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Posting of husband and wife at the same station

Posting of husband and wife at the same station
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)
North Block,New Delhi,
Dated the 30th September, 2009.
Subject: Posting of husband and wife at the same station.
In view of the utmost importance attached to the enhancement of women's status in all walks of life and to enable them to lead a normal family life as also to ensure the education and welfare of the ·children, guidelines were issued by DOP&T in O.M No. 28034/7/86-Estt.(A) dated 3.4.86 and No.28034/2/97-Estt.(A) dated 12.6.97 for posting of husband and wife who are in Government service, at the same station. Department had on 23.8.2004 issued instructions to all Mins.lDeptts. to follow the above guidelines in letter and spirit.

2. In the context of the need to make concerted efforts to increase representation of women in Central Government jobs, these guidelines have been reviewed to see whether the instructions could be made mandatory. It has been decided that when both spouses are in same Central Service or working in same Deptt. and if posts are available, they may mandatorily be posted at the same station. It is also necessary to make the provisions at Paras 3(iv) and (vi) of the a.M. dated 3.4.86 stronger as it is not always necessary that the service to which the spouse with longer service belongs has adequate number of posts and posting to the nearest station by either of the Department may become necessary.

3. On the basis of the 6th CPC Report, Govt. servants have already been allowed the facility of Child Care Leave which is admissible till the children attain 18 years of age. On similar lines, provisions of a.M. dated 12.6.97 have been amended.

4. The onsolidated guidelines will now be as follows:

(i) Where the spouses belong to the same All India Service or two of the All India Services, namely lAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service (Group 'A'); The spouse may be transferred to the same cadre by providing for a cadre transfer of one spouse to the Cadre of the other spouse, on the request of the member of service subject to the member of service not being posted under this process to his/her home cadre. Postings within the Cadre will, of course, fall within the purview of the State Govt.

(ii) Where one spouse belongs to one of the All India Services and the other spouse belongs' to one of the Central Services:- The cadre controlling authority of the Central Service may post the officer to the station or if there is no post in that station, to the State where the other spouse belonging to the All India service is posted.

(iii) Where the spouses belong to the same Central Service:

The Cadre controlling authority may post the spouses to the same station. (iv) Where the spouse belongs to one Central Service and the other spouse belongs to another Central Service:-

The spouse with the longer service at a station may apply to his/her appropriate cadre controlling authority and the said authority may post the said officer to the station or if there is no post in that station to the nearest station where the post exists. In case that authority, after consideration of the request, is not in a position to accede to the request, on the basis of non-availability of vacant post, the spouse with lesser service may apply to the appropriate cadre authority accordingly, and that authority will consider such requests for posting the said officer to the station or if there is no post in that station to the nearest station where the post exists.

(v) Where one spouse belongs to an All India Service and the other spouse belongs to a Public Sector Undertaking:

The spouse employed under the Public Sector Undertaking may apply to the competent authority and said authority may post the said officer to the station, or if there is no post under the PSU in that station, to the State where the other spouse is posted.

(vi) Where one spouse belongs to a Central Service and the other spouse belongs to a PSU:-

The spouse employed under the PSU 'may apply to the competent authority and the said authority may post the officer to the station or if there is no post under the PSU in that station, to the station nearest to the station where the other spouse is posted. If, however, the request cannot be granted because the PSU has no post in the said station, then the spouse belonging to the Central Service may apply to the appropriate cadre controlling authority and the said authority may post the said officer to the station or if there is no post in that station, to the station nearest to the station where the spouse employed under PSU is posted.

(vii) Where one spouse is employed under the Central Govt. and the other spouse is employed under the state Govt.:-

The spouse employed under the Central Govt. may apply to the competent authority and the competent authority may post the said officer to the station or if there is no post in that station to the State where the other spouse is posted.

(viii) "The husband
& wife, if working in the same Department and if the required level of post is available, should invariably be posted together in order to enable them to lead a normal family life and look after the welfare of their children especially till the children attain 18 years of age. This will not apply on appointment under the central Staffing Scheme. Where only wife is a Govt. servant, the above concessions would be applicable to the Govt. servant.

5. Complaints are sometimes received that even if posts are available in the station of posting of the spouse, the administrative authorities do not accommodate the employees citing administrative reasons. In all such cases, the cadre controlling authority should strive to post the employee at the station of the spouse and in case of inability to do so, specific reasons, therefor, may be communicated to the employee.

6. Although, normal channels of representations/complaints redressal mechanism exist in the Min.lDeptts., added safeguards to prevent noncompliance may be provided by ensuring that the complaints against nonadherence to the instructions are be decided by the authorities at least one level above the authorities which took the original decision when they are below the level of secretary to the Govt. of India/Head of the PSU concerned and all such representations are considered and disposed off in time bound manner.

7. Hindi version will follow.

Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India

source: DOPT

O.M. No.
Click Here For
O.M. Date
No. 11013/10/2013-Estt.A
Framing a Transfer Policy in all cadres - regarding
No. 41017/2/2015-Estt.A
Status of implementation of the Supreme Court judgement dated 31.10.2013 in WP(Civil) No. 82/2011 in the matter of Shri T.S.R. Subramanian and Others vs. UOI and Others - Parliament Assurance in Rajya Sabha Unstarred Q.No. 988, answered on 17.07.2014, on Amendment in Rule 3(3) of All India Service (Conduct) Rules - regarding.
No. 28034/9/2009-Estt.(A)
Posting of husband and wife at the same station.
Posting of physically handicapped candidates
No. 28034/2/97-Estt. (A)
Posting of husband and wife at the same station.
No. AB 14017/41/90- Estt. (RR)
Posting of Government employees who have mentally retarded children.
No. A-B 14017/41/90-Estt. (RR)
Posting of Physically Handicapped Candidates.
No. 28034/7/86-Estt. (A)
Posting of husband and wife at the same station.


Unknown said…
what about army officers people? my husband and i are both in the army. for the past 6 years of our married life , have never been posted together, and presently my husband got posted to banglore when he asked for pune despite there being three of his service units being here?
Anonymous said…
It seems a lady Govt. servant only should marry another Govt. servant,or fall in love only with a Govt. servant and only marry him. I am a class one officer in central Govt. and my hubby is working in a software firm which has got no branches anywhere else (in India) except his current place of posting. We have not stayed together more than two months since our more than 1 yr marriage hence got no kids. Since he is getting more salary than me the only option in front of us is to leave my job (based on the unanimous voting of both the families) despite of my brilliant academics compared to him........this only a Bharthiya naari can do to save her marriage.The current decision is most welcome, but still some brilliant lady brains are wasting because of the selfishness of our system.
rabindra said…
Opinion of the officer is corrcet in her own perspective .But there are innumerable examples in govt of india orgaizations where both are in central govt and they have never been posted together.I know kendriya vidyalaya sangathan chandigarh where all such ladies whose husbands are in central and transferable service have never stayed together ,but ladies whose husbands are in the private sector or are self employed have spent their whole lives together.Because they were ,may be, in a position to get it done.
Thanks to the dopt instructions who at least have looked in this direction for a common govt servant who doesnt have any pull and push
Anonymous said…
i fully agree with the opinion of ms priya.
Ms. Priya is requested to go back to newspaper report few years back when sh manmohan singh as prime minister had said that
this transfer posting industry needs to be closed.
He hinted at many things.I am sure Ms . Priya u understand it
SK said…
In case only wife is a Government PSU employee and husband is going abroad for an year. Should wives be eligible for one year leave (on pay / without pay) ?
Unknown said…
I am posted in railways in Gr. A services and my wife is teaching in state govt (autonomus university). We got married in 2004 since then we only manage together for 2 years. The senior officers of mine willfully do not let me to post at the same place of my wife inspite of verbal and written requests. I think this is the problem of mean mentality of our senior officers. Hope this will change.
Unknown said…
Mandeep Kaur,

My husband is serving in defence. i am a punjab govt employee. can i request to central govt to transfer my husband in my home state
rekha said…
i and my husband are in same organisation in central governent. he is posted in Chhattisgar.and im posted in Delhi. there is vacancy in my lab.but his General Manager is not giving transfer.he is also having sevsre backbackbone medical facility is available in jadalpur.yet his GM is not giving transfer.What we can do in such siyuation
Anonymous said…
Myself is a central government employee and working in out of my home state. My wife is a state government employee and cannot be granted transfer to the state where i am working. I am trying to convince my higher authorities for last one and half year and they have no patience to read my requision letters. Some of my coleagues who are junior than me in service, were given transfer to their home states,even they will not come under the perview of spouse case transfers, as their husbands are not government employees. They were considered because they were ladies. Whether it mean the spouse case transfer is applicable only to lady employees. OR WHETHER IT MEAN LADIES SHOULD NOT BE EMPLOYED IN STATE GOVERNMENT, LIKE MY WIFE IS EMPLOYED IN STATE GOVERNMENT, AND CANNOT BE TRANSFERED TO THE STATE OF MY WORKING, AS THE STATE GOVERNMENTS ARE DIFFERENT. I THINK MY HIGHER AUTHORITIES ARE ON THE VIEW THAT A CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE SHOULD NOT MARRY A STATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE , or, one of the spouses should resign from the job after their marriage.
Unknown said…
i m executive in bsnl and my wife is working in state goverment service. can i apply for my transfer? if yes, how can i apply? tell me whole process please........
preeti said…
preeti mamgai
We both are central govt employees having two small kids one four and one yr old but the officials of my husband who are in central govt they do not consider these rules but they got my husband transferred to the further most station from ludhiana to hyderabad inspite of tht we both hardly mananged to get the tranfer at one place ludhiana after four yrs of marriage in central govt nobody listens to the rules every dept has there own rules. for ladies it is suffering all the way no representation of any kind is entertained
Anonymous said…
If the spouse cases are agreed. but they can not filed there Income tax return as spouses ie HUF. Though the government is also there transfer as spouse cases. is it correct. Both the parent department and Income tax department is sleeping in these case.
1. The spouses are enjoying two Transfer TA/DA and packing allowance amount of grant.
2. They are getting Double House rent allowance.

3. They are enjoying Double Dearness allowance.

But the other employees getting as single. I think the Government is Encouraging the spouse cases but not individual officials. All benefit go to the spouse cases only why?

member of citizen of india
Anonymous said…
The wife & husband are employees are getting the following benefit. though there cases are considered and posted in one place.

Mail employee
1. The Income tax non taxable limit is Rs. 160000+ 1,00,000/- savings total is Rs.2,60,000.

women employee
The Income tax non taxable limit is Rs. 160000+ 30000+1,00,000/- savings total is Rs.2,90,000
in case of spouse cases they are considered in one town & they enjoy Rs. 2,90,000 + 2,00,000 tatal Rs. 4,90,000 as exempted income.

where as a single mail or women employee getting tax exempted is very low.

is it correct.
p.sivakumar said…
The DOPT orders regarding posting of husband and wife exists in papers only. bureaucratic arrogance is the clear cut reason.There is no action by the Government for the inaction by BSNL authorities a PSU ( till recently directly under DOT, GOI ) authorities attitudes in this regard is scant. leave apart, even the spouse of defnce personnela nd ex service men who had very hard tenures are also not heeded by the BSNL. where as the class I officers of the BSNL enjoys all the faciliites at th ecost of govt. exchequer.who will look into the matters for violation ofnon implementation of the Govt. orders.
Anonymous said…
myself a central govt employee in icar and my husband is also central govt employee in export inspection agency but he was transferred to hyderabad and myself in ludhiana and my kids are very small one in one yr old and abnother is 4 yrs after many represnetations his director has paid no heed to his repeated requests of guidelines of dopt so what should the family do in this case should wife be sufffer as children remain with her and she has to attend the job and each every responsibility
Dr.G.V.Kalpana said…
I am working in Central Silk Board.My husband is working in State Govt. aided college and he cannot take transfer to the place where I am working now. I am 120km. away from my family.T requested Central Silk Board to transfer me to near by place(within 40km.) so that I can meet my family members every day. But my request is not considered. What I ahve to do? please help me.There are many posts near by my husband's working place.Dr.Kalpana
Anonymous said…
ONE OF THE SPOUSE WORKING IN PRIVATE SECTOR IS NOT TREATED AT PAR WITH GOVERNMENT SECTOR .ARE THEY NOT HUMAN BEINGS??????????????????????????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As some one commented.I am a central government employee and my wife is a software engineer in bangaloire.Once i became surplus and posted to pune when my daughter was 1 year old.I underwent tremendous pressure for two to three months with GODs grace i could come back within one month.Then after one the organisation has change the rule and below 35 years men are forced to go to north east.Luckyly with proper planning I applioed to hyderabad and got transfer before i could be posted to NE.Her office is only in bangalore and Hyderabad.But the technology sheis working is not available in hyderabad.So she worked from home for 8 months .Then once again I requested to bangalore and luckily vacancy was there and I got transfer to bangalore.After two years once again transfer guidelines are changed and NE posting is changed to blow40 from below 35 I once again appliued tohyderabad and once again luckily i got hyderabad but she is taking permission to work from hyderabad office the technology of bangalore.How many times i have to take transfer.
RAMLI said…

Anonymous said…
this all exist on paper or only for IAS and IPS officer.
Unknown said…
my wife working last 2years in EPFO CHENNAI I am working in southern railways in nagerkoil but they not giving transfer to my wife but recently two girls working in same EPFO THEY get transfer to nagerkoil without any quota like spouse how the girls get TRANSFER ALL PEOPLE know that MATTER ?
Anonymous said…
Me and my wife work in different ministry of central govt I am now posted in Delhi and my wife is posted in assam . I have longer service than my wife . Can I apply for same station so that I can tranfer to Assam !! Please advice
Anonymous said…
Write cbt chairman and dopt as well as pmo office for your right and file a case in cat
Anonymous said…
What about seniority of husband or wife who opts for transfer to the place of posting of his/her spouse. This needs to be clarified. It is a point to be considered because it is compulsory for both husband and wife to live at the same place for the existence of their family
Unknown said…
I am working in central government department and my wife is under treatment of cancer i have been transferred to another station. I have requested to retain on medically grounds but i have been relieved.
Now i want to know that whether any ruling/ orders are exists for retention or transfer to back, please guide me.
Anonymous said…
Rules are there in paper only? They are not implemented even though lot of vacancies is there in nearby stations? Why government encouraging women employee strives to work force and after getting job posting wife and husband at different stations even though vacancies are available in the same station or near by stations.
Government make fools all the employee
No one was thinking how much they are suffering even we got government jobs
Posting south Indians to North Indians wantedly
Now a days also we are working under fear and pressure, no one is there to monitoring our requests,
After getting government jobs for wife and husband we are remembering days of before independence
Anonymous said…
You apply transfer through proper channel and in September transfers are there, if they can't transfer you, you approach court
Anonymous said…
We are not asking benefits we are asking life
Remove all this benefits and give life for us by posting at the same station or near by stations. The way you calculated income tax type of ego's will impact more in our country
and creating problems
Anonymous said…
madam, it is true no one was following about rules
Anonymous said…
Sir, to solve any problem we need one union, we need one leader, posting of wife and husband at one station is important when compared to all other benefits. One union will be there to every ministry, it is easy to tell our problems and whichever is not useful and make help what we needs. It is the one way which will satisfy government employee needs. So, please try to make one union and help us
Anonymous said…
Sir, I am also facing the same problem and worried a lot
Unknown said…
Sir, I am working in urban coop bank in Mysore,Karnataka. I am facing the transfer of my wife to my banks branch and worried a lot. I am working in a Urban Coop Bank based at BANGALORE. I have served the bank since 23 years with great sincerity. My wife is also working in the same banks branch at Bangalore. both of us have been requesting for transfer since more than one year. The management has not considered our request. We are asking for the LIFE. Are we not human beings. Only the Central and State Govt. employees are eligible for the transfers. What about our LIFE. and my tiny childs educative career. My wife and child feels lot if insecurity.
sanju said…
My wife is working in up government but I m working in centrel government.what we can do for transfer for same place Pl suggest. Me..
Unknown said…
Its just an eye wash Such rules are framed and followed only for beaurocrats or relatives of politicians
Unknown said…
Sir, I am working with central govt service under CSSS cadre of dopt and presently posted in Min. Of Finance, New Delhi and my wife is also working in central govt. under deptt of MHA, IB and she is presently posted in Bhopal. Then what is the procedure of transfer. Ps. suggest me?? If there is any order issued, send me on my given email
Unknown said…
Both me and my husband in west Bengal govt service in same cadre n same dept. But under different judgeship. Can I be posted in the same judgeship of my husband? Is there any rule or order? If yes then what is the procedure?

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