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Revision of option exercised under Rule 6 of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008

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F.No.7/14/2010-E.III (A)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, the 5th July, 2010.


Subject:- Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008- Revision of option exercised under Rule 6 of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008


      In accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 11 of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, where a Government servant opts to continue to draw his pay in the existing scale from the 1st day of January 2006 and switch over to the revised scale from a date later than the 1st day of January, 2006, his pay from the later date in the revised scale is required to be fixed under Rule 11(i) of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. As per Rule 5 of these Rules, this option to switch over to the revised pay structure from a date later than 1.1.2006 is available to a Government Servant:

      (i)       Who elects to continue to draw pay in the existing scale until the date on which he earns his next or any subsequent increment in the existing scale or until he vacates his post or ceases to draw pay in that scale.

      (ii)       who has been placed in a higher pay scale between 1.1.2006 and the date of notification of these Rules on account of promotion, upgradation of pay scale etc. the Government servant may elect to switch over to the revised pay structure from the date of such promotion, up-gradation etc.

3.       As per Rule 6 (1) of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 the option in the format appended to the Second Schedule was required to be exercised within three months from the date of issue of these Rules.

4.      Further Rule 6 (4) provided that the option once exercised shall be final. The Staff Side has represented on this issue and have requested that the first option exercised may not be treated as final keeping in view the new system of pay band and grade pays and that employees may be allowed to revise their option if the option is more beneficial to them.

5.       On further consideration and in exercise of the powers available under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, the President is pleased to decide that in relaxation of stipulation under Rule 6 (4) of these Rules employees may be permitted to revise their initial option upto 31.12.2010 if the option is more beneficial to them. The revised option shall be intimated to the Head of his Office by the Government servant in accordance with the provision of Rule 6 (2) of the Revised Pay Rules, 2008.

6.       In so far as persons serving in Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

(Renu Jain)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


Grant of family pension to the dependent - In case of pensioner Missing or Kidnapped

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No. 1/28/04-P&PW(E)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension & pensioners' Welfare

Lok Nayak Bhavan,
New Delhi, the 2nd July, 2010

Office Memorandum

Subject:       Grant of family pension to the dependent family members of a Government Servant/Pensioner reported missing - Reg.

          The undersigned is to invite a reference to this Department’s earlier O.M. No.1/17/86-P&PW dt. 29th August, 1986 and the subsequent clarifications issued vide O.M. No.1/17/86-P&PW(E) dt. 18th February, 1993, O.M. No.1/17/86-P&PW(C) dt. 25th January, 1991 and O.M. No.1/28/04-P&PW(E) dt. 31st March, 2009, detailing therein instructions concerning grant of family pension to the eligible family members of the Government servants/Pensioners who have suddenly disappeared and whose whereabouts are not known, after a period of one year, or Government servants who have been kidnapped by insurgents/ terrorists, after a period of six months, reckoned from the date of registration of the FIR with the Police Authorities.

2.         The staff side of the National Council (JCM) have been raising for quite sometime the issue concerning withdrawal of the mandatory condition of one year prescribed in regard to sanction of family pension to the eligible family members of the pensioners who are reported missing while on prigimage, tour, etc., and sanction the family pension to the eligible family members within a period of two months from the date of filling of the FIR with the police. This demand of the staff side is based on the premise that this kind of stipulation in the rules has been causing a great deal of hardship to the families of such missing pensioners.

3.         The matter has been considered in this Department in consultation with Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure). It has been observed from the earlier instructions issued in this regard by this Department that the same do not make any distinction between the Government servant and the pensioners but cover both of them for the purpose of grant of family pension. It has accordingly been decided that the family pension/retirement or death gratuity to the eligible family members of a Government servant/Pensioner reported missing and whose whereabouts are not known, may be sanctioned after a period of six months from the date of registration of an FIR with the Police. This, however, would be subject to the instructions regarding grant/disbursal of retirement or death gratuity, etc., as contained in this Department’s O.M. referred to above.

4.         This issues with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their U.O. No.367/EV/2010 dated 15.06.2010.

5.        These orders, in so far as their applicability relates to the employees of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, are being issued in consultation with the Comptroller and Audit General of India, vide their U.O.43-Audit(Rules) / 28-2009 dt. 21.06.2010.

6.         Hindi version will follow.

(K.S. Chibb)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


All India Running Staff Conference of Loco and Traffic Running Staff

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All India Running Staff Conference of Loco and Traffic Running Staff to be held at New Delhi on 13-07-2010

All Loco and Traffic Running Staff LPs, ALPs and Guards attend en-masse the All India Running Staff Conference scheduled to be held at NEW DELHI on 13-07-2010 organized by All India Railwaymen’s federation (AIRF) under Leadership of National Railway Mazdoor Union(NRMU). For following long pending demands of Running Staff":-

Constitute High power committee to review duty hours of Running staff to 6Hrs

Grade Pay Demands:-

Asst. Loco Pilot – PB-1 + GP Rs.2800

Goods Pilot - PB-2 + GP Rs.4600

Loco Pilot (Pass.) - PB-2 + GP Rs.4800

Loco Pilot (M/Exp.) – PB-2 + GP Rs.5400

Goods Guard - PB-2 + GP Rs.4200

Pass Guard- PB-2 + GP Rs.4600

Mail Exp Guard- PB-2 + GP Rs.4800

Loco Inspectors - PB-2 + GP Rs.5400

Rate of Kilometreage of Running Staff should be revised as per Bhalla Committee formula w.e.f. 1.1.2006

Additional Allowance to Running Staff – Provision of Special Allowance to all Running Staff including LI/SLIs also

Remove anomaly of pay fixation of Loco Supervisors inducted prior to 1.1.2006 with reference to their juniors drafted after 1.1.2006

One advance increment as a onetime exception in case of those who have having their annual increment from 1st Feb. 2006 to 1st June 2006

Absence/Detention of the running staff from their headquarters should be restricted to 24 Hrs

On absorption in alternate employment of medically de-categorized Running Staff 55% retirement benefit to be awarded

As CCA subsumed by Transportation Allowance 30% benefit to be awarded

All India Running Staff Conference of Loco and Traffic Running Staff to be held at New Delhi on 13-07-2010


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The central civil service conduct rules, 1964 impose various restrictions on central govt employees. Some Do's and Don'ts applicable to employees are given below.


1. Maintain absolute integrity all times.
2. Maintain absolute devotion to duty at all times.
3. Those holding responsible posts - maintain independence and impartiality in the discharge of your duties.
4. Maintain decent and responsible conduct in their private life.
5. Observe proper decorum during lunch break.
6. Render prompt and coureous service to the public.
7. Report to the superiors the fact of your arrest or conviction in a Criminal court and the circumstances connected therewith, as soon as it is possible to do so.
8. Keep away from deomonstrations organized by political parties in the vicinity/ neighbourhood of government offices.
9. Manage private affairs in such a way as to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency.
10. Maintain political nutrality.
11. Act in accordance with the government policies.
12. Observe courtesy and consideration to Members of Parliament and State Legislatures.
13. If any legal proceedings are institued for the reocovery of any debt due from you or for adjusting you as an insolvent, report the full facts of such proceedings to the competent authority.
14. In perfomance of duties in good faith, communicate information to a person in accordance with the 'Right to Information Act, 2005' and the rules made thereunder.

1. Do not indulge in acts unbecoming of a government servant.
2. Do not be discourteous, dishonest of partial.
3. Do not make joint representations in matters of common interest.
4. Do not adopt dilatory tactics in your dealings with public.
5. Do not convey oral instructions to subordinates.
6. Do not practise untouchability
7. Do not associate yourself with any banned organizations.
8. Do not join any association or demonstration whose objects or activities are prejudicial to the interest of the sovereignity and integrity of India, Public order or morality.
9. Do not give expression to views on Indian or foreign affairs, while visiting foreign countries.
10. Do not get involved in unauthorized communication of any official document or any pat thereof or classified information to any government servant or any othere persons to whom you are not authorized to communicate such document of classified information.
11. Do not joint or support an illegal strike.
12. Do not enter into any private correspondance with foreign Embassies or Missions.
13. Do not accept lavish or frequent hospitality from any individual, industrial or commercial firms, organizations, etc having official dealings with you.
14. Do not accept any offer of the cost of passage to foreign coutries or hospitality by way of free board and lodging there, if such offers are from foreign firms contracting with Govt.
15. Do not accept invitations to you and members of your family for free inaugural flights offered by Air India, Indian airlines Corportation or foreign Airlines.
16. Do not give or take or abet giving or taking of dowry or demand any dowry directly or indirectly from the parent or guardian of a bride or bridgegroom.
17. Do not accept any gift from any foreign firm which is having official dealings. 18. Do not engage yourself in canvassing business of life insurance Agency, commission agencey or advertising agency owned or managed by the members of your family.
19. Do not lend or borrow money from or deposit money as a member or agent, with any person, firm or private company with whom you likely to have official dealings. Do not otherwise place yourself under pecunary obligation with such person, firm or private company.
20. Do not approach your subordinates for standing surety for loans taken from private sources either by your / your relatons / friends.
21. Do not undertake private consultance work.
22. Do not speculate in any stock, share or other investment.
23. Do not purchase shares out of the quota reserved for friends and associates of Directors of companies.
24. Do not bid at any auction of property where such auction is arranged by your own officers.
25. Do not stay as guest with foreign diplomats or foreign national in India.
26. Do not invite any foreign diplomat to stay with you as a guest in India.
27. Do not accept or permit your wife or dependants to accept passage money or free air transport from a foreign Mission/ Government or Organization.
28. Do not bring any political influence in matters pretaining to your service. 29. Do not consume any intoxicating drinks or dugs while on duty.
30. Do not appear in public place in a state of intoxication.
31. Do not indulge in any act of sexual harassment of any woman at her work place. 32. Do not employee children below 14 years of age.
33. Do not accept award of monetary benefits instituted by private trusts/ Foundations , etc.

Source: http://dmi.gov.in/


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Confederation Circular

Confederatin Secretary General Mr.K.K.N. KUTTY has written a circular in his website, we reproduce content of the letter and is given below for your information...

To commemorate the 50 year
Of the first strike action of CGEs

      The All India Raiwaymen Federation, All India Defence Employees Federation and the Confederation of Central Government Empoyees and Workers have decided to jointly organise a convention on 16th July, 2010 to commemorate the 50th year of the first indefinite strike action of the Central Government employees (Please see Circular Letter No 13/2010). The Joint Circular letter is being issued separately. The convention will be held at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg, New Delhi. On 16th between 11 and 4.00PM. Confederation and its affiliates (including the various Pensioners Association under NCCPA, NFTE & BSNL Employees Union and Pensioners association) together will be entitled to depute 300 comrades to participate in the convention. We are of the opinion that we should elicit the participation of the activists and leaders who led the 1960 strike action. All affiliates and State Committees of Confederation may therefore draw out a list of such comrades who are able to participate in the convention and ensure that they reach Delhi. The travel and other expenses in connection with their participation should be borne by the concerned affiliate or State Committee. We are writing separately to the NFTE & BSNL Unions and BSNL Pensioners Association. Tthe affiliates will deploy the following number of comrades to participate in the convention.

      NFPE:100. ITEF 50. All India Audit and Accounts association: 50( NFTE and .BSNL Employees Unions and Pensioners organisations: 30; All other affiliates 10 each.

      Since this convention is slated for 16th, it may not be possible to hold the National Executive of the Confederation on the same day. However, Notice is hereby given for the meeting of the National Sectt. of the Confederation on 16th at 4.30 PM at the same venue to discuss the declaration of the 15the Central Trade Union Convention and schedule the meeting of the National Executive. All Secretariat members are therefore requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the Convention as also the Sectt. meeting on 16th July, 2010.

5th July Nation-wide Bandh.

      To protest against the steep increase in the administered prices of petroleum products, viz petrol, diesel, kerozine and cooking gas, the entire opposition parties have called for a nationwide bandh on 5th July, 2010. Against the incessant inflation and spiralling price rise of essential food items continuously for the lst two years, the decision of the Govt. Can only be descrinbed as the product of a bestial mindset. There had been widespread reactiuon against this wholly untenable decision of the UPA II Government, not only from the political parties, but also from all Trade Union centres ,non governmental organisations, media and suffering silent multitude of our countrymen.

      Reacting to the criticism, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister both made specious arguments to justify their decision to raise the prices. The Prime Minister went one step ahead to state that his Government would work for dismantling the administered price mechanism to replace with free play of market forces in determining the prices of petroleum products. One wonders as to how the market forces could play any role when monopoly exist in the field. This is to say in the least that the international speculators will have the field to garner quick profits at the cost of Indian consumers. From a Government which prefers to base its decision to maximise corporate profits, nothing else could be expected except perhaps in an election year which is about 4 years away .

      Whatever may be the mechanism employed by the bourgeois parties to garner votes, there are occasions when people see through the game plan and unitedly and decisively defeat the all those who indulge in the nefarious stratagems . The vox populi is powerful when it is raised unitedly. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to be with the working people and to extend our full support and solidarity for the Nation-wide bandh on 5th July, 2010.

      The affiliates and State Committees may take necessary steps to make the Bandh on 5th total to make the voice of the people become louder and audible to the rulers who have become insensitive and arrogant.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General

State govt staff federation to support bundh

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State govt staff federation to support bundh

The All India State Government Employees Federation convened a national executive meeting on Saturday here and decided to support the Bharat Bundh.

The federation also decided to participate in the national convention of trade unions at New Delhi on July 15, supported by the All India State Government Employees Federation and Confederation of Central Government Employees Workers Organisations.

Central and State government staffers would be requesting for the following demands to be met during the convention.

These include:

* To hold price rise of essential commodities by strengthening the public distribution system.

* Fill up the vacancies in government departments through regular employment.

* To abolish contractorisation, privitisation and outsourcing in governmental functions.

* To withdraw the PFRDA Bill and to desist all attempts to do away with social security schemes.

* To guarantee the right to strike as a fundamental right of the employees

Source: DeccanHerald

Latest List of CGHS Hospitals and Diagnostic centres in DEHRADUN

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Central Government Health Scheme
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has published the latest list of Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories
and Imaging Centres empanelled with
Central Government Health Scheme
for Central Government Employees and Pensioners
as on 10th June 2010

The following hospitals and diagnostic centres have been empanelled under CGHS
with effect from 1st November, 2006, and thereafter, for the purposes specified:-

[As on 10th June 2010]

   DEHRADUN : Hospitals


Name of the Hospital

Empanelled for


Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Patel Nagar, Dehrudun 248 001 [0135 – 272 8106; 272 8107; 2728110; 272 8192]

General, specialised purpose (Laparoscopic surgery, IOL implant) and diagnostic services (Laboratory, CT scan, USG/Colour Doppler, X-Ray).


Amritsar Eye Clinic, E C Road, Dehradun.

Super-speciality eye care [Cataract / Glaucoma, Retinal-Medical & Vitreo-retinal surgery, Strabismus, Occuloplasty & Adnexa and other specialised treatment except corneal transplant]

DEHRADUN : Diagnostic Centres


Name of the diagnostic centre

Empanelled for


Doon MRI Scan Centre, 79 Rajpur Road, Dehradun 248 001 [Tel: 0135 – 274 3992, 274 4994]

CT Scan only


Sikund Diagnostic Centre, 2/1 B, Astley Hall, Orient Cinema Complex, Dehradun 248 001 [Tel: 0135 - 265 9383, 265 2419]]

Diagnostic Centre (Laboratory, USG / Colour Doppler, X – Ray) (Empanelment Cancelled on 1.1.2008)


Suri Diagnostic & Imaging Centre, 16 New Road, Opp. MKP Inter College, Dehradun 248 001 [Tel: 0135 - 271 4970]

Diagnostic Centre (Laboratory, USG / Colour Doppler, X – Ray; Mammography)

Please visit www.mohfw.nic.in for more details

Latest List of CGHS Hospitals and Diagnostic centres in BHOPAL

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Central Government Health Scheme
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has published the latest list of Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories
and Imaging Centres empanelled with
Central Government Health Scheme
for Central Government Employees and Pensioners
as on November 2014


List of Hospitals Empanelled Under CGHS Bhopal W.e.f.17.11.2014


Name of the Hospital/Diagnostic centre-Nil



1. Navodaya Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
M.P.Nagar Zone II Bhopal
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)

2. Jawahar Lal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
32, Idgah Hills, Bhopal
Tel.No.2665720, 2666374
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)

3. Narmada Trauma Centre Pvt.Ltd
E-3/23, Arera Colony Bhopal
Non NABH (Applied for NABH


1.Noble Multispecialty Hospital
Plot No.269/1, Opposite Misrod Police Station, Misroad Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4203000, 0755-4060000
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

2. Hajela Hospital
Geetanjali Complex, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2773392
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

3. L.N.Medical College & J.K. Hospital
J.K. Town, C-Sector, Kolar Road, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4087000, 0755-4087001,0755-4087002
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

4. People’s Hospital
By pass Road, Bhanpura Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4005200,0755-4005201
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

5. Career Institute of Medical Sciences
Opposite Dushera Maidan, Govindpura BHEL, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2488390,0755-2488090,0755-2488680
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

6. Mayo Hospital
SBI Square,Sultania Road Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2548094,0755-2535584
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

7. Chirayu Medical College & Hospital
Near Bairagarh Bhaisakhedi, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-6679000,0755-6679101
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

8. L.B.S. Hospital
73, Opposite Motia Talab, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2531678,0755-2733433
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

9. Choudhary Hospital
Near Capital Petrol Pump, Gurunanak Pura  Raisen Road, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4003210,0755-2750076
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

10. Silver Line Hospital
80, Motia Talab, Opp.Taj-Ul-Masajid, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2731936,0755-2549899
Non NABH (Applied for NABH)
General Purpose

1.Manoria Heart Care Centre
A-1/40 Chuna Bhatti,Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2422299
Non NABL(Applied for NABL)
Cardiac diagnostic Services

2. Venus Scan & Research Centre Pvt Ltd.
E-6, Shankar Nagar Near 6 No.Stop, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4046300,0755-4046301
Non NABL(Applied for NABL)
Imaging Centre

3. Kotgirwar Path Lab
Shop No.S-204, G.M.Towers, 10 No.Market, Area Colony, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4232373, 0755-4245850
Non NABL(Applied for NABL)
Diagnostic Laboratory


1.Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital (Trust)
Behind Civil Hospital, Sant Hiridaram Nagar,Bhopal Tel.No.0755-2641156
Non NABH(Applied for NABH)
Exclusive Eye Care

2. Prakash Eye Care & Laser Centre
131/14,Zone-II, M.P.Nagar Opp.Provident Fund Office, Near Pragati Petrol Pump, Bhopal Tel.No.0755-4064747,8085133033
Non NABH(Applied for NABH)
Exclusive Eye Care

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