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National Anomaly Committee Meeting Conclusions and Discussions

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Staff Side Leader Mr. M.Raghavaiah has written in his website regarding the second anomaly committee meeting conclusions on important issues and discussions briefly to the General Secretaries of affiliated unions of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen.

The full text of conclusions as reported by the National Anomaly committee Leader in his website is reproduced below...





dated 27.3.2010


The General Secretaries of
affiliated Unions of NFIR.


Dear brothers,


      Sub:- National Anomaly Committee Meeting held at North Block, New Delhi on 27.3.2010




      Conclusions on important issues pertaining to Anomalies as a result of discussions in to-day’s meeting are mentioned below:-

1.Anomaly due to postponement of increment in the case of those whose increment has fallen from February to June, 2006:-:

After discussions, it was agreed to issue orders for rectifying the anomaly. We have suggested that in all those cases the annual increment may be pre-dated to 1.1.2006. We are hopeful that order as demanded will be issued.

2. Various aberrations in the Modified Assured Career Progressive Scheme (MACPS):-

The Chairman of the National Anomaly Committee has decided to constitute a Joint Committee to deal all such aberrations and submit its report for the Government to take decision. Very soon a Joint Committee will be constituted. Affiliates are free to furnish the deficiencies of the scheme to NFIR immediately.

3. Junior drawing higher pay than the Senior :-

The Chairman has advised Railways to collect data and furnish to DOPT and Ministry of Finance for taking appropriate corrective steps.

4. Health Insurance Scheme recommended by VI CPC – Implementation of the recommendations:-

The Chairman has assured that without prior consultations, the scheme shall not be finalised and allowances such as Risk Allowance, Patient Care Allowance etc. will continue till the final decision is taken.

5. VI CPC pay fixation – Grant of another option to the staff:-

The Chairman said that the proposal for delegation of powers is under process and very soon this will be finalised.

6. Revision of medical allowance to the Pensioners :-

Under consideration. The issue is now before the Committee of the Secretaries. The Chairman has assured to see that processing is speeded up.

7. Denial of increment due to absence without pay:-

We have explained the grave implications of the Government’s. decision and demanded that the increment should be granted when the employee has put in six months qualifying service in a year. It was agreed to consider and rectify the anomalous situation.


Yours fraternally,
(M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary


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Anonymous said...

1)what happened to child care leave issue for women?
2) Pass eligibility scale not finalised after 6th PC
3)Old pay scales e.g. 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 still used in some cases like ACRs ?

kamal ranjan said...

Sir,Mr.Raghvaih, thanks a lot for agreeing upon to govt for issuing a order relating to granting onetime measure of increment W.e.f Jan-06.Kindly make arrangement for speedy expedite.- K.R.Chakraborty,Doordarshan Ambikapur

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Most of the staff who have joined in Group D and the lowest grade in Group C are not eligible to attain the fruits of MACP, this issue may please be given due preference in Anomaly committee meeting to be held in June 2010.

In case of Railway staff the Pass Eligibility has not yet been decided by Railway Board even after 4 years of 6th CPC has come into effect. The staff is getting restless in this regard.

It is requested to expedite the above points by making use of your good offices Raghavaiah Sir.

Naresh said...

What are the various issues that have been taken up with regard abberations in the MACP? Can anyone throw some light on this?

Anonymous said...

the lDC's who were drawing basic pay of 3125 and whose increment fell during Feb, 06 to June 06 would not get any benefit if govt. considers grant of increment as one time measure as on 1.1.06 to these employees since the fitment benefit against 3125 and 3200 are the same as per fitment table. May kindly keep this also in view while issuing any orders in this regard. otherwise these individual would still be on loss of one increment. Kindly ....................help those out also.

Anonymous said...

the LDC's who were drawing basic pay of 3125 and whose increment fell during Feb, 06 to June 06 would not get any benefit if govt. considers grant of increment as one time measure as on 1.1.06 to these employees since the fitment benefit against 3125 and 3200 are the same as per fitment table. May kindly keep this also in view while issuing any orders in this regard. otherwise these individual would still be on loss of one increment. Kindly ....................help those out also.

Anonymous said...

the LDC's who were drawing basic pay of 3125 and whose increment fell during Feb, 06 to June 06 would not get any benefit if govt. considers grant of increment as one time measure as on 1.1.06 to these employees since the fitment benefit against 3125 and 3200 are the same as per fitment table. May kindly keep this also in view while issuing any orders in this regard. otherwise these individual would still be on loss of one increment. Kindly ....................help those out also.

Anonymous said...

the LDC's who were drawing basic pay of 3125 and whose increment fell during Feb, 06 to June 06 would not get any benefit if govt. considers grant of increment as one time measure as on 1.1.06 to these employees since the fitment benefit against 3125 and 3200 are the same as per fitment table. May kindly keep this also in view while issuing any orders in this regard. otherwise these individual would still be on loss of one increment. Kindly ....................help those out also.

Anonymous said...

I joined as Gr 'C' steno (PA) in the yr 1985 and got promoted as PS in the year 1995 and got gr. pay Rs. 5400/- in the year 1999. Now since 1999, I have put in 11 yrs in the grade pay of Rs. 5400. I shld get my 3rd ACP but am being denied the same as apparently as apparently 30 yrs of service is mandatory for getting the 3rd ACP! Ironically those who joined as Steno grade 3 and were promoted much later than me have got their 3rd ACP! I think I should get my third ACP having put in more than 10 yrs of regular srvice in the grade of 5400.

Sharada Kapoor, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT

Anonymous said...

I opted 6cpc implementation from the date of promotion (i.e 11 jan 2006). Since 6 month is completed on 1st july 2006, so i have not got increment on 1st july 2006. i got the first increment on 1st july 2007. so, whether, i will also get one extra increment from Jan 2006 itself. plz inform me, if somebody knows about it.

Anonymous said...

1.Is govt going to issue order regading 10% hike of basic on being promoted to a post at the next pay band after 1/1/2006?

2.Is there any chace to admit 4600/- grade pay for senior auditors serving in Defence Accounts Dept.wit a basic 5500/- in pre revised scale?

kamalmazumdar96 said...

i got promotion as inspector of income-tax on 26-09-2008 and got fixed at Rs.10560 (Basic pay)+ 4600(G/P). one direct recruited inspector who joined on October, 2009 is getting more pay than me. He is fixed at Rs.12540 (Basic pay) + 4600 (G/P. this is an anomaly. nobody could solve my case till today, not even our field pay unit, as they do not have any information on fixation. kindly help me as i am losing more than RS.2000 only on my basic pay only


Dear kamalmazumdar
If both of you are in same seniority list you can apply for stepping up.Ministry of railways already issued circular in this effect with permission of finance ministry. This order is applicale for all departments.In NAC meeting unions demanded minimum pay of direct recrities for promoties which was old practice. But official side refused to accept this claim.Only solution is apply for stepping up if any junior drawing more pay.Any way you are lucky that you got one such junior to point out.ABDUL

sumanbiswas said...

I got promoted after 01/01/2006,the arrears are being computed in respect of Pay,NPA and DA.Can anybody tell me what happens to HRA-do I get enhanced HRA(based on new basic+NPA)from date of promotion i.e.,17/12/2007 or 01/09/2008?Please help.

Anonymous said...

I was appointed as a Staff Nurse wef 31 Dec 2005 in the pre revised pay scale of Rs. 5000-8000 in India Railway and further my pay under RPR 2008 has been fixed @ Rs. 9580/- with grade pay of Rs. 4600/- wef 01 Jan 2006 with no additional increment of B Sc. Nursing Degree. Similary one of the employee who was appointed on Mar 2006 at inter Zone in India Railway, his pay under RPR 2008 has been fixed @ Rs. 13590/- with Grade pay of Rs. 4600/- Total Rs. 18190/- including two additional increment of B. Sc. Nursing Degree. we both are belonging to the same cadre/post in which appoited and are in idential,
Sir can i stteped up my pay with junior who appointed in Mar/ Aug 2006 in indian railway inter Zone? if no, kindly take necessary action on abvoe as i have to less draw Rs. 4010/- as Basic pay wef Mar/Aug 2006 with no fault of mine.

Anonymous said...

Denying an increment to the central govt staff who are retiring on 30-06-10 by govt on the grounds that they will not be not in service is not at all correct.Generally Annual increment is being given to those who have already rendered service for one full year(ie six months as per existing order). it is therefore requested to include this anomoly in the anomoly committee which is going to be held in Jun 10

DNY said...

Mr. M.Raghavaiah Ji, what are you doing regarding biggest anomaly between the direct recruited person on a Grade pay & promoted person on the same grade pay on or after 01.01.2006. Direct recruited person appointed after promoted person but getting more pay. There should be minimum pay of each grade pay and applicable similar to both promoted and direct recruited person. This is a encroachment of constitution article 14 which deserve that means same work same pay.

If u cannot fight from pay anomaly committee then please leave/resign your post and all suffers fight from the Court.

Please immediate consider it.

Thanking you.

Santro said...

I have certain queries which I could not be sorted out regarding CCS RP Rles , 2008

as per Rule 8 for Direct recruitment the Pay fixation is being done two ways....
(i) As per Table in schedule II Pay in pay band plus grade pay for direct recruits as applicable to particular post;
(ii) for direct recruits but existing government servant the new pay fixed shall be higher of either (i) above /or (i) above and difference of (BP+DP+DA) on day of Direct recruitment) minus (PayinPayBand+DA thereon)

But our pay Controlling authorities have ignored the (ii)above and added an increment just as promotion post 1.1.06 before1.1.08

can anybody highlight on this issue

all india p.way engineer said...


rnair said...

Has the order regarding one time increment in case of those whose increment was between Feb to June 2006 issued? Please post of copy of the same if issued.

aipwe said...

Dear sir please seperate Permanent Way Inspectors from excluded catagory and fix duty hours of permanentway inspectors ie 8hour in a day


As per my understanding officially no order has been issued for granding one increament to staff whose increament falls from january 2006 to june.Chance of geting this benifit to those opted for 6th pc benifit after 1st jan 2006 seems as bleak.

Ramesh Chander said...

Dear Sir before implimentation of the recommendations of VIth CPC Section Officers of the government offices other than Central Secretariat services were also drawing the same pay scale i.e. Rs. 6500-10500. Why there are separate grade pays for the Section Officers of Secretariat and other offices. I am a Section officer in Company Law Board which is a quasi judicial body under the administrative control of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and was drawing the pay in the pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 and my appointment on the post of SO was made by Ministry of Corporate Affairs in consultation of UPSC. It seems there is historical parity with CSS as the section officers prior to my appointment as SO were posted by Minitry of Corporate Affairs out of CSS cadre. In view of this I may also be given grade pay of Rs. 4800 instead of Rs. 4600.

Aseem Agrawal said...

Attn : Web Master

Please check the date in the post heading

National Anomaly Committee Meeting Conclusions and Discussions 31.6.2010

Anonymous said...

when will happen National Anomaly Committee

Anonymous said...

what happened meeting of National Anomaly Committee in june

Anonymous said...

Iam Working in Autonomous Body(GOI)on the Desg. UDC , here are 1200 Group D staff mostly who are Illiterate after implementation on 6CPC about 1000 D staff are getting 2400 Grade pay with 3 Increments thus their pat mostly reach near to 13500 as everybody know in govt system in present scenario LDC/UDC are main functionary in govt system they are fully discharged their duties/responsibilities as a Dealing assistant.
since i think LCD/UDC are mostly qualified graduate and they are getting only 8200 pay + 2400 Grade pay i am asking what is doing NAC to rectify above anomaly. Please Reply

ravi said...

what about the increment for employees between 1-2-2006 to june2006

Singh said...

what about the increment for employees between 1-2-2006 to june2006

No orders seems to have been issued till date.

The direct recriuts joining in Feb 1992 are getting less pay than direct recruit Jan 1993 Central Excise Inspectors due to faulty Implementation of ACP scheme and are at a permanent loss.

vinkumar said...

Dear Sir,
Kindly ensure that meeting of NAC is held at a regular interval so that machinery to take decision could be mobilized

Anonymous said...

sir what about those who are direct appointees to the upgraded scales prior to 2006

kishore said...

I was appointed in Dec 1987 (KVS, M/o HRD, Govt of India) (Shifted to Autonomous organisation under M/o MSME, Govt of India in the year Dec 1989, through proper channel) in the scale of 1400-40- and got the promotion in the year Oct 2001 in the pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 (Group B post). I will be completing 23 years by Dec 2010, So far I have not got any ACP/MACP except one promotion in Oct 2001. Now I am in the Grade pay of Rs 4200/-. When I will get ACP/MACP and scale of Pay after up gradation. As per Government decision that employees are permitted to revise their initial option up to 31.12.2010, If I get ACP/MACP, can I avail the revised option, so that I can get pay scale (8000 old scale) with Grade Pay of Rs 5400/-. Pl reply.
N. Murali Kishore (mknannapaneni@yahoo.co.in)

Anonymous said...

Till date the orders rectifying the
Anomaly due to postponement of increment in the case of those whose increment has fallen from February to June, 2006 have not been issued. Mr. Raghavaiah, I would request you to kindly follow it up at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

i work as a ldc joined in may 2008 after the implimentaion of 6th pay commission in a autonomous body the qualification is Degree with Computer course 6 months but the GP is 1900 where as Group D is 1800 can the committee look into the grade pay issue related to LDC's

krishna said...

sir what about those who are promoted to c/t, Audtior, Senior Audtior in that cadre the promotee is getting lower basic pay then direct appointees from 2006 onwaords what decision is taken regarding this subject the Rs.1000/- in C/T, Rs.1500/- in Auditor cadre there is lot of differnce in Basic pay please inform step up pay for promotees is getting or not or national committee is fighting against this issue please take action regarding differnce of promotee and Direct Recruitees thanking you,

Anonymous said...

What is anomaly committee doing regarding entry pay to the post of Assistant Accounts Officer in Defence Accounts Department ? Where a junior new entrants of lower grade pay of Rs. 4600/- is getting more pay than an Assistant Accounts Officer after qualifying the SAS exam. Pl. do something for the deprived cadres..........

Anonymous said...

dear sir
why teachers are not given benifit of 10-20-30 in kvs

Anonymous said...

I was promoted on 31/01/2007 from 10975(basic) to 12000 through ACP. But after implementation of 6thpay commission I could not get advantage of my promoted basic,say 12000.00 and only got one increment over 10975.00 .Could anybody tell me what happened for such ACP getter at time of consideration of MACP anomalies ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Now the meeting of Anomaly committee is going to take place. What is the status of grant of PB4 to Second In Command rank officers of the CPOs / Deputy Secretaries rank officers who are unjustly languishing in PB3?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have been promoted as Principal and joined the post on 24/10/2005 in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. My pay has been fixed at Rs.10,000/- in pre-revised scale and subsequent revised on implementation of 6th pay commission under section-I, Part-B w.e.f. 1.1.2006 to Rs.18600/- (PB-3)with Grade Pay of Rs.7600/- and implementation of section-II part-A, Schedule-I of CCS (RP) Rules 2008 in PB-3 for employees appointed on or after 1.1.2006 in the Pay band -3, Grade pay Rs. 7600/- has been fixed minimum entry of pay of Rs. 21900/-

Thus the employee appointed on or after 1.1.2006 are drawing higher pay.

Sir, kindly convey the decision of the pay anomonaly commission regarding protection of my pay from my juniors who have been appointed on or after 1.1.2006 and drawing higher pay.

Yours faithfully,


e-mail I.D.

SENTHIL said...

I have joined the central government on 2006 as a JE. Now I am getting the GP 4200/- in group C category. But, in postal department the person getting GP 4200/- comes under Group B. which one is correct?.

Anonymous said...

SIR We the retired HONORARY COMMISSIONED OFFICERS retired pre 2006 request the chairman of NAC to look into pur case as no one is taking up our case .Kndly note that we remain JCOs and below through out our service and in the last year of our service ,those with exemplery record were promoted to honorary RANKS,but cabinet secretary!s committee left us out of JAWANS cadre.

Anonymous said...

In the VI pay commission uniformed personnels and class I Officers are the most benefited. While the Class II And III are the worst affected. The rise in pay for Unifomed personnel was almost 5 times and for class I , it was 4.25 times while Class II & III received megre 3 times. The MACP was a major fiasco. Even the bonus was not made payable to Class II. This dispairity is unjustificable, which needs immediate solution.


Dear sir,
I am a DAE employee and was promotted from tradesman C to D in nov. 2006 at that time minimum time for next promotion from D to E/F-1 (GRADE PAY 4200)was 3 years (Merit based promotion is in dae).My colleague who is just one year senior to me got promotted in 2008(Minimum time ) but after it 6CPC came and minimum time for promotion from tradesman D to F(GRADE PAY 4200 ) was increased now it became 5 years instead of 3.As we completed 5 years and were being sent for promotion a new order came that minimum time for promotion is as it was in earlier order means 3 years .Now me and my 2 years junior coligue were sent for promotin for the same grade pay (from 2800 to 4200).By this order my junior got promotion in 3 years and myself in 5 years .Now a new order is that our 2 years will be deducted from the minimum time for next promotion(IF APAR IS A1 ). From this way our 2 years will be covered but what about our FINANCIAL LOSS of 2 years salary(As we got salary in 2800 GRADE PAY FOR LAST 2 YEARS instead of 4200 GRADE PAY).

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I joint BSF in the year April,1988 as Constable (Gen duty) and further selected in Ministerial cadre as ASI (M) in the pay scale of 4000-100-6000 (pre revised) in the year July, 2001 through departmental examination and tendered technical resignation. Pay fixed in revised pay of GP Rs. 2800/- and granted 1st MACP w.e.f July,2011 in the Grade pay of Rs. 4,200/-. Is the 1st MACP given to me is correct or am I eligible for 2nd MACP w.e.f 1/09/2008 in the Grade pay of Rs. 4,600/- as I have completed 20 years of service. Request clarify the same. My e-mail ID is bsrithis6@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Sir, auditor ke brabar rank me css walo ko 4200 grade pay pe fix kiya jata hai to dusre dpt me kyon nahi

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