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Payment of additional pension/family pension on completion of age of 80 years and above

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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi-110003

Dated the 28th September, 2010.


Sub:    Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission – Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners etc

    The undersigned is directed to say that in this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 21.5.2009 and 11.8.2009 it was provided that in case the information regarding date of birth/age is not available in the PPO or the office records, certain documents , viz. PAN Card, Matriculation certificate, Passport, CGHS Card, Driving licence and Voter’s ID Card, would be accepted as proof of date of birth/age for payment of additional pension/family pension on completion of age of 80 years and above. It was also provided that the Pension Disbursing Authority/Bank will make payment of additional pension/family pension in the above manner, on provisional basis, up to a period of three months from the month in which the proof of age/date of birth is submitted by the pensioner/family pensioner. In such cases, the Pension Disbursing Authority/Bank will immediately send one copy each of the document submitted by the pensioner/family pensioner to the Pay and Account Officer/CPAO for formal authorisation of the additional pension/family pension. The Pension Disbursing Authority/Bank will make payment of additional pension/family pension beyond a period of three months only on receipt of such an authorisation from the Pay and Account Officer. These instructions were reiterated in this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 25.6.2010.

2.     It has been brought to the notice of this Department that, in many cases, final authorisation could not be communicated by Pay & Accounts Offices to the Pension Disbursing Banks even after expiry of the stipulated period of three months from the month in which the proof of age/date of birth was submitted by the pensioner/family pensioner on account of non-receipt of sanction from the Heads of Offices.

3.     Considering the hardship that is likely to be caused to the old pensioners/family pensioners due to discontinuance of additional pension by the Pension Disbursing Authority/Bank in such cases, it has been decided that where the pensioner/family pensioner has submitted any of the prescribed documents as proof of age/date of birth, etc., payment of additional pension/family pension, on provisional basis, will continue to be made till 31.12.2010 or for a period of six months from the month in which the proof of age/date of birth was submitted by the pensioner/family pensioner, whichever is later. The Heads of Offices may ensure that all formalities regarding sanction may be taken up and additional pension sanctioned within the same period. In case the pensioner/family pensioner is unable to submit any of the documents mentioned in OMs dated 21.5.2009 and 11.8.2009 but claims additional pension based on some other documentary evidence, such cases will be submitted to the administrative Ministry. If the administrative Ministry is satisfied about the claim of the pensioner/family pensioner, it will authorise additional pension/family pension accordingly. The decision of the Administrative Ministry in this regard will be final.

(Tripti P.Ghosh)


Bonus for Railway Employees for 2009-10

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Productivity Linked Bonus to Railway Employees

Productivity Linked Bonus to group ‘C’ and ‘D’ Railway Employees for the year 2009-10 will be 77 days (last year 75 days). It will be around Rs.8860.00.

We are expecting this issue will be sorted out within this week and authentic orders will be published early.


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Bonus order have been issued today by Department of Posts.

Bonus for Postal Employees will be 60 days this year also and the maximum ceiling will be Rs.3500 for regular employees, Rs.2500 for GDS employees and Rs.1200 for casual & Temporary employees.

The 9th Steering Committe Meeting of OFB JCM III level council held on 12-03-2010

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The 9th Steering Committe Meeting of OFB JCM III level council held on 12-03-2010

The points raised by the respective members on NG Staff issued:

1.As the post of the Chargeman grade II & Grade I and the post of Assiatant and office supererindent have been merged due to the implementation of recomendations of 6th PC so the resultant vacant posts should be filled up immediately by granting one time relaxation from the residency period stipulted by DOPT OM dated 24th march 2009.further the vacant post of Asst.foreman and JWM should also be filled up.

SS/BPMS Official side views:DOPT norms contained in OM dated 24-3-09 is applicaable to all central governament employees. As such relaxation pf DOPT norms are not possible at this stage. OFB has issued instructions to effect promotions to CM(T&NT) vide OFB order dated 22-01-2010.Relaxation at this can not be accorded.Poweer to relax residen cy period rests with MOD and it may take time and entire process of promotion may be delayed.promotions to AF for 2009-10 is over.

Decision: A proposal for one time relaxation of residency period for the promotion from the feeder grade(merged) to the higher grade maay be taken up with MOD.

2.Promotion of all eligible Chargeman to AF/FM/SH. Promotions of all eligible (approximately 411) chargeman (ex-cm I/T&NT) against over all vacancies be ordered from GP Rs.4200/- to Rs.24600/- during the current financial year(before march 2010)through review DPC-2009-2010.It will facilitate paricy amongst streem and gainful utilisation of vacancies.

BKS/AIANGO. It was decided that DPC for 2010-11 may be convened at the earlist.

3.Filling the LDCE vacancies of CM against 25% from available wait list candidates in ordnance factories. RS/INDWF. last examinations of LDCE to fill 25% CM II was conducted during the year 2008. Due proposed merger of CM II with CM I, LDCE examinations were not conducted during 2009 and till date. Action is in hand for conducting LDCE during 2010.

4.Transfer Policy. BRN/BPMS . The existing policy of OFB for GOs and NGOs are faulty due to which the credibility of OFB is going down and lot of rumours are spreading to defame the prganization.He suggested for framing suitable transparent transfer policy in consultation with staff side. He also suggested to(i)stop the implementation of intger factory transfers on public interest,(ii)unavoidable transfers may be executed in the month of June/july,(iii)to issue transfer orders on promotion only etc.,.It was stated that the existing policy wasd being reiewd by the official side.

5.Creation ofseperate discipline as CM II Tech/Electical(Electronics) BNR/BPMS.OFB has issued order on 25-1-2010 with drawing its earlier instructions dated 28-5-07 regarding the promotions of Fitter Electronics to CM. Some factories are effecting th order for the individuals aalready promoted to CM (Electrical/Electronics0 It was stated that a circular would be issued to the factories not to reopen the pas cases.

6.No recruitment /joining of JWM through LDCE/UPSC till merger of AF/FM/SH with JWM. BKS/AIANGO. PROPOSAL IS NOT AGREED TO. Point is closed.

7.Gainful utilisation of vacancies and one time relaxation in eligib ility for promotion from CM to AF/FM/SH - BKS/AIANGO To fill up the remaining 2436(approx.2847-411=2436) vaciencies in Grade of AF/FM/SH.-Official side views :Right at this moment it is not advisable to go for relaxation in residency period.

8.Up gradation of & Merger AF/FM/SH with JWM w.e.f 1-1-06 as per Govt. Orders. BKS/AIANGO. Officials side says that the proposl for merger of the posts of AF/FM/SH with JWM w.e.f 1-1-06 is still under the examination of MOD along with another proposal for upgradation of pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7400/- Rs.11000/- to Rs.7500/- Rs.12000/- and accordingly awarding respective higher pay.It is decided that staff side requested that the merger orders of AF to JWM should be issued byOFB at the earliest. It was decided that the pending proposals may be pursued with MOD for early finalisation of the issue.

Source: NDNGS

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