Sunday, September 26, 2010


Confederation of Central Government Employees General Secretary Mr.K.K.N.Kutty has written in his website regarding the discussions on various issues taken up by the Staff Side in second meeting of the MACP Committee, which was held on 15th September, 2010. We have reproduced the full content of the post and given below for your information...

The 2nd meeting of the MACP Committee was held on 15th September, 2010. The meeting was chaired by the Joint Secretary (Estt.) Department of Personnel and Training. We give hereunder a brief resume of the discussions on various issues taken up by the Staff Side.

1. Item No. 1, 9 and 29,46: The demand was to provide for Grade Pay of the next promotional post under MACP as was given in the old ACP Scheme. This has not been agreed to.

2. Item No.3. Option for each individual employee either to retain the old ACP scheme or to switch over to MACP. It was only agreed by the DOPT that they may consider giving option to the Department and not to the individual employee to retrain old ACP Scheme in respect of either the entire establishment of that Department or for a specific category or cadre of the employees of that Department. They also added that they may instruct the Administrative department to undertake restructuring of the cadres in consultation with the Staff Side which would secure quicker promotion.

3. Item No. 8. Anomaly in respect of Junior Engineers of CPWD. The Official side agreed that CPWD may ask for option to retain the old ACP in respect of Junior Engineers which will be considered.

4. Item No. 2, 10 and 48. The Scheme of MACP to be implemented with effect from 1.1.2006. Not agreed to.

5. Item No. 7.Grant of financial up-gradation under ACP between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 in respect of employees who have opted the revised Pay Band Grade Pay System with effect from 1.1.2006. Agreed to.

6. Item No. 4 and 26. Applicability of MACP scheme to Group D employees placed in the grade pay of Rs. 1800 in PB1. along with the benefit of 3% increment in each stage of up-gradation. Covered by the clarification already issued by the Department of personnel ( See their website)

7. Item No. 5 and 23. Counting of 50% of service rendered by a casual labourer with temporary status for reckoning the 10, 20 and 30 years of service for the purpose of MACP. They will examine the court ruling in this regard according which the entire casual service should count for the purpose of MACP.

8. Item No. 6. Supervised staff placed in higher grade pay than their supervisor. The item has been transferred to the National Anomaly Committee for discussion.

9. Item No.11 and 47. In the Railways and some other departments, promotion continues to be given in the merged pay scales, since these have not been functionally merged. It was demanded that in such promotion increment at the rate of 3% may be granted. The Official side has agreed to consider such cases, if taken up by the respective departments.

10. Item No. 15, 22, 39 and 51.These would be considered in the Anomaly Committee of Railways.

11. Item No. 12, 30 and 49. Those selected under LDCE/GBCE schemes may be treated as directly recruited personnel as was done in the case of old ACP scheme. The Official side agreed to look into it.

12. Item Nos. 13, 16. 24 , 50 and 58. It was pointed out that under old ACP scheme in case of an employee who were reverted from higher post to lower post at this request ( to enable him to get transfer to another recruiting unit) the service rendered by him in the higher post was counted for the benefit of ACP. This should be extended to the MACP as well. The Official side agreed to issue necessary clarification in this regard.

13. Item No.14. A departmental employee who has been appointed to a higher grade by virtue of his being selected in a Direct Recruitment Examination the ten, twenty and thirty years of service for the purpose of MACP to be reckoned from the date of such appointment. Necessary clarificatory order has been issued by the DOPT. ( Please see their website)

14. Item No. 16. The service rendered by an employee who had resigned may be counted if he is given re-employment for the purpose of MACP. The Official side wanted this item to be processed separately.

15. Item No. 17. The service rendered prior to removal or dismissal should count if he is reinstated on appeal or by Courts. The Official side stated that the past service will be considered if so ordered by the Court or the Appellate Authorities.

16. Item No. 36. The service rendered in a State Government/Statutory body /PSU before appointment in the Central Govt. to be counted for MACP. Not agreed to.

17. Item No. 37 and 38. Counting the probation period for the purpose of MACP. This is counted as per the scheme

18. Item No. 42. Application of MACP to a surplus hand redeployed to lower post. This is covered under the scheme.

19. Item No. 18 and 54. A person de-categorised on medical grounds to be treated as a fresh appointee. It was not agreed to .

20. Item No. 41. The service rendered in higher grade who have been redeployed in the lower post on medical de-categorised on medical grounds may be counted under the MACP. The official side agreed to reiterate Railway Board's order issued in the year 2005.

21. Item No. 19, 33 and 53. Stepping up benefit to seniors when the juniors get higher pay on account of financial up-gradation. The Supreme Court has given such an order. The Official side will examine this issue and the copy of the Supreme Court's order may be furnished to them.

22. Item No.20. The Account Assistants in the Railways when appointed on qualifying the Appendix II Examination may be treated as a fresh appointee and his past service in the lower post be ignored. The Railway Board to process this case separately.

23. Item No. 21.27 and 28. The Bench mark of good for entitlement to MACP benefit in cases where promotion to the higher posts is on the basis of seniority cum fitness may be done away with. Agreed to examine and issue necessary clarification.

24. Item No. 24, 40 and 45. Counting of Training period. The induction training period would be counted.

25. Item No. 25. The incentive may be given as applicable to the grade pay granted under MACP. This may be considered by the Railways.

26. Item No.31. Extension of MACP to Staff Car Drivers and other Drivers etc. The orders have been issued separately.

27. Item No.34. Pay fixation on promotion subsequent to the grant of MACP with an increment. This was not accepted.

28. Item No. 35. Notional classification for Central Government employees Insurance scheme for those with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 to be treated as Group B and covered by the scheme for Group B. Not accepted.

29. Item No.43. There are several illustrations given relating to Railway employees. These were not discussed and each case was asked to be processed separately.

30. Item No. 55. There are no provisions for grant of certain privileges/incentive on grant of MACP as was there in the old ACP scheme. The Item may be considered by the Railway administration.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we could not place this letter on our website immediately after the meeting. We regret for the same.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


Anonymous said...

Most of the staff nurses and pharmacists working in CGHS under the ministry of health & family welfare have not been sanctioned MACP till date, though they are elligible to get it. Even some of them from September 2008 as per the OM No-35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) Dated 19th May,2009 for immediate implementation.This is purely harashment to those staff from the concerned department.Can any one suggest what to do in such circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Group D's are upgraded to Group C after Training. But in practical sphere there are many Group D friends who are either illiterate or disabled due old age deases viz. thrombosis etc. How they would perform their assigned job if they are given Group C status,with assingment of job pertaining to Group C post. By giving them MACP benefit they would be financially benefited no doubt, but government would get no benefit out of that. This would create a bad tendency amongst the other same level colleagues. So there should be specified job for those who are illiterate or partially disabled. Staff side please think for them.

Anonymous said...

A individual is absent for 3 months EOL w/o Pay & allowances wef 01.02.10 to 30.04.2010 now the indi is entitled for AI wef 01.07.2010 or not & next year the individual entitled for 2 time or ( 3+3)= 6% AI or only 3% AI

Anonymous said...

A Indiviual is EOL w/o Pay & allowances wef 15.02.2010 to 31.05.10. Mow the individual is for AI after counting of EOL period wef 01.07.2010, if not eligible for AI then the individual is entitled for AI next year Ist Jul 2012 @ 3% or 6% please clerify

Anonymous said...

If the individual placement only higher pay scale & promoted adhoc basis then individual entitled for option for pay fixation after accural of AI

Anonymous said...

If the individual promoted as adhoc basis and placement of higher pay scale then the individual entitled for option after grant of AI. Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

An employee served as Senior Clerk since 24 years. In this case clarify the following points :

1. what is banch mark for 2nd MACP.
2. if he has one or two average ACRs then he may get 2nd MACP or not,
3. If he has one below average ACR and not communicated to the concerned in stipulated time (before date of DPC)
4. if he has no adverse remark communicate till as on 31.03.2009
5. if he has completed 10 years service in the pre-revised scale 4000-6000
6. if he has grade pay Rs. 2400 at present.

On the above points, please clarify that the concerned govt. servant eligible for 2nd MACP or not.

sarothi said...

selection of officers on deputation is permissible up to the age of 56 years, which needs to be raised to maximum of 58 years in view of raised superannuation age from 58 yrs. to 60 yrs.

Pawan Kumar said...

A very important issue is missing from the agenda that is Incentive for acquired the higher education after inter into Govt. service.
The every staff who has acquired higher education in service period will get 02 (two) additional increments.

Mangaldas Padwekar said...

I am working in Ordnance factory varangaon Distt.Jalgaon(MS)in feb 2000 I have passed LDCE Exam for Jr.woks manger(gazetted GrB) B.P Rs 7450/-Looses over time Rs8000/-pm in the pretex of bright future whereas my then colleague Chargeman B.P.Rs5000/-were woking under me and total gross pay were drawing more than me (Rs17000 to 18000)after 6th CPC they have been merged in the pay scale of 7450/-as a jwm my hard study for clearing LDCE become useless more over no station change every year drawn one lakh more than me for ten year (100000 lakh)+BONUS afterwards they have got benefit of ACP grade pay 5400/- wheareas myself fall short of seven month less on dt.01/08/2008 now Iam drawing grade pay Rs4800/-they are Rs 5400/-I am eleven year senior than them and discharge a duty of head of section now it is meaningless only entry is important.our Ord.fy.board KOLKATA also promoted one and half year junior to me JWM as a AWM Gr.A grade pay Rs5400/- on dt.30/06/2009 violating SRO 227. some of my colleague drawing grade pay 6600/-and working under me.I have no plat form to shout for this moreover I am belongs to SC CATEGORY and in running loss of around Rs 20 lakh as compare to general candidates in spite of many provision, constitutional safegaurds in govt services to SC/ST.I think it is on paper .Now I am frustruted and demoralised govt.servant took refugue in MUMBAI CAT spending lakhs of rupees and there is no hope of any out come till my retirement.I am having huge comparative data on paper of economical suffering of losses with my counterpart kindly permit me to publish the same in news paper so that pecularity of cases will be known to the people it may also helpful to avoid recurrance of such peculiarity in 7th CPC.thank you
yours sincerly
M.Z PADWEKAR Mob09422224379

abha mishra said...

I-(Vinod Kumar Mishra retired Office Sopdt.from Grey Iron Foundry, Jabalpur)- would like to submit as like- (1) ACP at first was given effect to, in 1999 (with effect from the year-1996), but I have not been given any benefit of ACP saying that when ACP was implemented in unit,I was under suspension. Here two points arise- (a) on the date when ACP was implemented I was not under suspension, and another- (b) even if under suspension/charge sheet issued, till charges not proved- no punishment is to be given effect to, but I unreasonably affixed one specific punishment by non-granting ACP with effect from the year 1996, while on the other hand, one employee under suspension is permitted to apply for improvement of his career and the concerned Management is bound to forward his application. Similarly, at the time grant of IInd MACP and special pay in the grade of UDC- GIF-Management again taken plea of continuity of punishment, and had not granted IInd MACP, while on the dates when these benefits were granted to other junior UDCs- I was already promoted to the post of Assistant, in which circumstances- GIF Manage-ment was completely wrong to take the plea of continuity of punish-ment.And major point is to be high lighted that- on recommendation of VTth CPC, the posts of Assistant and Office Supdt (both) are said to be merged with special PB. The related correspondence started from ministry of Finance and through ministry of sanction reached to Ordnance Factory Kolkata, where one officer became suspeceios or he taken one unwanted plea-"in the merging case of Chargeman-II and chargeman-I, no such special PB has been given" and this officer turn-down the sanction of President of India un-lawfully.
2- I raised timely objection against all these mal-practice or inactions but results are still in vain, due to which at present I have been with less pension amount at least 3-4 stages.
The Anomoly-Committee is requested to look into the matter seriously so that I, (being a disabled employee) would get justice to some extent, because it is forth major-point sanction of President of India in respect of reservation at the promotion-stage (since 12/1989) has also not been granted to the applicant, and this specific sanction is main reason of aforesaid malicious-actions against the applicant, please. Submitted with a hope for proper and justifiable decision in the matter.

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