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ADASA Members meet JCM member Shri M. Raghavaiah

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ADASA Members meet JCM member Shri M. Raghavaiah at Hyderabad...


ADASA, Doordarshan Members meet JCM member Shri M. Raghavaiah at Hyderabad yesterday evening to know the latest developments concerning Central Government Employees.  Shri Raghavaiah explained that so far only three meetings have taken place with anomaly committee to resolve the anomalies cropped up after the implementation of VI CPC recommendations.  

PCDA Pension Orders : Defence Service Personnel and Ex-Servicemen- Improvement in Pension of JCO/ ORs Armed Forces retired / discharged / invalided out of service prior to 01.01.2006.

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Circular No. 512 
Dated: 26-06-2013

1. The Chief Accountant, RBI. Deptt. Of Govt Bank Accounts, Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex. P B No. 8143, Bandre East Mumbai-400051
2. All CMDs, Pubic Sector Banks including IDBI Bank
3. Nodal Officers, ICICI/HDFC/AXIS/IDBI Banks
4. All Managers, CPPCs
5. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
6. The PCDA (WC), Chandigarh
7. The CDA (PD), Meerut
8. The CDA,Chennai
9. The Director of Treasuries, All States...
10. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Delhi Administration, RK puram and Tis Hazan, New Delhi
11. The Pay and Accounts Office, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai
12. The Post Master Kathua (J&K)
13. The Pr. Pay and Accounts Officer, Adman and Nicobar Administration, Port Blair

Subject: Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Committee Secretaries 2012 on the issues related to Defence Service Personnel and Ex-Servicemen- Improvement in Pension of JCO/ ORs Armed Forces retired / discharged / invalided out of service prior to 01.01.2006.

Reference: This office Circular No. 501 and 502 dated 17.01.2013.

PDAs are aware that as per this Office circular cited under reference, service pension in respect of JCOs / ORs discharged with qualifying service of 15 years and more will be revised by PDAs with reference to qualifying service, rank and group last held by the individuals as per tables attached with above cited circular.

It has been observed that various PDAs feel difficulties while revising pension w.e.f 24-09-2012. Accordingly clarification on some of major problems are given as under-

1. Terms of engagement - 
The Maximum terms of engagement of various rank of all services are prescribed as Appendix X to the above cited circular. The term of engagement of various ranks have been changed from 1.12.76 and 30.05.1998. Due to clerical mistake “from 01/12/1976” has been mentioned as “from 1.1.73” in above cited circular which should be amended to that extends i.e. in place of 1.1.73 read 1.12.76. Further, Terms of engagement of Seamen I and Leading Seamen as shown "from 1.04.85” will be “from 01.06.1953”. Exception periods are “emergency period and applicable to those armed Force personnel who were retained in service compulsory beyond their terms of engagement during emergency.

2. Re-grouping of Group -
Groups for all ranks of PBOR have been introduced w.e.f. 01/06/1953. Initially there were 8 groups i.e. A, B, C, D. E, F,G and H. These pay groups were regrouped in 5 (i.e. A,B, C. D,E) w.e.f. 01/01/1973 which was further regrouped in 3 groups (X, Y & Z) w.e.f.10/10/1997. It has been clarified that eight groups have been regrouped in five groups from 1.1.73 and further reduced to three groups from 10.10.1997 are as follows-

PRE-1973"A""B" TO "F" and Gunner GD"G" and "H"
POST - 1973"A""B" TO "D""E"
POST - 10-10-97"X""Y""Z"

Similarly for Navy and Air force it is also clarified that Special Group in Navy between 01/01/1996 to 09/10/1997 is equivalent to group 'B’. Therefore, the pension of special group is to be also revised according to group ‘B’ of the same rank.

3. Equivalent rank of three Armed Force -
The Equivalent rank of three services are shown Appendix Y to the circular no 501 dated 17.01.2013. some of PDAs queried about equivalent rank of Artificer III-I in Navy It is hereby clarified that Artificer III-I rank have Grade pay of 3400/- , therefore, no equivalent rank in Army/Air Force exists. 

It is also clarified that Mechnician and Artificer are equivalent rank in Navy. In this office circular No. 501 only Art III to I and Chief Art has been mentioned in table No. 13 (Navy). The Service pension of Mech III-I and Chief mechnician may also to be revised asfor Art III-I and Chief Artificer respectively.

4. Rounding of Qualifying Service -
While calculating the length of qualifying service for the pensionary benefits, a fraction of a year equal to 3 months and above is treated as one half (1/2) year period and nine months or more but less than a year is treated as a completed one year for determining the amount of pension w.e.f. 28/06/1983. Prior to 28/06/1983 the broken period of service of 180 days or more was treated as 1/2 years w.e.f. 22/04/1960. In view of above, if Q.S has been mentioned as 17 years 10 months in PPO/ Corr PPO then it should be rounded upto18 year, 17.5 years and 17 years for post 28.06.1983 retirees, pre-28.6.83 but post 22.04.60 retirees and pre 22.04.60 retirees respectively.

5. Seeking Information :
It is also informed that all Annexure 'A’ of circular 501 may send to OI/C Sangam Cell through E-mail address cda_albd@nic.in of this office on soft copy in single excel sheet along with hard copy and Annexure 'B’ of circular No. 501 only beneficial case as per this office circular No. 509 dated 16/04/2013 sent to OI/C RP Cell in Hard copy. It is also intimated that if corr. PPO has been issued wef 1.7.2009 then need not to refer such case to this office on Annexure ‘B’ as this office issues suo-moto corr. PPO in these cases.

6. Revision of Family Pension :
It is also come to notice that during revision of family pension in terms of this office circular No. 502 dt. 17.01.2013, there may be some cases where some information regarding Q.S. and group is not available at your end. These cases may be referred to this office on all Annexure ‘B’ for wanting information. It is also informed that Annexure ‘B’ may be sent to OIC of Sangam Cell through E-mail address cda_alda@nic.in of this office on Soft copy In single excel sheet along with hard copy. It is hereby also clarified that pending receipt of clarification/ information from this office family pension may be received as an interim measure at the rate of ninimum guaranteed rate prescribed under this office circular No. 510 dt. 16.04.2013 and if group is also not available then family pension may be revised for lowest group for the rank.

It is therefore, advised that above points may be kept in mind while regulating cases.The payment of pension may be regulated at the existing rates earliest if the same has not been done earlier.

No. Grants / Tech / 0167-XIV

(G K Baranwal) 

Source : www.pcdapension.nic.in

BSNL Orders : Modified Policy for allotment of vacant qtrs to Retired employees of BSNL / DoT

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 BSNL and DoT Orders - Modified Policy for allotment of vacant qtrs to Retired employees of BSNL / DoT.

PGM (BW) BSNL Corporate Office
Telegraph Office Building,
Kashmere Gate, Delhi - 110006.

Dated : 10-07-2013

Sub: Modified Policy for allotment of vacant qtrs to Retired employees of BSNL / DoT.

The policy for allotment of vacant quarters in BSNL to retired BSNL / DOT Employees for their use was issued vides dated 30/12/2011. Initially this policy was issued for one year Later on as per approval of the competent authority the policy was extended for three months vide letter dated 18/02/2013.

Now Management Committee has approved a modified policy for allotment of staff quarters to retired employee of BSNLI / DoT (this policy is not applicable to family pensioners of retired employees). This replaces the existing policy for utilization of vacant staff quarters in BSNL issued vide No. 482-16/2007-BG (Staff Qrs.) dated 30/12/2011. CGMs are allowed to allot the vacant staff quarters to the retired BSNL / DoT employees with following conditions.

CBDT Orders : Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department - regarding

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Govt. of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue

North Block, New Delhi
Date 12-07-2013
All Chief Commissioners of Income Tax (CCAs).

Subject : Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department - regarding.

Madam / Sir,

I am directed to refer to the above cited subject and to state that as you are aware that consequent upon the approval of the Cabinet for additional manpower for Income Tax Department. DPCs for filling up of vacancies in various posts are likely to be held shortly.  

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