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JCM Functioning raised in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting on 17th July 2012

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Confederation Secretary General Flash News :

JCM Functioning raised in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting on 17th July 2012

We have already placed a gist of discussions and decision of the 4th National anomaly Committee meeting held today on agenda items that came up for consideration.  The Staff Side of the National Council met on 16th.  The issue of the non functioning of the JCM at the Departmental level and the ineffectiveness of the council meetings wherever it meets were the subject matter of serious discussions at the Staff Side.  The last meeting of the National Council was held in 2010.  The non acceptance of the arbitration awards, the inordinate delay in taking final view of items introduced as agenda by the official side and the non issuance of orders on agreed items, the refusal to record disagreement and refusal to refer the issue to arbitration etc. were raised by the members of the Staff Side.  It was therefore, decided that this issue should be taken up seriously by the leader and Secretary in their initial remark at the NAC meeting and should elicit concrete response from the official side.


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Confederation Secretary General K.K.N. Kutty published the gist of discussions of National Anomaly Committee on its blog today... 

The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January 2012, decisions and discussions are given hereunder...



The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January, 2012.  All the items could not be discussed on that day.  The meeting was postponed and the same was held today on 17th July, 2012.  The gist of discussions and decisions are given hereunder.

Item No.1. Pay band of the merged pay scales: The demand to reconstruct the pay band in respect of merged pay scales (S8 to S10) by multiplying the minimum of the highest pay scales (6500-10,500) with 1.86 by virtue of which the pay band will commence with Rs. 12100 instead of 9300 is not agreed and as per the scheme disagreement has been recorded.

Item No.2. Extending the date for exercise of option:  Extending the date for exercise of option to come to the new pay scale as also to the next increment date on promotion was discussed at length.  While the official side will agree to reopen the promotional cases where such change of option becomes necessary on account of an unforeseen event, the question of extending the date in general will have to be examined.  The case of necessity to change the option once exercised in view of the recent order on increment was raised by the Staff Side. The Official side agreed to issue a clarificatory order.

Detailed discussion points of National Anomaly Committee published by AIRF

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AIRF published the detailed issue wise Feedback of National Anomaly Committee meeting on its official website today. And decided in the meeting that the items relating to MACP Scheme would be discussed in a separate meeting on 27th July. 

The next meeting will be held on 27th July, 2012.

Feedback of the 5th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee 5th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held today under the chairmanship of  Secretary, DoP&T.

At the outset Com. Umraomal Purohit, Secretary, Staff Side, National Council(JCM), raised the following points:-

He explained the background of setting-up of JCM Scheme and emphasized that the scheme has been effective to resolve the disputes between the Central Government employees and Government of India. But of late, the scheme is not been administered properly causing frustration among the Central Government employees.

He reminded the Secretary, DoP&T that since he is the custodian of the scheme, it would be appropriate for him to see that the scheme functions both at the National and Departmental levels in its letter and spirit. 

Brief feedback of the National Anomaly Committee meeting - AIRF

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A brief feedback of the National Anomaly Committee meeting has been published by one of the major trade union AIRF in Railways on its official website yesterday itself.

The short note of the meeting held on 17th July, 2012 is given below for your information and the detailed discussion points with decision will be published shortly...

Highlights of National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17.07.2012

1.    Promotee in same grade pay will get one extra increment.

2.     Running staff issues for giving MACP & special increment will be resolved sympathetically & orders will be issued within a month as per commitment of Secy./NAC & DOPT chairman.

3.    The supervisors of earlier APEX Grade i.e. 7450-11500 are very likely to get one special increment. The AIRF is doing all out efforts to get that increment w.e.f. 01.01.2006.

4.    It has also been agreed that where there is Direct Recruitee in a cadre, promotee will get the basic pay @ par with Direct Recruitee in other words Promotee will not get less pay as compared to Direct Recruitee.

5.    The MACP issue including removal of infructous Grade Pay Rs. 2000 were also discussed and separate meeting on MACP issues will be held on 27.07.2012.

6. The staff side also raised the issues of Librarians/Asstt. Librarians. The official side assured staff side for earlier consideration, after collecting data from Ministry of Culture which is nodal Ministry for this.

The staff side shown its anguish on non functional of JCM scheme due to which National Council is not being held since Feb. 2010. Meetings of anomalies committees are also not taking place frequently except Railways, Defence & P&T. The Departmental Anomaly Committees are either not constituted or non functional. Chairman National Anomaly Committee and Secy/DOPT assured that JCM scheme will be revived & NC meeting will take place after the Monsoon session of Parliament.

The details of other items will be followed soon...

Decisions and Discussions : National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17.7.2012

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Decisions and Discussions : National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17.7.2012

Highlights of discussions in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17th July, 2012

NFIR General Secretary Shri.Raghavaiah JCM Staff Side Leader, published the outcome of discussion on some important issues on its website. 

1. Special Allowance and Qualification Pay : The demand for taking special allowance and qualification pay for fixation prupose on promotion w.e.f.1.1.2006 is agreed to be considered and finalized within one month.

2. Rule 8 of Revised Pay Rules : It was agreed that taking into considereation, Recruitment Rules the Senior promotee's pay will be allowed to be fixed at the same stage (especially at the minimum of pay) thus the seniors will get the entry stage pay fixed for direct recruits.

3. Transport Allowance : Since CCA got subsumed in the Transport Allowance resulting denial of Overtime, action will be taken to review this particular aspects to mitigate the hardship.

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