Friday, April 15, 2011

The Allowances to be raised 25%

The Allowances to be raised 25%

Dearness Allowance has been raised to 51% with effect from 01-01-2011. As the Government accepted the 6CPC recommendations, when D.A reaches 50%, the allowances which are compensatory in nature also should be raised by 25%. There are many allowances and advances are recommended to be raised 25% .

NFIR insisted that 37 Allowances and Advances have to be increased and also demanded the railway Ministry to issue necessary orders without any delay. Many of our central government employees keep on asking that when will the allowance be raised? As the D.A reaches 50% in January 2011 itself, subsequently all the allowance should witness the hike from January 2011. If so, how the children education allowance will be calculated for the remaining period of this academic year? The advances, which have been issued from January 2011 to till date, can be raised? Necessary Clarifications are expected from competent authorities very soon.

NFIR demanded the railway ministry to raise the following Allowances 25%

1- Children Educational Allowance
2- Hostel Subsidy Allowance
3- Child Care Allowance (for Disabled)
4- Washing Allowance
5- Travelling Allowance (T.A)
6- National Holiday (NHA)
7- Break Down Allowance (BDA)
8- Special Allowance for Engineering Gateman
9- Conveyance Allowance
10- Cycle Maintenance Allowance
11- Night Patrolling Allowance
12- Road Mileage Allowance
13 Tribal Area Allowance
14 Hill Area Allowance
15- Bad Climate Allowance
16- Nursing Uniform Allowance
17- Nursing Allowance
18- Washing Allowance (Nursing Staff)
19- Project Allowance (Construction/Survey)
20- Project Allowance (Construction/Survey)
21- Composite Transfer Grant (CTG)
22- Uniform Allowance Kit Maintenance Allowance & Washing Allowance (RPF/SRPF Group A Officers only)
23- PG Allowance & Annual Allowance (for Doctors alone)
24- Health & Malaria Inspectors (Additional Duty)
25- Commercial Staff in charge of flag stations
26- Teachers Library work
(i) ATP -Primary School
(ii) Middle School
(iii) High/Higher Secondary School
27- Announcers ECRCs/Coomercial Clerks/TCs
28 -Train Supdt./TS (Rajdhani Exp.)
29- Steward (Dy. TS) (Rajdhani Exp.)
30 -CTIs/TTEs Flying Squad
31- Cook/Cook mate
32- Senior Scale
JA Grade
SA Grade (Hindi Officers)
33- Festival Advance
34- Bicycle Advance
35- Warm Clothing Advance
36- Flood Advance
37- Natural Calamity Advance

Source: GServants

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Anonymous said...

hi..m a govt employee.just wanted to know if 25% allowance will raised will be for NIFR ONLY or for all govt employees?

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