed with reference to the maximum of the pay-scale introduced wef 01.01.1996.
In consultation with Ministry of Finance, the benefits thus accrued to PBOR have been allowed to be retained while revising their pension as per Government decision on the 6th CPC recommendations wef 1.1.2006.
However, the Government is also examining whether certain improvements can be made in the pension being given to the old pensioners. This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Shri MM Pallam Raju in a written reply to Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar in Rajya Sabha today.

Leave Travel Concession -CCS Rules

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LTC Rules - Leave Travel Concession Rules as per 6th CPC - (w.e.f. 01.09.2008) 

1. LTC Rules is allowed all Government servants irrespective of the distance between headquarters and their home town. 

2. LTC Rules is allowed Hometown" means the town, village or any other place declared as such by the servant and accepted by the controlling officer. 

3. LTC Rules is allowed only to those who have completed one year of service on the date of journey. 

4. LTC Rules is allowed for self and family. 

5. LTC Rules is allowed only to the family (in the case of an employee under suspension). 

6. LTC Rules is allowed to journey to “Home Town” once in a block of two years. 

7. LTC Rules is allowed journey to “Any place in India” once in a block of four years. 

8. LTC Rules is allowed to expression "any place in India" will cover any place within the territory of India whether it is on the mainland, or overseas. 

9. LTC Rules is allowed journey to “Any place in India” in lieu of one journey to Home Town. 

10. LTC Rules is allowed availing during all leave periods

11. LTC Rules is allowed all journeys to travel by Rail/Road/Air/Ship. 

12. LTC Rules is allowed privilege not availed during a block may be availed before end of the next year. 

13. LTC Rules is allowed allow family members independently in any number of batches. 

14. LTC Rules is allowed traveling to “Any place in India” the employee and or members of the family may travel either to the same place or different places of their choice. 

15. LTC Rules is allowed traveling to visit “Any place in India” or can visit his same Home Town also. 

16. LTC Rules is allowed in the same two-year block, some members of family can avail Home Town concession while other “Any place in India”. 

17. LTC Rules is allowed reimbursement by the entitled class or actually traveled class, whichever is less. 

18. LTC Rules is allowed 90 per cent of the anticipated reimbursement amount may be granted as advance. 

19. LTC Rules is allowed Grade Pay holders of Rs.2400,2600 and 2800 can go AC-II Tier class by train. 

20. LTC Rules is allowed Grade Pay holders of below Rs.2400 can go AC-III Tier / First Class / AC-Chair Car class by train. 

Earned Leave Encashment Facility

1. Earned Leave up to a maximum of ten days at a time may be enchased, subject to the condition that at least an equivalent duration of Earned Leave. 

2. This is limited to a maximum of 60 days during the entire career and the total number of days so enchased will not be included for computing maximum quantum of leave encashable at the time of quitting service. 

3. The balance at credit should be but less than 30 days after deducting the total of leave availed plus leave for which encashment was availed. 

4. Where both husband and wife are government servants, encashment of leave will continue to be available to both, subject to maximum limit of 60 days. 

Block Year 

1. The LTC to home town is allowed once in a block of two calendar years, such as 2006-2007, 2008-2009 and so on. 

2. The LTC to “Any Place in India” is allowed once in a block of four calendar years, such as 2006 - 2009 and so on. 

Husband and Wife

When both the husband and wife are Central Government servants: 

1. They can declare separate Home Town independently. 

2. They can claim LTC for their respective families, viz,. While the husband can claim for his parents / minor brothers / sisters, the wife can avail for her parents / minor brother / sisters.

3. Either of the parents can claim the concession for the children in a particular block; 

4. The husband / wife who avails LTC as a member of the family of the spouse, cannot claim independently for SELF. 

Family – definition

1. The Government servant’s wife or husband and two surviving unmarried children or stepchildren wholly dependent on the Government servant, irrespective of whether they are residing with the Government servant or not. 

2. Married daughters divorced, abandoned or separated from their husbands and widowed daughters and are residing with the Government servant and wholly dependent on the Government servant. 

3. Parents and / or step-parents (stepfather and stepmother) whole dependent on the Government servant, whether residing with the Government servant or not: 

4. Unmarried minor brothers as well as unmarried divorced abandoned, separated from their husbands or widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent on the Government servant provided their parents are either not alive or are themselves wholly dependent on the Government servant. 

Change of Home Town

“The hometown once declared and accepted by the controlling officer shall be treated as final. In exceptional circumstances, the Head of the Department or if the Government servant himself is the Head of the Department, the Administrative Ministry, may authorise a change in such declaration provided that such a change shall not be made more than once during the service of a Government servant.” 

The CCS Rule allow an employee to change the Permanent Address given in their Service Records for once in their service. 

The employee can apply for this through their respective Head of Section enclosing the relationship and residential proof of the new address. 

Care to be taken before applying for the change of address as this facility will be available only once in their service. After changing the Permanent Address the employee is eligible to apply for Home Town LTC. 
Those employees who are residing on the outskirts of their work place, automatically they are ineligible for LTC HomeTown. For the benefit of these employees, a male employee can give the address of his wife’s native place or opposite, after the marriage of son or daughter, their residing place like that… But the respective Head of Section has the right to turndown the application. 

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