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Features of MACPS (Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme)

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Features of MACPS (Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme)

REFERENCE: 1. DOPT OM No: 35034/3/2008- Estt(d) dated 19/05/09.

2. RBE No: 101/2009 (no.pc-v/2009/acp/2) dated 10/06/09.

3. PBC No: 112/2009 (no. p(pc)524-pc/voliv) dated 18/06/09.

(Railway Board has sought for clarifications to DOPT – elucidation awaited)

The scheme would be operational from 01.09.08. In other words, financial upgradations as per old ACP of October 1999 would be granted till 31.08.08. (Para 8) A Screening Committee would be constituted and follow a time schedule to meet twice in a financial year preferably in the month of January (April to September) and of July (October to March).( (Para 6).

Financial upgradation under MACPS is purely personal to the employee and staff shall have no relevance to his seniority position. As such no stepping up of pay in the PB & GP would be admissible with regard to junior getting more pay than the senior on account of pay fixation under MACPS.(Para 9 & 20).

No past cases would be reopened. The differences in pay scales on account of grant of financial upgradations under old ACP and new MACP within the same cadre shall not be construed as anomaly (Para 10).

There shall be three financial upgradations under MACPS counted from the direct entry grade on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years. (Para 1 of Annexure).

All cadres including Group A (excluding organized Gr.A services) are eligible for grant of MACP. (Para 3).

The financial upgradation under the MACPS would be admissible up to the highest grade pay of 12,000 in PB-4. (Para 3 of Annexure).

The pay shall be raised by 3% of the total pay in the pay band and the grade pay drawn before such upgradation. There shall be no further fixation at the time of regular promotion if it is the same grade pay as granted under MACPS. Financial up gradation will be in next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of Grade Pay and not in the promotional hierarchy (as it was earlier). (Para 4).

An employee who completes 10 years of service in a particular grade will qualify for grant of MACP. Service rendered in a lower grade will not be counted for grant of MACP after completion of total qualifying service of 10 years. For example if an employee gets regular promotion to the next grade after completion of 5 years of service in a particular grade, he will have to wait till the completion of 15 years of regular service for 2nd MACP. Likewise 3rd MACP for him will be given after completion of 25 years of regular service (Illustration 1 Para 28 (i) and (ii)). However, after 1st regular promotion or 1st MACP, completion of 10 years of regular service in a grade or total qualifying service of 20 years or 30 years whichever falls earlier will be the milestone for grant of next MACP (Illustration 3 Para 28 B).

The service rendered by the existing employees prior to implementation of the MACPS viz., prior to 1.9.2008, will also be taken in to account for calculating the 10, 20 and 30 year milestones for granting MACP.(Para 9 of Annexure).

Similarly, employees who were granted financial upgradation under previous ACP scheme i.e., prior to the introduction of MACPS with effect from 1.9.2008, will be eligible for financial upgradation under MACPS after completion of 20 years and 30 years of service, irrespective of regular promotion given to them if any, between their 10 to 20 years of service or between 20 years and 30 years of service. For example if an employee was given 1st ACP under old ACP Scheme after completion of 12 years of service and a regular promotion after completion of 18 years of service, he will be eligible for 2nd MACP after completion of 20 years of service. (Para 9 of Annexure and Illustrations in Para 5 and Para 28).

Promotions earned /upgrading granted under the ACP scheme in the past to those grades which now carry the same grade pay due to merger of pay scales /upgradations of posts recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission shall be ignored for the purpose of granting upgradation under MACPS.(Para 5 of Annexure).

Financial benefit an employee gets as a result of pay fixation during MACP will be 3% of basic pay (pay in pay band plus the grade pay before MACP) and the difference in Grade pay before MACP and grade pay after MACP.Option for fixation of pay is also available. (Para 4 and 7 of Annexure).

If an employee gets a regular promotion to a grade which carries same grade pay which he is receiving now after grant of MACP, no further pay fixation will be allowed at the time of said regular promotion. If an employee gets a regular promotion to a grade which carries higher grade pay than the grade pay he is receiving now after grant of MACP, no further pay fixation will be allowed on account of the fact that his pay would have been fixed at the time of grant of MACP itself. However, difference in the grade pay he is getting now and the next grade pay in the hierarchy will be allowed as monetary benefit at the time of promotion. (Para 4 of Annexure).

In the case of employees who have been either promoted or given ACP prior to 6CPC implementation from a grade to another grade, pay scales of which have been merged now after 6CPC implementation, the said promotion or ACP shall be ignored and those emplyees are to be considered for financial upgradations equivalent to the number of milestones they have completed viz., 10 years , 20 years and 30 years milestones as the case may be prescribed in the MACPS for financial upgradations. (Para 5 and illustration thereof).

In cases where ACP was granted as per previous ACP scheme, but whereas after 6CPC implementation the next higher post which the employee got through ACP has been upgraded with higher grade pay, the pay of such employees in the revised pay structure will be fixed with reference to the higher grade pay granted to the post. To illustrate, in the case of an employee, who was granted 1st ACP in old ACP scheme to the grade which carried the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 corresponding to the revised grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2, he would now be granted grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 consequent upon upgradation of the post to the grade pay of Rs.4600 in PB-2. However, from the date of implementation of the MACPS viz., from 1.9.2008, all the financial upgradations under the Scheme should be done strictly in accordance with the hierarchy of grade pays in pay bands as notified. (Para 6.2 of Annexure).

Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-2 and Grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 are two different Grade Pay for the purpose of MACP (Para 8.1 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09.)

Bench Mark (CCR/ACR Gradings) is “Good” up to GP 6600 thereafter is should be “Very Good”. (Para 17 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09). ‘Regular Service’ for the purpose of MACPS shall commence from the date of joining of a post in regular basis either on direct recruitment or on absorption / reemployment basis. (Para 9 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09). If financial upgradations will not be allowed under MACPS after 10years due to DAR proceedings, this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradations. (Para 15 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09). On grant of financial upgradations under MACPS, there shall be no change in designation, classification or higher status. (Para 16 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09).

If a regular promotion has been denied by the employee before becoming entitlement of financial upgradation, no financial upgradation shall be allowed. However financial upgradation will be allowed due to stagnation and subsequently refuses the promotion. (Para 25 of Annexure1 to MACP Order dated 19.05.09).

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Indefinite Strike from July 13th - POSTAL JOINT COUNCIL OF ACTION

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National Federation of Postal Employees
Federation of National Postal Organisations
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union
National Union of Gramin Dak Sewaks

Dated 15th May 2010

Postal JCA/1/2010

Nationwide Demonstration and Strike Notice Serving on 4th June Postcard Campaign and Meet the Public Personalities from 8th to 15th June Black Badge Wearing and Demands Highlight Day on 29th June Non-cooperation from 5th to 9th July Strike Rally on 12th July Indefinite Strike from July 13th

Dear Comrades / Colleagues,

The All India Postal Joint Council of Action consisting of NFPE and FNPO Federations and their Affiliated Unions and Associations and the All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union & the National Union of Gramin Dak Sewaks met on 14th May, 2010 in New Delhi.

The opening up of new attacks on the Postal Services and Staff and the highest order of unilateralism in taking various decisions against the interest of Postal Employees and the Postal Services as well as the gross violation of its own agreements by the Administration were the major points of deliberation in the JCA Meeting. Various other staff problems that are not receiving any real attention for long time also engaged the attention of the Postal JCA.

The Mckinsey Multinational Consultant has been appointed by the Department for effecting Structural Reorganisation! No interaction with the Staff Side has taken place nor is the Staff Side provided with any materials related to the terms and reference of the said MNC Consultant. It is widely believed that in the name of ‘McKinsey’ serious attacks on the RMS and Postal Structure are in the offing. Already the Department has unilaterally pushing ahead with its retrograde move of abolition of ‘C’ Class Post Offices in the urban areas all over India. It has also ordered down gradation of all GDS SOs into GDS BOs and closure of GDS BOs in the name of merger/upgradation. The direction of the Department is for the total destruction of ‘RMS’ wing and merger of the entire RMS with the Post Offices is already visible and the McKinsey is expected to nail the coffin soon. Some Circle Administrations are so impatient that even before the McKinsey report; they want to commence the attack on the RMS in violation of the agreement reached on 30th November 2009. Outsourcing of several Postal Operations like Mail Conveyance, Processing of Speed Post Articles, Data Entry Operations of several works have been accentuated.

On the other hand the Department is not coming forward to convene the meetings of Departmental Council JCM and Periodical Meeting with the Federations at the National level. Unilateral decisions like piecemeal cadre restructuring of Postmasters Cadre is being resorted to ignoring the comprehensive cadre restructuring of Group ‘C’ as like Railways and other Departments. Under the Project Arrow the employees are squeezed and exploited in violation of Rules and in the name of 100% delivery performance. Shortage of staff continues to haunt the services in spite of the removal of Screening Committee. The attack on the Postal Staff continues in the name of decentralization of PLI/RPLI work and no additional staff was granted to any Divisional Office anywhere for the additional work. Due to application of conditions in a mechanical way, the MACP is being denied to hundreds of Postal Employees. On one side the discrimination between the Drivers of Parliament Secretariat and MMS Drivers is created by the Government and on the other side no posts of Drivers are recruited and the existing Drivers are forced to work beyond human limits in MMS by the Department of Posts. The System Administrators are also forced beyond human endurance and they are treated as the middle ages slaves by the administration. Unilateral tightening of work norms and non-creation of work norms for several works performed by GDS is causing reduction of wages to GDS. The GDS are discriminated against on several issues despite many judgments of Court of Law and the justice continues to be denied to all types of Casual Labourers. We live in an environment of total suffocation and the Staff Side is fully side lined and ignored and the voice of the Staff Side is not heard at the higher level of Administration!

It is in this background,, the Postal JCA has come to the unanimous conclusion to undertake an All India Strike Campaign Tour during the months of June and July and unleash a series of Programmes to effect full mobilisation of Postal Employees for embarking upon a nationwide Non-cooperation Programme culminating in an Indefinite Strike from 13th July 2010. The Programme of Action and the Indefinite Strike will be for realisation of the following Charter of Demands:


1. Drop the move to outsource any function of the DoP including on the recommendations of McKinsey – Cancel the decision to close down ‘C’ Class Post Offices – Cancel the orders for down gradation of EDSOs into ED BOs and closure of EDBOs - Roll back steps of privatisation of speed post processing and mail conveyance and data entry work.

2. Stop violations in the Agreements on Status Quo of RMS & MMS as well as the merger of RMS with less than 10,000 mails – Create scientific norms for the work in CRC, Speed Post, Logistics and EPP – Cancel the orders for replacing the General Line HSG-I by ASPOs in Mail Offices.

3. Holding of JCM Departmental Council meetings; Periodical Meetings with Federations; Sending of the issue of discrimination of pay scales between the Telecom TBOP/BCR and Postal TBOP/BCR w.e.f. 1.1.1996 to Board of Arbitration; and Holding of GDS Committee Meetings periodically with GDS Unions.

4. Stop harassment of staff under Project Arrow – No extraction of work against Rules – No extraction of work beyond 8 Hours – No drafting of staff on duty and for Training etc on Sundays and Holidays – No harassment in the name of 100% Delivery – Withdrawal of all Punishments awarded to Postmen for minor non-delivery of articles.

5. Fill up all vacant posts: [a] Undertake reassessment of vacancies in PA/SA cadre to rectify mistaken calculation of vacancies in all circles; [b] Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres in Department of Posts [Postal, RMS, MMS, Admn, Postal Accounts, SBCO, Civil Wing etc] as on 31.12.2009; [c] Allow local recruitment as one time measure in Postal Accounts similar to 1997 at Sundernagar.

6. Comprehensive Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘C’ employees in PA/SA Cadre; [b] Withdrawal of unilateral orders on piecemeal cadre restructuring of Postmasters’ cadre until comprehensive Cadre Restructuring of PA/SA cadre is completed; [c] Comprehensive Cadre Restructuring of LDC, Sorters & DEOs in Postal Accounts by amalgamation into a single Accounts Assistants cadre in the pay of Pb-1 with 2400 GP; [d] Comprehensive cadre Restructuring of PA/SA cadre in SBCO; and [e] Comprehensive cadre restructuring of Postmen/Mailguard/Multi Task Staff.

7. Grant of Pension, Departmental status to GDS extending the all benefits such as HRA/CCA, ACP etc, including Trade Union rights and welfare measurers – Remove discrimination on Bonus ceiling – Modify the 20,000 unilateral imposition of cash handling work points for GDS BPMs – Withdraw orders denying revised TRCA w.e.f. 1.1.2006 in respect of BPMs – Compute work norms to all types of work performed including NREGS, PLI,RPLI, Pension Payments etc to GDS – Implement enhanced Social Security to GDS like Ex-Gratia Gratuity and Severance Amount w.e.f. 1.1.2006.

8. Grant of Parity in Pay Scale [PB-1 with GP 2400/-] for MMS Drivers on par with Drivers of Parliament Secretariat – Recruitment of adequate number of Drivers – Sanction of OSA for the long distance logistics van drivers of MMS – Technology training to Work Shop staff and grant of Data Entry Operators scale of pay to Work Shop Staff.

9. Implement Supreme Court Orders for revision of wages from 1.1.2006 [6th CPC wages] to all RRR Candidates, Casual Labourers, Contingent staff, GDS Substitutes etc – Grant Temporary Status to eligible Full Time Status Casual labourers; Convert Part Time into Full Time; Absorb Full Time, Part Time, contingent in vacant GDS Posts.

10. Fill up all vacancies of Postmen and Mailguards - Roll back the unscientific scheme of Single Postman Beat System – Modify certain unscientific work norms of Postmen / MTS finalised by Work Study Unit - Enhance the Postman Double Duty Allowance as per the recommendations of 6th CPC.

11. Remove all local anomalies in MACP Scheme like application of benchmark for the period prior to introduction of MACP Scheme; Grant MACP on ‘Average’ benchmark like Department of Railways; Denial of MACP for acts of denial of regular promotion earlier to introduction of MACP; Denial to grant PB-2 while upgradation to Grade Pay 4200 and above to Group ‘C’ Officials etc.

12. Creation of System Administrators Cadre with higher pay scales and absorption of all System Administrators in the new cadre during initial composition – Uniform Norms for System Administrators including work hours, number of systems, distance factor – Financial compensation for special and extra work performed by System Administrators.

13. Early finalisation of Recruitment Rules for upgraded Group ‘C’ in PB-1 with 1800 GP – Ensure present system of absorption of GDS and TS CLS in Group ‘D’ posts into the new RR without insisting for the educational qualification – Filling up all the posts of Multi Tasking Staff without any delay.

14. Amalgamation of Group ‘C’ Accounts Cadres of DoP and DoT. 15. Roll back of the Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI work – Augment required staff strength in PLI branch of CO/RO/DPLI –Maintain centralized accounting system through the Office of DPLI Kolkata – Fill up the vacant posts of COs/ROs/DPLI Kolkata to manage huge shortage;

16. Parity of scale of pay of Ministerial Cadre in Postal Civil Wing on par with the Postal Assistants and upgradation of posts of Works Clerk Grade –II/Grade-I/Head Clerk – Filling up of all vacant posts of technical as well as ministerial posts – Creation of one Civil Wing Circle for each Postal Circle.

17. Regularise the HSG-I, HSG-II, LSG arrangements and grant Officiating Pay & Allowances to all Officials holding the posts.


Dear Comrades / Colleagues,

The patience of Postal Employees is grossly misunderstood by the Postal Administration as our weakness and a licence to impose whatever retrograde policies they could think of. Time has come to unite as one man and raise our strong voice against all kinds of humiliation. Let us mentally get prepared for a sustained struggle by accepting all sacrifices. No advancement was achieved without sacrifices and no advancement is possible without further sacrifices. We have presented a united platform of struggle and it is now the responsibility of the rank and file to get organised with all their ideological and other differences left aside in the common interest of all of us. We call upon you to undertake all measures unitedly by forgetting all local differences and stand as one Man with full determination. Our each and every programme decided by the Postal JCA has to be taken to the last employee of the department. Every programme has to be converted into a total success.

• On 4th June when the CHQ issues Notice of Indefinite Strike to Department, all levels of our Organisations shall serve the copy of Strike Notice to respective Administration by organising massive demonstrations.

• All India Strike Campaign Tour by CHQ leaders [Details soon to be circulated]

• The Postcard Campaign and Meet the Public Representatives like M.Ps/M.L.As shall be a tremendous success to put pressure on the Department. [Text of Postcard Campaign enclosed as Annexure.]The Honourable Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies may be submitted a copy of this JCA Letter seeking their kind intervention to write to Shri.A.Raja Honourable MOC&IT for settlement of our justified demands.

• Black Badge wearing and Demands Highlights Day on 29th June, 2010 to draw the attention of the Government about our determination to go on strike. [Text of Badge is supplied in the Annexure]

• The Non-cooperation Programme from July 5-9 shall show to the Government / Department that without our cooperation it will not be possible for the Department to run the show anywhere including Project Arrow Offices and Speed Post Centres etc. The Non-cooperation programme should clearly prove that if we work according to Rules then the functions and operations will come to a standstill. This Programme should be a prelude to the success of the Indefinite Strike from 13th July.

• Indefinite Strike from 06.00 Hrs on 13th July 2010.

United we win! Divided we fall! Unite to win!!

With Struggle Greetings,





A. SIDDIQUE---------------------P.SURESH


P.RAJANAYAGAM----------------------P.U. MURALIDHARAN



Honourable MOC & IT
Government of India
Electronic Nikethan
CGO Complex
Lodi Road,
New Delhi – 110001

Respected Sir,




AIANGO - General Secretary has given detailed discussion points with DGOF & Chairman of OFB.

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No. : AIANGOs /CE/ CIR/18 Dtd: 20/05/2010

The Branch Secretaries, Zonal Secretaries
JCM Members, CE Members/Office Bearers.

SUB: Promotions & other Matters.

Dear Friends,

President and General Secretary visited OFB on 17th to 19th May/2010, specifically on the issue of promotions. Vital issues were discussed with DGOF & Chairman/OFB, Member/PER, DDG/ADMIN, Dir/Admin, Dir/NG & Dir/IR. We also visited O.F. Dumdum & RFI and held meetings.

The position and instruction's are appended below for information and immediate action please.

(1) PROMOTION: After our discussion, DGOF & Chairman has instructed concerned section to hold DPC and issue promotion orders by the end of this month. He has assured for the same. Member/Per has decided to hold DPC on 28/05/10. We have represented with required data that all eligible candidates should be promoted.

Seniority lists of merged CM were to be forwarded by Fys latest by 30th April/10. Many Factories have not sent the same to OFB till now. Pl. note, If the required list is not sent to OFB by Fys. within few days, OFB will not be able to order promotions as per5 Yrs-eligibilityfor promotion from CM to AF/FM/SH due to non availability of Data. In that case, less number of promotions will come which is not beneficial to the cadre.


(2) FUNCTIONAL UP-GRADATION AND MERGER OF AF/FM/SH WITH JWM: DGOF & Chairman/OFB and Member/Per have committed to issue merger order, if the case of JWM comes back this time.

As intimated vide Circular-17, we have very clearly placed our demand to Hon'ble RM, RRM, Defence Secretary, Secretary(DP), Hon'ble Finance Minister, Finance Minister for State, Secretary/Expenditure, JS(PER)/Expenditure, Secretary/DOP&T and Hon'ble Prime minister that AF/FM/SH/JTO of all Directorates employing workshop staff i.e. Ordnance Factories, DGQA, DGAQA & DGNAI must be granted Grade Pay of 4800/- if JWMs of Ordnance Factories are granted the same. Officials of MOF have assured that there will be no change in cadre structure and only two Grade structure will be maintained in all the similar directorates like Railways, DGQA, DGAQA & DGNAI.

The case of 4800 is likely to come back soon.

(3)CASES OF INTER FACTORY TRANSFERS ON COMPASSIONATE GROUND: It was discussed with Member/PER, to process these cases at the earliest.

(3.1)CASES OF INTER FACTORY TRANSFERS IN OEF GROUP: It was discussed with Member/Per with request to cancel the same as it is against the existing policy. Copy of the latter enclosed as Annex-1. Member /Per did not agree to cancel it.

(4) PROTEST AGAINST THE STEP OF OFB FOR INDUCTION IN AWM/WM POSTS THROUGH UPSE ETC : Our protest was lodged during discussion with Member/Per against OFB'S Proposal. Copy of the latter enclosed as Annex-2.


(5.1)DHARANA WITH HUNGER : Representatives of AIANGOs will stage "DHARANA WITH HUNGER" on the date of coming JCM-III Meeting at Ordnance Factory Board, KOLKATA or at the place of JCM-III Meeting. Note: OFB has yet not decided the date of JCM-III meeting. Date of Dharana will be the date of meeting.

(5.2)MEMORANDUM TO HON'BLE RRM & RM in-mass AT NEW DELHI: Request letters have been submitted on 28th May, 2010 for confirmation of dates for submission of Memorandum by the representatives of AIANGOs in mass at the residence of Hon'ble RRM & RM. Proposed date i.e. between 10-15 May was not confirmed. Confirmation of a fresh date is awaited from their end.

(6)All the Branch Secretaries are requested to provide photographs of association Day celebration through e-mail (sb.chobey@gmail.com) for posting on website.

(7)The Branch Secretaries who have not remitted the subscription for year 2009-10 & Special Levy, are requested to remit the same at the earliest for smooth functioning of association.

(8)President & GS are likely to visit MOD (Defense Finance, MOF very shortly specifically for the Meger issue.


(S. B. Chaubey)
General Secretary


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Annexure - II


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

IIIrd floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-3
Dated : 9thMarch, 2007.


Subject:Recognition of Service Associations under the Central civil Services –(Recognition of Service Associations) Rules, 1993.

               The undersigned is directed to invite applications from existing and also newly formed/to be formed Associations/Unions of employees belonging to the Central Secretariat Services (CSS), Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS) and Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS), and also “included” categories such as Staff Car Drivers, Dispatch Riders, Peons etc. who wish to seek recognition under the CCS(Recognition of Service Association)Rules 1993. Associations which have already obtained recognition are also required to submit fresh applications. However, there will be no change in their status of recognition till this verification process is over.

2. The applications should be sent to this Department along with the following documents by 30.4.2007:-

a) Memorandum of Association;

b) Constitution of the Association and bye-laws, if any;

c) Names of the Office-bearers of the Association; and

d) Copies of written declarations addressed to DDOs concerned, by members of the Association, for deduction of subscription from their June, 2007 salary, in favour of the Association.

Applications received after the last date will not be entertained.

3.The Constitution of the Association should be in conformity with the CCS (RSA)Rules, 1993. For the sake of convenience the salient features of the constitution are reiterated in the Annex to this O.M. The membership of an Association/Union should be restricted to a distinct category of Govt. servants having common interest and eligible to be members vide rule 5© of the RSA Rules.

4. Recognition will be accorded to an Association on fulfilling the conditions prescribed in the CCS(RSA) rules, 1993 and orders/instructions issued there under from time to time.

5. The crucial month for verification under the check-off system will be June, 2007. That is, only such of the employees who have paid subscription from their June, 2007 salary (payable on the last working day of the month) will be treated as member of an Association/Union for verification purposes.

6. All the Cadre Controlling authorities of the Central Secretariat are requested to give wide publicity to the contents of this Office Memorandum so that the Service Associations/Unions of the Central Secretariat employees submit their applications by 30.4.2007. They are also requested to ensure that subscription is deducted from June, 2007, salary of the employees who have applied, in writing, for deduction of subscription in favour of an Association/Union.


i)Accounting year - 1st April to 31st March of the following year

ii)Procedure for holding elections- Constitution of an Association must lay procedure for conduct of elections to elect office bearers/members of Executive Committee.

iii)Term of Office bearers- An Office-bearer should have a fixed term not exceeding two years. Of elections are not held within three months of expire of the term, the office bearer will cease to be duly-elected representatives of the Association.

iv)Total number of office bearers/members of Executive Committee- the total number should not be disproportionate to the total membership of an association keeping in view its functioning/working requirement.

v)Amendment to the Constitutions- The Constitution should provide that amendment would be done by the association after seeking prior approval of the Government. (Rule6 (g).

vi)Number of delegates- The number of delegates from braches/units for attending the Annual General Meeting should be specifically laid down in the Constitution. Such number will, however, depend upon the membership and coverage of the associations.

Payment of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners

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PC - VI - 129
RBE No. 134 / 2009



New Delhi, Dated 20-07-2009

The General Managers/CAOs,
All Indian Railways and Production Units.
(As per Mailing lists)

Subject:-     Payment of Dearness Relief to re-employed pensioners and employed family pensioners.


A copy of Department of pension and pensioners' Welfare (DOP&PW)'s O.M. No. 38/88/2008-P&PWA(A) dated 9th July, 2009 on the above subject is enclosed for information and necessary action. These instructions shall apply mutatis mutandis on the Railways also. DOP&PW's O.Ms dated 2.7.1999 and DOP&T's OM dated 11.11.2008, referred to in the enclosed O.M. were circulated / adopted on the Railways vide this office letters No. F(E)III/99/PN1/21 dated 5.08.1999 and No. PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/2 dated 30.4.2009.


Please acknowledge receipt.


(Sunil Bhardwaj)
Deputy Director Finance (Estt.)III,
Railway Board.

Implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pensioners / family pensioners etc.

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PC - VI - 128
RBE No. 132 / 2009





New Delhi, dated 17-07-2009

The General Managers/CAOs,
All Indian Railways and Production Units.
(As per Mailing lists)


Subject:-     Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pensioners / family pensioners etc.

A copy of Department of pension and pensioners' Welfare (DOP&PW)'s O.M. No. 38/37/08-P&PWA(A) dated 14th July, 2009 on the above subject is enclosed for information and compliance. These instructions shall apply mutatis mutandis on the Railways also. DOP&PW's O.Ms dated 1.9.2008, 3.10.2008 and 14.10.2008, referred to in the enclosed O.M. were adopted on the Railways vide Railway Board's letters of even number dated 08.09.2008, 08.10.2008 and 18.11.2008 respectively.


Please acknowledge receipt.


(Sunil Bhardwaj)
Deputy Director Finance (Estt.)III, Railway Board

2 pharma company owners held by CBI for adulteration

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2 pharma company owners held by CBI for adulteration

CBI today arrested the proprietors of two pharmaceutical companies in Nagpur for allegedly manufacturing adulterated and spurious medicines.

The arrests were made following CBI searches at various pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune and Bhopal.

"Gurbachan Singh and Navin Gadekar, proprietors of J P Herbal Pharmacy and Nalini Ayurvedic Company respectively, were arrested after it was revealed by the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Administration that the medicines were adulterated and spurious," CBI Joint Director (Western Region) Rishiraj Singh told reporters here.

Samples of 23 different types of medicines from 14 various manufacturing companies were collected and sent to the laboratory for chemical analysis, Singh said.

"The medicines collected are ones used by the public for common flu, cold, fever, headache and acidity," he said.

Searches were also conducted at the office of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) at suburban Sion.

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