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5th CPC had ACP, 6th CPC had MACP; what does 7th CPC have?

5th CPC had ACP, 6th CPC had MACP; what does 7th CPC have?

Assured Career Progression (ACP) is a boon to employees who have been suffering without promotions for years.

Employees who got their jobs towards the end of 1960s had to face countless hurdles. One of them was the problem with promotions.

There were many who didn't get any promotions for 30 years. Countless others retired without getting a single promotion in their careers.

To put an end to this, all the Federations fought together and made the Government to implement the ACP (Assured Career Progression) promotion scheme. It enabled the employees, who didn't get any promotion for 12 and 24 years, to get one or two promotions respectively. A number of employees benefited from this.

These promotions were given to the employees based on their ‘Promotional Hierarchy’. This was introduced in the 5th CPC and continued to be enforced until 31.08.2008.

In the 6th CPC, MACP was introduced instead of ACP. Though both were almost the same, there were some differences. These differences created a lot of confusions.

The special feature of MACP was that instead of 12 and 24 years, it ordered promotions for employees who weren't given any career advancements in 10, 20 and 30 years.

The promotions given under MACP were not in accordance to the ‘Promotional Hierarchy’. Instead, they followed the ‘Grade Pay Hierarchy’. This was the biggest drawback of MACP.

Getting promotions for a raise of Rs 100 or 200 remained unacceptable for many. Finally, one could say that MACP earned the anomaly of being dragged to the court the most number of times.

This is also one of the features that are creating the most expectations this time. Let us wait and see what changes the 7th CPC makes in this.


Unknown said…
we except RACP (Revised Assured carrier progression) in the 7th CPC duly extending 4 RACPs to all the employees. One RACP for 8 years. so that every employee will get at least 3 RACPs in the service..
Unknown said…
Govt sector should imlement a performance based incentive scheme for encouraging efficient employees

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