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Expected Dearness Allowance from July-2011

Expected Dearness Allowance from July-2011
Apart from annual increment, which falls in 1st July every year, all the Government Employees are very much excited to know the rate of Dearness Allowance from 1st July 2011.The reason for their excitement to know the D.A from July 2011 is quite simple. Though the Annual Increment also brings some adequate amount of money to their pay package, they feel no excitement in it. Because every body knows and is sure that they will get 3% of their Pay in the pay band and Grade Pay as the Increment of every year and they make it counted. But as for as D.A is concerned nobody knows what will be the rate of increase in Dearness Allowance, as the AICPI Number for the Industrial Workers for the month of June 2011 will be announced probably on 31st July 2011.The amount of increase in Dearness Allowance will make their pay packet big. Unexpected increase in salary will decrease their expected financial burdens. This is the reason many of us curiously searching for the prediction over Dearness Allowance.

AICPIN-IW for the past three months have been already announced by Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India in its Web site. According to it AICPIN-IW for the month of January 2011 is 188, February 2011-185 and March 2011 is 185. AICPIN-IW for the remaining three months ie April, May and June 2011 have yet to be announced. So this is not the right time to answer correctly to the question of what will be the Dearness Allowance from July 2011? But as per the past 9 months average of monthly All India Consumer Price Index (IW) with the base year 2001=100, we can expect that the hike in Dearness Allowance from July 2011 will be around 6% to 7%

Many of our viewers frequently asking about the rate of Dearness Allowance for the particular year from 1996 to 2011.For their reference the rate of Dearness Allowance from the year 1996 to 2011 has been given below

After 6CPC :-

1st Jan  2011 –  51%
1st July 2010 –   45%
1st Jan  2010 –  35%
1st July 2009 –   27%
1st Jan  2009 –  22%
1st July 2008 –  16%
1st Jan  2008 –  12%
1st July 2007 –    9%
1st Jan  2007 –    6%
1st July 2006  –   2%
1st Jan  2006  –   0


Before 6CPC :-

1st Jan 2009
1st July 2008 –  54%
1st Jan 2008 –   47%
1st Jul 2007 –    41%
1st Jan 2007 –   35%
1st Jul 2006 –    29%
1st Jan 2006 –   24%
1st Jul 2005 –    21%
1st Jan 2005 –   17%
1st Jul 2004 –    14%
1st Apr 2004 (DA Merger) - 11%
1st Jan 2004 –  61%
1st Jul 2003 –   59%
1st Jan 2003 –  55%
1st Jul 2002 –   52%
1st Jan 2002 –  49%
1st Jul 2001 –   45%
1st Jan 2001 –  43%
1st Jul 2000 –   41%
1st Jan 2000 –  38%
1st Jul 1999 –   37%
1st Jan 1999 –  32%
1st Jul 1998 –   22%
1st Jan 1998 –  16%
1st Jul 1997 –   13%
1st Jan 1997 –    8%
1st Jul 1996 –     4%
1st Jan 1996 –    0



Source: GServants

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