Friday, December 31, 2010

Child Care Leave to Central Government employees - Clarification regarding

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No. 13018 /1/2010-Estt. (Leave)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi, the 30th December, 2010


Subject:    Child Care Leave to Central Government employees - regarding

The undersigned is directed to say that subsequent to issue of this Department OM of even number dated 07/09/2010, this Department has been receiving references from various Departments, seeking clarifications. The doubts raised are clarified as under:-

      1. Whether Earned Leave availed for any purpose can be converted into Child Care Leave? How should applications where the purpose of availing leave has been indicated as 'Urgent Work' but the applicant claims to have utilized the leave for taking care of the needs of the child, be treated?

Child Care Leave is sanctioned to women employees having minor children, for rearing or for looking after their needs like examination, sickness etc. Hence Earned Leave availed specifically for this purpose only should be converted.

2.       2.Whether all Earned Leave availed irrespective of number of days i.e. less than 15 days, and number of spells can be converted? In cases where the CCL spills over to the next year (for example 30 days CCL from 27th December), whether the Leave should be treated as one spell or two spells'?

No. As the instructions contained in the OM dated 7.9.2010 has been given retrospective effect, all the conditions specified in the OM would have to be fulfilled for conversion of the Earned Leave into Child Care Leave. In cases where the leave spills over to the next year, it may be treated as one spell against the year in which the leave commences.

3.       Whether those who have availed Child Care Leave for more than 3 spells with less than 15 days can avail further Child Care Leave for the remaining period of the current year'?

No. As per the OM of even number dated 7.9.2010, Child Care Leave may not be granted in more than 3 spells. Hence CCL may not be allowed more than 3 times irrespective of the number of days or times Child Care Leave has been availed earlier. Past cases may not be reopened.

4.       Whether LTC can be availed during Child Care Leave?

LTC cannot be availed during Child Care Leave as Child Care Leave is granted for the specific purpose of taking care of a minor child for rearing or for looking after any other needs of the child during examination, sickness etc.

Hindi version will follow.

(Simmi R. Nakra)

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chitra v t said...

I am a lady announcer of All India Radio and we work in shifts all round the year. Whenever, there is a crisis at home I have no other option except for going on leave in order to take care of my young children who also need my assistance for scholl preparatory work. In such a situation I feel it is discriminatory if I am forced to curtail my child care leave spells to only three spells and that too for more than 15 days. When the government decides that women have to be extended an helping hand why such limitations which do not allow the employee to make use of the child care leave in order to take care of young children. I find that, in such cases the whole purpose of the leave is defeated.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Ms. Chitra. Limitations on childcare leave are uncalled for. Women do have to face a lot of problems in upbringing of their children, attending to them when they they are sick and assisting them academically. So if the govt. has given a thought to the problems of working women and decided to grant them childcare leave,it should be granted to them irrespective of the number of days and number of spells. Otherwise the whole purpose of the leave is defeated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i feel that a woman employee sometimes needs only 2 or 3 days leave to attend to her children and yet under these restrictions is compelled to apply for 15 days child care leave which would be a waste.The orders containing the restrictions on availment of child care leave need re-examination.

Anonymous said...

Sir i want to know that whether the el used by any lady for care of her child can be converted into CCL if she has el in her account. One of the case is that a lady has taken 12 days el during 2009 for her child exam and 18 days for her child medical care. Can these leaves can be converted into CCL if she has el in her account at that time. Please reply

Anonymous said...

Sir,Kindly let me know if we can take headquarter leaving permission during CCL .


kindly clarify is the CCL is meant for Women employee? If the husband who is a govt employee lost his wife having a child of 12 years of age cant he claim ccl for the benifit of the child during his exam etc.
thanks in advance

If no such rules exist then what is to be done.

Anonymous said...

Whether the woman employee can leave the station of employment(office in which working) during child care leave?? If yes, Is prior permission from the competent authority is required for leaving the station?

If anybody knows kindly help me with the reply.

Anonymous said...

I was on maternity leave from 22/11/2010 ti 20/05/2011. Then I took Child Care Leave from 21/05/2011 to 22/09/2011. Please clarify if Annual increment is due on 01/07/2011. If so, the Annual Increment Order should be released on 01/07/2011 or on the date of joining.

Anonymous said...

I am in urgent need for child care leave for a month to look after my child but I am not able to get the leave sanctioned as my Regional Commissioner's are not sanctioning the leave.Then what is the use of such child care leave if one is not able to avail it at the time when one is in urgent need of it.whom do we turn to,under such circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Approach CAT

Uma Agrawal said...

i was in urgent need for child care leave due to my son's sickness &his class 12 board exams to look after him but my boss did not sanction the leave though sufficient staff was available & so no shortage of staff was there.Then what is the use of such child care leave if one is not able to avail it at the time when one is in urgent need of it.whom do we turn to,under such circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Can E.L be taken along with Child care leave

seema sharma said...

I got my MACP In Dec 2013 and was on CCL in the moth of Jan , some days of Feb , some days of march , some days of June and some days of JUly ie., total some 140 days . I last joined on 31st July 2014 while joining every month for some days every month. so I want to know whether I will get the annual incremnt for 2014- 15 or not

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