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Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organized Group ‘A’ Services in PB-3 and PB-4

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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi, the 1th July,2011

Office Memorandum

Subject:- Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organized Group ‘A’ Services in PB-3 and PB-4

A reference is invited to this Department 0M No.AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dated 24.04.09 on the above subject. The details of batch of the officers belonging to the Indian Administrative Service who have been posted at the Centre in the various grades of PB-3. PB-4 and HAG was last circulated in this Department 0M of even No.dated 04.01.2011.

2. The details of the lAS officers who have been subsequently posted in the Centre in the various grades as well as the date of posting of the first officer belonging to the batch is annexed. Necessary action may be taken for grant of higher scale for the Officers belonging to batches of Organized Group A Services that are senior by two year or more and have not so far been promoted to that particular grade in accordance with the provisions of this Department’s 0M No.AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dated 24.4.2009

3. Hindi version will follow.

(Smita Kumur)
Director (Estt.I)





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Sanjay Chavre said...

Subject: Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organized Group ‘A’ Services in PB-3 and PB -parity between Group A Officers in Government of India.

JCM is requested to kindly take up the issue of Pay parity amongst Group A officers recruited directly through UPSC examinations. Following are the submissions.
• Group A Officers in Government of India have been demanding complete parity with IAS.
• Sixth Pay Commission recommended limited financial parity with a difference of two years on personal basis with IAS for organised Group A Services only.
• The Government of India accepted the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission and issued orders vide DoPT O.M. No.AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dated the 24th April, 2009.
• This created an anomaly between organised Group A Services and Group A Posts (commonly known as unorganised Group A Services counted in General Central Secretariat Group A Services). Here it may be noted that they are recruited through the same UPSC examinations as their counterparts in Organised Group A Services. There are Recruitment Rules for such Unorganised Group A Services as well.
• Unorganised Group A Services Employees have requested the Government to apply non-functional upgradation as above in their case also.
• It may be mentioned that Modified Assured Career Promotion Scheme is not available to Organised Group A Services vide MACP is applicable to Unorganised Group A Services as also in Group B, Group C and Group D.
• Hon’ble Supreme Court in its judgement dated 06/05/2004 in the case of State of Mizoram & Another vs. Mizoram Engineering Services Association & Another clearly stated that “we see hardly any difference in Organised and Unorganised Service so far as Government Service is concerned. In Government Service such a distinction does not appear to have any relevance. Civil Service is not trade unionism. We fail to appreciate what is sought to be conveyed by the use of words Örganised Service” and Ünorganised Service”. Nothing has been pointed out in this behalf. The argument is wholly misconceived.
• Principles of natural justice recognised by the Sixth Pay Commission and also the aforementioned Government Order clearly established need for some parity. Leaving out Unorganised Group A Services is not giving parity to a section of Group A Officers.
• It may also be noted that except for the Recruitment Rules all other employee benefits like pay and allowances etc. are identical in case of Group A (for that matter all Central Government) Employees. No purpose is served by excluding a fraction of Group A Employees from the scope of granting Non-functional pay parity.
Sanjay Chavre

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