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Facilities being given to Gramin Dak Sewaks

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The Government is giving the following facilities to Gramin Dak Sewaks:
i) Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA): On the pattern of pay scales for regular Government employees, following 7 TRCAs (plus Dearness Allowance on pro-rata basis) have been prescribed for the Gramin Dak Sewaks:
For GRAMIN DAK SEWAKS Sub-Postmasters Rs.2125-50-3125
Rs.1280-35-1980 (For those with work-load up to 3 hours)
Rs.1600-40-2400 (For those with work-load more than 3 hours)
For GRAMIN DAK SEWAKS Mail Deliverers/Stamp Vendors
Rs.1375-25-2125 (For those with work-load up to 3 hours 45 minutes)
Rs.1740-30-2640 (For those with work-load more than 3 hrs 45 mts)
For other Categories of GRAMIN DAK SEWAKSs viz. GRAMIN DAK SEWAKS Mail Carriers/Mailmen/Mail Packers/Mail messengers
Rs.1220-20-1600 (For those with work-load up to 3 hours 45 minutes)
Rs.1545-25-2020 (For those with work-load more than 3 hrs 45 mts)
(ii) Dearness allowance: On the same pattern as applicable to regular departmental employees, on pro rata basis.
(iii) Ex-gratia gratuity of up to Rs. 18,000/-.
(iv) Paid leave at the rate of 10 days for every half year without the provision of carry forward or encashment.
(v) In case of discharge from employment at the age of 65 years or death, the amount of Severance Amount Rs.30,000/- if the period of continuous employment is minimum 20 years. However if a Gramin Dak Sewak has completed only 15-20 years of continuous employment, the Severance Amount will be Rs.20,000/-. On absorption to regular Departmental post, the Severance Amount of Rs.20,000/- is payable after 15 years of continuous employment.
(vi) Office maintenance allowance of Rs.50/- per month to Gramin Dak Sevak BPMs/SPMs
(vii) Delivery/Conveyance Allowance @ Rs.75/- per month is admissible to the Gramin Dak Sewaks BPMs/SPMs who are entrusted the additional work of conveyance of mails or delivery work.
(viii) Cycle Allowance @ Rs. 30/- per month (subject to condition that distance covered is 10 Kms or more)
(ix) Fixed Stationery Charges is paid to Gramin Dak Sewaks BPMs/SPMs @ Rs.10/-per month and @ Rs.25/-per month to Gramin Dak Sewaks Mail Deliverers.
(x) Combined duty Allowance @ Rs.75/- per month is paid to such Gramin Dak Sewaks Mail Deliverer who performs the work of Gramin Dak Sewaks BPM in addition to their normal duties.
(xi) The Gramin Dak Sewaks BPMs who convey cash to the account office are also paid Rs.10/- plus actual bus fare as cash remittance allowance.
(xii) The Gramin Dak Sewaks SPMs/BPMs are paid Rs.20/- per month as retainership allowance for PCO and Paise 40 for each inward and out ward telegram transmitted on phone.
(xiii) Bonus is also paid to the Gramin Dak Sewak’s on the pattern of regular central government employees on pro rata basis i.e.
Bonus = Average Emoluments X No. of days / 30.4
(xiv) The GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs are covered under the Group Insurance Scheme 1992 and are eligible for Rs.10000/- as insurance cover. In addition, the element of Savings fund is also available under the scheme.
(xv) Financial assistance from Welfare Fund: An amount of Rs.7000/- is paid to the dependent of GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs who die in employment.
(xvi) An amount of Rs.50,000/- is paid from Welfare Fund to the GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs who are killed in attack by dacoits/robbers due to terrorist violence/riots while on Government duty.
(xvii) Funeral Expenses: An amount of Rs.250/- is also paid from Welfare Fund on death of GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs while on duty and there are no relatives or friends available for voluntarily bearing the funeral expenses.
(xviii) Flood Advance: An amount of Rs.200/- is admissible to the GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs as Flood advance.
(xix) Financial Assistance in illness (TB): GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs suffering from TB are paid financial assistance @ Rs.200/- p.m. for nutritious diet and @ Rs.100/- after their discharge from hospital/in case of OPD treatment.
(xx) Compassionate Appointment: There is provision of compassionate appointment to one of the family members of the GRAMIN DAK SEWAKs who die in harness leaving the family behind in indigent circumstances This was informed by the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia in the Rajya Sabha today.

Order from Ministry of Finance regarding Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance Rules

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, 18th February, 2009


Subject :- Travelling Allowance Rules-Implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

In para 4 (C) column (3) of O.M. No. 19030/3/2008 – E.IV dated 23-09-2008 on the above subject, the following may be corrected:-
Rage per km. for transport
by road (Rs. Per km.)
(Rs.0.30 per kg in per km.
(Rs. 0.003 per kg/per km.)
(Rs.0.30 per kg per km.
(Rs. 0.003 per kg/per km.)
(Rs.0.31 per kg per km.
(Rs. 0.0031 per kg/per km.)
(Rs.0.31 per kg per km.
(Rs. 0.003 per kg/per km.)

(Y.P.SEHGAL) Deputy Secretary (EG)

No. 19030/3/2008-E.IV
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, 22nd January, 2009.


Subject: Travelling Allowance Rules - Implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

Consequent upon the issue of this Department's OM of even number dated 23.9.2008 and 19.11.2008 on the subject cited above, references have been received regarding para 3 of OM dated 23.9.2008 on daily allowance on tour.

2. Keeping in view the references received, it is advised that "Rates of Daily Allowance on Tour" may be regulated either in accordance with the provisions of this Department's OM dated 23.9.2008 or as per the old rates prevalent prior to the issue of the said OM, whichever is claimed by the employee. The option to claim will be available as a complete package for a particular tour and not by taking part of either orders. In other words, officers may choose to be governed either by orders dated 23.09.2008 or dated 17th April, 1998, in regard to daily allowance on tour.

3. In case the rate of Daily Allowance on tour is regulated as per old rates prevalent prior to issue of the said OM, dated 23.9.2008, (a) the revised pay range, i.e. pay in the pay band for the purpose of regulation of Daily Allowance only would be as under:

Pay range (as per OM) Revised pay in the pay band
Rs. 16,400 and above Rs. 30,500 and above
Rs. 8,000 and above but less than Rs. 16,400 Rs. 15,000 and above but less than Rs. 30,500
Rs. 6500 and above but less than Rs. 8,000 Rs. 12,500 and above but less than Rs. 15,000
Rs. 4,100 and above but less than Rs. 6,500 Rs. 8,000 and above but less than Rs. 12,500
Below Rs 4,100 Below Rs. 8,000

In respect of officers in HAG+ and the apex scale, the basic pay as defined in CCS (RP) Rules will be considered for determination of entitlement of Daily Allowance.

b) The classification of cities/towns, as per orders prevalent with the old rates as precluded vide O.M. dated 17.04.1998 will continue to apply. 4. TA claims already settled as on the date of issue of these orders may not be re-opened.

(Karan Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

Travelling Allowance Rules
Travelling Allowance Rules – Implementation of 6th CPC
Dated 23rd September, 2008
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Travelling Allowance
Analysis and Recommendations  
Report of 7th Pay Commission
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Travelling Allowance Rules
Implementation of the 7th CPC
Finance Ministry Order
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