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Encashment of Earned Leave along with Leave Travelling Concession (LTC) for the staff of BSNL

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(A Government of India Enterprise)

No: 1-10/2010- PAT(BSNL)


Subject: Encashment of Earned Leave along with Leave Travelling Concession (LTC) for the staff of BSNL (absorbed, directly recruited & un-absorbed employees) without deducting the same from the overall accumulation limit of 300 days — clarifications regarding.

Following the issue of this office order (No. 19 of 2010) of even no. dated 27 10.2010, this office has received references from various circles seeking clarifications regarding encashment of EL while availing LTC The matter has been considered in this office and points of doubts raised by the circles and the clarifications thereto are issued as under:-




1.Whether encashment is allowed for cases where the employee alongwith some other members of his/her family has already availed LTC before 28.9.2010 but remaining members avail LTC on or after 28.9.2010?



2. Whether the Earned Leave Encashment of 10 days is admissible. if the employee does not proceed on LTC and only the eligible family members are availing the LTC


The encashment of Earned Leave while availing LTC is admissible to the employees of BSNL where the outward journey is performed by him/her:-

a) On or after 28-09-2010 PAT, BSNL order (No.19 of 2010) No. 1-10/2010-PAT(BSNL)/Encashment of EL dated 27.10.10 is applicable

b) b) Prior to 28-09-2010 PAT, BSNL order no. 13- 2/20 1 0-PAT(BSNL) dated 18-03-2010 is applicable.

[the concerned employee should avail LTC for himself/herself for getting encashment of earned leave at the time of availing LTC]


3. Whether amount of encashment of EL can be paid before commencement of LTC journey considering the fact that if the LTC journey is cancelled by the employee due to any reason, there would be overpayment on such encashment. which is required to be recovered forthwith In such cases of cancellation of LTC journey, how the recovery of penal interest for the period the encashment amount is lying with the employee will be charged?


The amount of encashment of EL can be paid either in advance i.e. before commencement of journey on LTC or after completion of journey on LTC. However, employee should apply for leave encashment before proceeding on journey.

In case of payment of EL encashment paid in I advance and cancellation of LTC journey, the employee concerned should intimate about cancellation to the sanctioning authority and refund the full amount of encashment of EL immediately (i e. within a week from the date of cancellation of LTC journey).

In case of non-refund of amount of encashment of EL within the stipulated time, the amount may be recovered in one lump—sum from the next issue of his/her salary and the penal interest on the entire advance from the date of drawal to the date of recovery will be charged Regarding rate of penal interest and other terms & conditions of recovery Rule 15 of CCS I (LTC)Res, 1988 should be followed


4. Whether BSNL permitted its employees to avail encashment of earned leave upto 10 days at the time of availing LTC without any linkage to the number of days and the nature of leave availed while proceeding on LTC.


As per this Office Order (No.05/20 10) issued under letter No.13-2/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 18.3.2010, there is no linkage to the number and nature of leave availed while proceeding on LTC for availing encashment of EL upto 10 days at the time of availing LTC, for the present.


5 .Whether the 10 days leave encashment can be granted to the officers/officials, who are availing less then ten days E/L or C/L for LTC purpose.


Yes. Encashment of EL. is admissible subject to the terms and conditions available in the existing relevant orders.


6. Whether the word ‘LTC’ qualify an official to avail leave encashment on home town LTC also.


The Encashment of EL is admissible on the Home Town LTC and All India LTC once in a block of two years & four years respectively as the case may be.


7. How the Earned leave encashed alongwith LTC will be debited into the account of the employees.


The number of days of Earned Leave encashed on LTC together with number of days of Earned leave availed will be deducted from the account of EL of the concerned employee.

However, at the time of cessation of service due to superannuation! retirement) resignation, he/she will be allowed the actual number of days of earned leave at the credit of the employee on the last day of his service, subject to overall limit of 300 days/i 50 days as the case may be.



(Sheo Shankar Prasad)

Assistant General Manager (Pers.V)




Sunderban Allowance to Central Government employees working in West Bengal

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Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi the 30th June, 2011

Subject: Sunderban Allowance to Central Government employees working in West Bengal.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Ministry’s OM No.20(1)/97-E.II(B) dated 17th July,2001 on the subject cited above and to convey the sanction of the President for the continued grant of Sunderban Allowance at the existing rates (Based on the notional pay in pre-revised scales) to the Central Government employees posted in the Sunderban areas of West Bengal for a further period from 01-01-2003 to 31-08-2008 and at the revised rates (indicated in the Table below) from 01-09-2008 onwards and upto the period for which the Government of West Bengal continues to pay this allowance to its employees, subject to the fulfillment of the existing terms and conditions in this regard.

Existing Rates (in Rupees) Revised Rates (in Rupees)
Pay Range (1) Rate w.e.f. 01.08.1997 (In Rupees)(2) Pay in the Pay Band (3) Rate w.e.f.01 .09.2008 (4)
Below 3000 30 Below 5600 60
3000 - 4499 60 5600-8400 120
4500-5999 90 8401-11200 180
6000-9000 120 11201-16800 240

2.In case of those employees who have opted to retain the pre-revised scale of pay after the Sixth Pay Commission, their entitlement to the Sunderban Allowance would be determined with reference to pre-revised pay range indicated in column (1) of the table above and the rate prescribed in Column (2) will apply from 1.1.2003 to 31 .8.2008 and that in column (4) of the table will apply w.e.f. 1.9.2008

3. In their application to employees serving in Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue in consultation with Comptroller and Auditor
General of India.

4. Hindi Version of this OM is attached.

(Madhulika P. Sukul)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India.

Source: www.finmin.nic.in


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MACP Scheme - its impact on the Postal employees


Macp for Postal employees


Source: NFPE

Postal Strike deferred

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Postal Strike deferred

NFPE said that the proposed  Strike (05.07.2011) is deferred.

Gist of settlement & Charter of Demands

Orders on the Charter of Demands

Click here for Gist of Discussion

Click here for orders on Demands

Courtesy : NFPE

Payment of stipend to the Engineering Graduates/Diploma Holders — Increase in the rate of

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Government of Indian
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

RBE No.9/2011

No. E(MPP)2006/6/3

New Delhi, dated 24.06.2011

The General Manager(P),
All Indian Railways
and Production Units

Sub:- Apprentices Act,1961 - Payment of stipend to the Engineering Graduates/Diploma Holders — Increase in the rate of

Ref:- Board’s letter No. E(MPP)2006/6/3 dated 30.05.2008

Please find enclosed a copy of letter No. DGET-23(4)(3304)/2010-AP dated 08.04.2011 received from Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment forwarding notification regarding revision of rates of stipend for Graduate, Technician and Technician(Vocational) Apprentices under Apprenticeship Training Scheme.

2. It has accordingly been decided by the Board that the Apprentices under the category Engineering Graduates/Diploma Holders should be paid stipend with effect from 23rd March, 2011 at the revised rates as notified in the Ministry of Labour’s notification referred to above. The expenditure should be met from within the existing allotment.

3. Board’s instructions relating to raising debits to Ministry of Human Resources Development as issued vide letter No. E(MPP)93/6/2 dated 26.07.95 will hold good in the instant case.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Please acknowledge receipt.

DA: As above

(Anil Wason )
Dy. Director(MPP)
Railway Board


Government of India
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Directorate General of Employment & Training

New Delhi, dated: April 8, 2011

All the members of Central Apprenticeship Council

Subject: Forwarding of notification — reg.


I directed to forward herewith a copy of gazette notification no. G.S.R. 228(E) published on dated 23rd March 2011 in part II, section 3, sub-section (i) of the Gazette of India regarding enhancement of rates of stipend for Graduate, Technician and Technician(Vocational) apprentices under the Apprentices Act, 1961.

Yours faithfully,
(Satish Kumar)
Assistant Director of Training.


The Gazette of India
PART II- Section 3 - Sub-section (i)

(Directorate General of Employment and Training)


New Delhi, the 23rd March, 2011

GS.R. 228(E).—In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 37 of the Apprentices Act, 1961 (52 of 1961), the Central Government, after consulting the Central Apprenticeship Council, hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992, namely

1. (1) These rules may be called the Apprenticeship (Amendment) Rules, 2011.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992, in rule II, in sub-rule (2), for clauses (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) and the entries relating thereto, the following shall be substituted, namely :—
“(a) Graduate Apprentices - Rs.3560 per month
(b) Sandwich Course - Rs.2530 per month
(Students from Degree Institutions)

(c) Technician Apprentices - Rs.2530 per month

(d) Sandwich course - Rs.2070 per month
(Students from Diploma Institutions)

(e) Technician (Vocational) - Rs.1970 per month

[F. No. DGET.23(4)(3304)/2010-AP]

SHARDA PRASAD, Director General/Jt.Secy.


Source: AIRF


Medical Decategorization of staff - Issuance of proper certificate

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New Delhi dated:01.07.2011

General Managers
Indian Railways

Sub: Medical Decategorization of staff - Issuance of proper certificate

Arising out of demand by staff side in DC/JCM meeting, the subject mentioned above has been examined in consultation with Establishment
Directorate and the following has been decided by Ministry of Railways. Pursuant to the notification of PWD Act -1995, an employee acquiring disability during service cannot be dispensed with or reduced in rank and has to be adjusted against a suitable post with same pay scale and service benefits.

Therefore, the Terminology ‘Medical Decategorization’ be replaced by ‘Alternative Employment on Medical Grounds’.

IRMM-2000 Para 521 (Annexure IX & X), para 523 (ii) & para 561(B) shall be amended accordingly.

(Dr. D.P. Pande)
Executive Director Health/Plg.
Railway Board

Source: AIRF

Feedback on DC/JCM Meeting held on 29th June, 2011

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We have reproduced the full contents of the post has been published by the All India Railwaymen's Federation for your information...

Feedback on DC/JCM Meeting held on 29th June, 2011

2nd day DC/JCM meeting of the year 2011(scheduled to be held on 5th May, but was boycotted by the Federations) was held yesterday, i.e. on 29th June, 2011, when AIRF raised the following points:

During the Preamble, AIRF raised the following issues:

(I) Filling-up of vacancies
(ii) Problems of Running Staff in respect of arrears from 1.1.2006, revision of rates of Running Allowance and fixation of pay on promotion.

(iii) Anomalies in granting MACP.

(iv) Arbitrary orders of the Railway Board, rescinding their earlier orders of MACP for Pharmacists.

(v) Removal of anomalies by granting GP Rs.4800 in all streams of Group ‘C’ etc.

(vi) Upgradation of 15% group ‘C’ posts to group ‘B’.

(vii) Cadre restructuring without insisting Matching Surrender of posts.

(viii) Restoration of promotional posts surrendered arbitrarily.

(ix) Issue of revised PPO to the staff retired before 1.1.2006.

(x) Extension of scope for opting RELHS.

(xi) Issue of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes at par with serving employees.

(xii) Issue of AC Tier Pass to the Cancer Patients for treatment and penodical check up.

(xiii) Extension of scope of LARSGESS to all other categories.

(xiv) Minimum educational qualification for compassionate ground appointment and appointment on
LARSGESS to remain Class viii standard.


Gist of discussions took place in the meeting

Item No.1/2011: Disciplinary proceedings arising out of Vigilance cases against Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff—

Separate discussion will be held with Adviser(Vig.).

Item No.2/2011: Encashment of Leave on Average Pay(LAP) while availing Railway Passes/PTOs

Only issue of Pass will entitle, Running Staff, including LP, ALP, Motormen, Shunter, Guard, SM/ASM for encashment of Leave on Average Pay for 10 days.

Item No.3/2011: Denial of overtime payment to the Supervisors(excluded) when called out in connection with accidents/breakdowns

The issue is under consideration of the Railway Board.

Item No.4/2011: (i) Implementation of MACPS-Anomalies, (ii) Implementation of MACPS in the category of Sr. Supervisors/ P. Way in PB 2 with GP Rs.4200, (iii Grant of financial upgradation to Accounts Staff under MACP Scheme

Separate discussion will be held with the Railway Board.

Item No.5/2011: Review of working hours of Nursing personnel working in the Railway Hospitals — Reg.

The matter is under examination.

Item No.6/2011: Revision of the rates of ex-gratia to the surviving State Railway Provident Fund (SRPF) (Contributory) retirees

Cabinet Note has been submitted by the Railway Board proposing enhancement of ex-gratia.

Item No.7/2011: One time exception for granting the benefits of GDCE

The issue was placed before the Full Board but the Full Board did not agree to the same. It will again placed before the cull Board for consideration.

Item No.8/2011: Demands of the AC staff of the Indian Railways

(i) Grey Colour cloth will be suggested for pant

(ii) In respect of harassment of AC staff, separate letter has been sent to the Zonal Railways by the Railway Board.

(iii) Washing Allowance — Under consideration.

(iv) The matter of providing berth will be processed.

Item No.9/2011: Scale of electrical fittings for staff quarters — Provision for installing air-conditioners in residential quarters

The issue will be processed.

Item No.10/2011: Reimbursement of Hostel Subsidy to the employees for keeping their children in the Hostel of a Residential School away from the station they are posted/residing irrespective of any transfer liability

(i) Railway Board wanted specific examples.

(ii) Reg. Hostel of Residential Schools, it was pointed out that original orders and the recommendations did not specify the same. After detail deliberation, Railway board have agreed to re-look the matter and to make reference to DoP&T, if found justified.

Item No.11/2011: Grant of parity in Grade Pay and Pay Band to the categories of Stenographers and Rajbhasha Staff

Under favourable examination.

Item No.12/2011: Acceptance of Voluntary Retirement request of Medically de-categorized staff with less than 20 Years Qualifying service — Grant of compassionate appointment to the wards of such staff and grant of pension

Demand agreed principally.

Item No.13/2011: Post Retirement Pass to staff retiring with less than 20 years of service

The demand will be processed.

Item No.14/2011: Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) with Grade Pay of Rs.1800

Under Examination.

Item No.15/2011: Classification of Train Controllers as Intensive under HOER

Separate meeting will be held with the Member Traffic.

Item No.16/2011: Strengthening of Legal Cadre in the Railways

Status Report on the recommendation of Manchanda Committee will be sent to the Federations.

Item No.17/2011: Implementation of Rest Rules for the staff of Track Machine Organization

Separate meeting will be held.

Item No.18/2011: Earmarking posts of Section Officer (Accounts) for Non-Appendix III IREM Exam qualified Accounts Assistants

Pending for discussion.

Item No.19/2011: Provision of companion in same class for Post Retirement Complementary First Class Pass holders who lost their life partner/unmarried in lieu of companion in Second/Sleeper Class

Under consideration.

Item No.20/2011: Grievances of the staff of Railway Staff College, Vadodra

The matter of giving effect of restructuring orders from 01.11.2003 instead of 14.9.2005 will be considered.

Item No.21/2011: Rescinding of Railway Board’s orders in respect of Manpower Planning

Orders have been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(MPP)201011/46 dated 7.4.2011 withdrawing restriction for filling up of vacancies.

Item No.22/2011: Regularization of casual labourers waiting in live register

Separate meeting will be held.

Item No.23/2011: Retention of Railway quarter at the previous place of posting by Railway employees —

It was agreed that power will be delegated to the GMs to consider the matter where quarters are surplus to the requirement in a particular station.

Item No.24/2011: Provision of accommodation to Trackmen in Accident Relief Train

The matter is under consideration.

Item No.25/2011: Appointment of the wards of the staff rendered surplus

The matter will be examined.

Item No.26/2011: Implementation of the recommendation of Group ‘D’ Staff Promotion Committee (Ansari Committee)

The matter is under examination.

Item No.27/2011: (i) Compassionate appointment to the wards of medically de-categorized staff,(ii) Issuance of incorrect Medical Certificates in the case of medically de-categorised staff leading to avoidable problems and denial of compassionate appointment

Specific issues will be considered.

Item No.28/2011: Entitlement of Railway employees for traveling In “Duronto’ Express Trains on the pattern of Rajdhani /Shatabdi Express Trains

On duty between two stops agreed.

Item No.29/2011: Filling-up posts of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers/Crew Controllers—Modification thereof

The issue is under examination.

Item No.30/2011: (i) Grievances of Laboratory Staff of Medical Department,  (ii) Qualification for appointmentof Laboratory Asstt. in GP Rs.2400

Issues are under examination.

(Rakhal Das Gupta)
Working President

Encashment of Leave to be granted to Government Servants on their appointment in Central Public Enterprises

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Encashment of Leave to be granted to Government Servants on their appointment in Central Public Enterprises

No. 14028/3/2011 -Estt(L)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
* * * *

New Delhi, the 24th May, 2011

Office Memorandum

Subject : Encashment of Leave to be granted to Government Servants on their appointment in Central Public Enterprises.

             The undersigned is directed to state that this Department has been receiving references from various Ministries/Departments seeking clarification regarding the entitlement to leave encashment on appointment of Government Servants in Central Public Enterprises.

2. As per DoPT OM No. 2801615/85-Estt.(C) dated 3 1/1/1986, appointment o f an officer in a Central Public Enterprise after acceptance of his technical resignation from Government is treated as immediate absorption. As per the terms and conditions contained in this OM, a Central Government Servant taking appointment in the Central Public Enterprises on Immediate Absorption basis was entitled to encashment of Earned Leave to his credit at the time of acceptance of his resignation from Government Service, subject to a limit of 180 days. Half Pay Leave stood forfeited. (The limit of Earned Leave which could be thus encashed was later raised to 300 days).

3. It i s clarified that a s per rule 39-D of the CCS (Leave) Rules,1972, the calculation of leave encashment in case of permanent absorption in Public Sector Undertaking/Autonomous Body wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Central/State Government will be as per rule 39(2)(b) which has been amended vide Notification GSR 170 dated 1/12/2009 to read as under:-

(i)Cash equivalent for earned leave


Pay admissible on the date of retirement plus Dearness Allowance admissible on that date / 30


Number of days of unutilized earned leave at credit subject to the total of earned leave and Half Pay Leave at credit not exceeding 300 days.

(ii)cash payment in lieu of Half Pay Leave component


Half Pay Leave salary admissible on the date of retirement plus Dearness Allowance admissible on that date / 30


Number of days of Half Pay Leave at credit subject to the total of Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave at credit not exceeding 300 days

No commutation of Half Pay Leave shall be permissible to make up the  shortfall  in Earned Leave.

The cash equivalent of leave salary under Clause (a) shall be calculated as follows and shall be payable in one lumpsum as a one time settlement -

4. All Ministries/Departments may note for further action accordingly.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(Zoya C.B.)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Source  : www.persmin.nic.in


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