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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Central Govt. employees are likely to get 6% D.A. from January 2011

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Central Govt. employees are likely to get 6% D.A. from January 2011

Whatever the price of onion is, the D.A will not be as sweet as July last year.

As per the All India Index published by Labour Bureau, Govt. of India the Dearness Allowance payable to the Central Govt.staff with effect from January 2011 may not be more than 6 percent.

The figure for Nov'10 has just released and it stands at 182. The December figure is expected in the end of January. Even if the figure touches 185 in December, which is very unlikely, the D.A. hike will be limited to 6%.

Only thing to cheer is the fixed allowances such as Children Education Allowance, Conveyance Allowance for some category of staff will be 25% more as the D.A. will certainly cross the 50% mark. It may be remembered that D.A. linked allwances such as Transport Allowances will be unchanged.

Source: Pay Commission Update

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Anonymous said...

If AICPI stands at 185 in December, cg employees will get7% DA from January 2011 definitely.

Kiran said...

If DA crosess 50% whether it will be converted into DP or not....?

manoranjan sahu said...

Nothing to be very cheerful as DA is not going to be more than 6 percent. However DA may be 7 percent if AICIPIN for December cross 187 mark which is unlikely. But trade union should demand for merging of 50 percent DA with Basic once DA crosses 50 percent.

mad.monk9 said...

The 6CPC had given quite a relief to CG Pensioners by way of Revised Pension. The relief, however, has been more than completely negated by the spiraling prices, especially of food items.
The 6CPC has made a provision for serving personnel for merging the basic pay with the DA once it crossed 50%. The weakest of the GC employees, Pensioners, have been left out of this provision.
As things now stand, Pensioners are dipping into their emergency savings funds for mere survival.This again is violative of the Govt's own definition of Pension which is to enable the retired personnel to live a Life of dignity in keeping with their life-style during Service.
Leave alone the erstwhile life style, it is becoming increasingly difficult just to keep alive.
To top it all, the Govt brain bank seems incapable of finding any solution to the food price inflation. Every major spurt in price rise has invariably been tackled on a fire fighting basis, with expectedly poor results.
What, if anything, is the Govt doing if not governing?

krishnan said...


Today 06.01.2011 overall inflation is 18.32%. At the end of December 2010 it was around 15%. Food inflation raised to around 80%. How you say that DA will be around 6%?

There is no coherent between price raise and DA release, sir.

hanu said...

If DA reaches 50%, whther GP will also increase 25% in addition to merging of 50% DA into Basic Pay


The prices are above the sky, the DA has to be increased atleast 10% with effect from Jan.2011.

aquil abbas said...

As per data released for DA increase in one point in AICPIN, converted into DA as 2%. However, from Jyly'10 to Nov'10, the AICPIN increased 7% so it is very clear the central Govt. employees will get more than 14% DA

Anonymous said...

The next DA due from January 2011 is 7%, because according to AICPI data upto Nov. 10, the DA figure calculated is 50.81% and in December the inflation rate is much higher than Nov. 10. In Last week of Nov. 10 the inflation rate is 8.63 and in last week of December 2010 the inflation rate is 18.32%. If we get December Data from AICPI is 186 point then we get 52.03% data as for DA, then it sure 45 to 52 is 7%. We hope that the data of December may be 186 point. One another thing that as per 6th CPC recommendations, whenever DA crosses 50% the allowances would be increased by 25%, and Para 4.1.16 or 4.1.18 of 6th CPC it is not possible to covert 50% DA merge with basic pay rather it is possible earlier in scale cases, not possible in Basic Pay + Grade Pay cases. So hope only for 186 point of AICPI for 7% DA. Thanks. N from CHD.

Anonymous said...

AS per 6th pay recommendation it is not possible to covert 50% DA merge with basic pay rather it is possible earlier in scale cases, not possible in Basic Pay + Grade Pay cases.SO no body should be confused for merger of DA with pay.

bal said...

govt should borrow some thing from raja n kalamadi and give to middle class in form of relief in view of inflation ,it may request pawar to chip in too da has to be 10% min

MadMonk said...

Nice thought, Bal.
for a 10% DA, onions will have to sell @120 & rice @38!

We don't want that; do we?

Anonymous said...

For a 15% DA, onions will have to sell @120 & rice @38 Petrol jump 63


Krishan said...

SB Mohapatra Said....
There is no coherence between price index and proposed hike in DA. Therefore, the proposed hike in DA should be reconsidered and be fixed at least 10%(R) 10% more than the present DA.

Pradeep K Arora said...

If the DA increase by 6% than it cross 50% limit so that it is complusory to merge 50% DA in basic so don't worry be CHEER. PK Arora

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