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Last date to avail the relaxation of travel by air on LTC to visit Jammu&Kashmir is 17.6.2012

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Last date to avail the relaxation of travel by air on LTC to visit Jammu&Kashmir is 17.6.2012.

The fantastic opportunity to travel by air with family members to visit Jammu&Kashmir will be ended on 17.6.2012 and the relaxation to travel by air with family members to visit North East Region area to avail upto 30.4.2012 only. There is no confirmation to further extension of the relaxation to travel by air to Jammu&Kashmir and NER to Central Government serving employees. 

The orders has been issued by Dopt from time to time regarding to travel on LTC by air Jammu&Kashmir and NER...

G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg. O.M. No.31011/2/2001-Estt(A) dated 25th August, 2011

CCS(LTC) Rules, 1988-Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the 0M. of even number dated the 18.6.2010 and to state that the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) have clarified that the term ‘Entitled class” mentioned in para 1(u) of the above quoted O.M.refers to “Economy class” only. All LTC claims for travel by air may accordingly be restricted to LTC80 Economy class air fare of Air India from the date of issue of this Office Memorandum.

2. Past cases already settled will not be re-opened.


G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg. O.M. No.31011/2/2003-Estt.(A), dated the 5thAugust, 2010

Regulation of journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession to Jammu & Kashmir.
After issue of DOPT O.M. No.31011/2/2003-estt.(A) dated 18/6/2010 regarding relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K, clarifications have been sought by Government servants/various Ministries/Departments from time to time. The doubts raised by various authorities have now been clarified by Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) as under:-

Point raised   
1.Whether entitled officers can travel by Private airlines to J&K ?   
Yes. Travel by private airlines is available to all the categories of Government employees including those entitled in travel by Air.
Point raised
2.Whether the restriction of LTC 80 fare of Air India will apply in these cases ?   
LTC 80 fare would apply to all cases including those entitled to travel by air irrespective of their airlines.

3.This issues in consultation with Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their I.D. No.821838/SO-E.IV/2010 dated 3rd August, 2010

G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg. O.M. No. 31011/2/2003-Estt. (A-IV), dated the 18th June, 2010

CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 – Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K

The undersigned is directed to say that in relaxation of CCS(LTC) Rules. 1988, it has been decided by the Government to permit Government employees to travel by air to J&K as per the following scheme:-

(i) All officers/employees of Government of India will be allowed to avail LTC to visit J&K against conversion of one block of their Home Town LTC.

(ii) Officers/employees of Government of India entitled to travel by air can avail this LTC in their entitled class.

(iii) All other employees of Government of India can travel by air in economy class from Delhi and Amritsar to any place in J&K by any airlines subject to their entitlement being limited to LTC-80 fares of Air India. Journey from their place of posting up to Delhi/Amritsar will have to be undertaken as per their entitlement.

(iv) Restriction of air travel only by Air India on LTC to other places shall continue to remain in force.

(v) This scheme shall be effective from the date of issuance.

2. These orders shall be in operation for a period of two years from the date of issue of this O.M.

3. In their application to the staff serving in the Indian audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue on consultation with comptroller and Auditor General of India.

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