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Wishing from "90 Paisa"

to all the Central Government Employees

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1. Eligibility:

a) All Commissioned / Honorary Commissioned Officers (serving / retired).

b) Widows of Service Officers.

c) Equivalent status of Civilian Officers / Officers of CSD. However, they will have to pay sales tax / Value Added Tax as applicable in the respective State.

d) All GREF Officers (serving / retired).

e) All SSC and EC Officers who have put in five years of reckonable service before release.

f) One of the parents i-e. either the father or the mother of unmarried deceased officers.

g) Either of the officers child, if both the parents have died and the child is drawing pension from Defence Estimates.

2. Other conditions:

a) Applicant must not have purchased a four wheeler (Car) within the last two years on the day of submission of the application. In addition, the applicant will have to give an undertaking that he/she will not sell the vehicle within next two years.

b) As per finance bill of 1998-99, quoting of PAN/GIR No is mandatory at the time of purchase of Car.

c) Application form for all entitled officers is at Appendix ‘A’


1. Eligibility:

All Personnel Below Officer rank (serving & retired), of the three services having minimum of 15 years colour service and having been released honorably are entitled to purchase a four wheeler upto 1300cc capacity.

2. Procedure and Conditions:

a) JCOs/equivalent can purchase the second car after five years of the initial purchase and all other entitled soldiers/Sailors/Airmen after seven years. Sale of car is not allowed before completion of two years from the date of purchase.

b) Serving and retired PBOR will apply on the prescribed forms as enclosed at Appendices B & C respectively.

c) The following documents shall be submitted alongwith the application:

I) Serving PBOR:-

i) A certified copy of Driving licence issued by the civil authorities.

ii) A certificate from PBOR countersigned by the CO/OC troops that the individual has not purchased a car in the last five / seven years, as applicable, and that he will not sell the car before two years and that he is liable to pay the entire excise/sales tax concession in case of any violation.

iii) A certified copy of the pay book wherein the entry with regard to purchase of car by the PBOR is made.

iv) Following Certificate from the Commanding Officer / OC Troops that financial position of the applicant allows him to purchase a car:-


        Certified that No. __________________ Rank _________ Name is eligible to purchase a car and that his financial position allows him to purchase a car. Commanding Officer/OC Troops

II) Retired PBOR: The retired PBOR shall submit an affidavit of Rs. 5/- on Non Judicial Stamp Paper covering the following:-

i) I have not purchased a car in the last 5/7 years as applicable.

ii) I shall not sell the car for the next two years.

iii) I understand that any Violation of the above will make me liable to pay back the entire excise / sales tax concessions to the Govt.

iv) The vehicle is for my personal use.

v) The vehicle purchased from the CSD will be registered on self name.

d) Entry with regards to purchase of car by retd PBOR will be made on the original PPO at the depot.

e) Misuse:

In case an individual is found to have violated any of the above conditions, that is, purchase of second car before five/seven years (as applicable) or sale of car before two years from the date of purchase, he will be liable to pay the full excise duty/sales tax as applicable.

f) Action by the CSD:

At the CSD Depot level the following action will be taken on receipt of application from the PBOR:-

a) Verify the correctness of the details furnished by the PBOR.

b) Cross check from CSD HO whether the PBOR has already purchased a car from any other CSD depot.

c) Share the data with regard to purchase of car by PBOR with other depots.

d) The PBOR will be allowed to purchase the car only after receipt of confirmation from CSD HO.

g) In case of retired PBOR following additional action shall be taken:-

i) Ensure that affidavit as above has been obtained.

ii) Ensure entry of purchase of car with date is made on the original PPO.


In the event of Officer / PBOR intending to withdraw his application due to any reason, the officer shall have to forfeit the incidental charges of Rs.500/- and balance amount will be refunded.


a) For readily available vehicles

Customer selects the vehicle with dealer. He/she submits indent form (duly completed in all respects) at the depot. He/she also deposits full amount of cost of vehicle with CSD depot. Depot in turn places Local Supply order on dealer and customer gets the delivery of vehicle.

b) For vehicles with waiting period of delivery

i) Depot will inform the customer of applicable selling price & CSD handling charges on the vehicle to be purchased by customer.

ii) Customer will deposit only 0.5% as CSD handling charges in the first instance.

iii) Depot will issue provisional booking order to concerned Dealer.

iv) Booking amount (as decided by firm and applicable for civil customers also) will be paid directly by the customer to the dealer concerned.

v) On intimation of availability of the vehicle, the customer will deposit full amount (excluding 0.5% CSD handing charges already paid) with the Depot and the Depot will place LS Order on the dealer concerned.

vi) The customer will take delivery and obtain refund of booking amount and applicable interest (as conveyed by the firm) from the dealer.


1. Eligibility:

a) All ranks (serving / retired) qualifying under entitled categories.

b) Widows of service personnel (including remarried) qualifying under entitled categories.

c) Eldest child of the deceased service personnel, if he is not survived by his wife, provided the under mentioned conditions are fulfilled:

i) If a son, he should be between 18 to 25 years of age and should not be in service or commercially employed.

ii) If a daughter, she should be unmarried.

2. Other Condition:

Entitled category of personnel should not have drawn/brought any of above items from the CSD within the last two years. Entitled purchaser shall have to give an undertaking that he / she shall not sell the vehicles for two years from the date of purchase.


1. Eligibility:

All Ranks (Serving / retired) of Armed Forces.

2. Other Condition:

Entitled category of personnel should not have drawn/brought any make of same AFD (CAT-I) items from the CSD within the last two years. Entitled purchaser shall have to give an undertaking that he / she shall not sell the item for two years from the date of purchase.


a) Entitled customers will fill the application form and submit the same to the CSD Area Depot of their choice alongwith a Bank Draft for the value of the item. Form for purchasing AFD-I items (except cars) is at Appendix ‘D’ for serving personnel and at Appendix ‘E’ for retired personnel.

b) Customers are required to deposit Demand Draft / Bankers Cheque drawn on Nationalized Bank / Scheduled bank or UTI, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI banks only. For all other State & Central Co-operative and other Private Banks, the release order will be given only after the draft / bankers cheque amount is actually credited in CSD Public Fund Account (Main). The Demand Draft / bankers cheque should be drawn in favour of “CANTEEN STORES DEPARTMENT PUBLIC FUND ACCOUNT (MAIN)” payable at the location of Area Depot. Cheques will not be accepted.

c) The application form must be countersigned by the Commanding Officer of the unit/Formation. In case of retired officers, the application must have the countersignature of Stn HQs/DDZSB. They should also produce original PPO for verification.

d) Customer should select four wheeler/car/two wheeler available with authorized dealer and obtain Engine No./ Chasis No. & other details and submit the same alongwith application form. For other AFD-I items, customers should preferably confirm availability of item with the dealer.

e) Purchase of AFD-I items is subject to compliance of procedural requirements laid down by Central / State Govts. and payment of taxes (as applicable).


Where the bonafide customer is unable to collect in person due to valid reasons proper authority letter with the signature of the nominee duly attested by the bonafide customer and countersigned by the Unit Commander in case of Serving personnel and Station HQ/Secretary, Zila Sainik Board/Deputy Director, Zila Sainik Board in case of retired Service personnel can be accepted for effecting delivery at the discretion of the Depot. All the necessary documents in respect of the bonafide customer required to be perused at the Depot will be brought by the authorised representative to book the AFD item. The delivery of an item will be given to the same person only, who signs at the Depot and in whose favour the authority for collection has been given by the Depot. No authorization in favour of any dealer or his employee will be accepted by the depots.


AFD-I items including cars can be purchased from any CSD Depot of choice of CSD customer subject to following preconditions:-

a) These items will be allowed to be purchased on smart cards since AFD limit (excluding car) is catered for in the smart card.

b) The purchase will be through valid forms processed through the CSD.

c) The form duly countersigned by the CO/OC of the unit will be verified by the CSD Manager concerned with an undertaking (on the form itself) that the individual is making a valid purchase as per authorization.

d) For all other entitled category of pers, the form will be verified by the CSD Manager/station HQ or local authority involved with canteen management.


No interest will be paid by the Department for late delivery of AFD-I items including vehicles. Customers are requested to ascertain the delivery position from the concerned dealer(s) and the concerned Depot(s) before booking of AFD-I items. Prices prevailing on date of delivery will be applicable.


Application Forms are enclosed as under:

1.       Application Form for Cars (for Officers):       Appendix ‘A’

2.       Application Form for Cars by PBOR (Serving) :       Appendix ‘B’

3.       Application Form for Cars by PBOR (Retired) :       Appendix ‘C’

4.       Application Form for AFD-I items (except Cars) by Serving Personnel :       Appendix ‘D’

5.       Application Form for AFD-I items (except Cars) by Retired Personnel :       Appendix ‘E’

More details pl. visit : www.govtempdiary.com

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