Will the 7th CPC Extend Child Care Leave for Male Employees Too?

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Will the 7th CPC Extend Child Care Leave for Male Employees Too?

Child Care Leave, introduced by the 6th CPC, was a boon for women employees. 

Women employees have for long, been entitled to Maternity Leave. The 90 days paid leave granted as maternity leave was extended to 135 days by the 5th CPC. The 6th CPC further increased it to 180 days. 

Based on the very reasonable request presented by ATMAJA (Association of Adoptive Parents), the Government announced ‘Child Adoption Leave’ for female employees in 2006. Orders were issued to grant 135 days leave for female employees who adopt child upto one year of age. 

The 6th CPC introduced a family welfare privilege for female employees. Consequent upon the decisions taken by the Government on the recommendations of the 6th CPC relating to Maternity Leave and Child Care Leave, the Central Govt decided that the existing provisions of Maternity Leave enhanced to 180 days.

Leave of the kind due and admissible (including commuted leave for a period not exceeding 60 days and leave not due) that can be granted in continuation with Maternity Leave provided in Rule 43(4)(b) shall be increased to 2 years.

Women employees having minor children may be granted Child Care Leave for a maximum period of two years (i.e. 730 days) during their entire service for taking care of upto two children whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness etc.

Only female employees were entitled to these leaves in order to provide health care and education supervision requirements for her two children. Although there were difficulties in implementing this decision, the announcement was welcomed by women employees. 

But this also created a sense of longing among the male employees. 

Were they not concerned about their family’s welfare? 

Was their presence not required in health and education related issues of their children? 

‘Why are we being denied this allowance?’. Men employees were wondered. 

But some male staff themselves wondered, it is impossible to give the same privilege to male employees too, who constitute 90% of the government workforce.

One could also hear demands that if not 730 days, at least half of it should be given to the male employees. 

Some suggest that the allowance should be made in genuine cases after necessary enquiries. 

Some also suggest that in cases where the husband and wife are employed, the leave should be given to both. 

Everybody has a right to demand…!

The request to give this privilege to men who have lost their wives, to look after their children sounds very reasonable. 

Children who have lost their mothers require the care and presence of their fathers. 

Will the 7th CPC consider this demand?

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Anonymous said...

1.alternate staff must be allotted during female employees ccl otherwise there is burden on male employees which is the impact on their children.
2.TA+DA must not be given during ccl then only genuine ccl can be availed.
3.ccl must be restricted to the age 12 of the children.
4.male employees are also given atleast 365 days when male employees wife is also working,then it is useful.

Anonymous said...

For CCL in some offices they are not sanctioning while child hospitalized or sick. Also the ccl should be sanctioned prior 10 days. How one can say my child is going to get sick without knowledge is child felt sick the approval of the sanctioning authority should be positive. Some officers are approving the ccl but the Head of the deptt. are giving some excuses and not sanctioning the leave when the child requries i.e. now admission procedure is too lengthy so mother should be with the child but the officers are not sanctioning and when we take EL how they sanction the EL for the same period. Please clarify the once for all that : 1. The 15 days period should be removed
2.Prior sanction for sickness is not necessary for hospitalisation etc.medical treatment
3.when the CCL approved should not be treated as cancelled and to ask the employee to apply for EL for the same period
4.whatever EL sanctioned for the period should be treated/converted as CCL when availing of EL . This is not done in some offices
5. Male sanctioning authority is only denying to sanction the CCL to Women.

vishal singh said...

I am working in University College of Medical Sciences, and i appreciate this thing that Child Care Leave is for Male employee too. Because both parent have equal responsibility for there wards to take care them and take decision for there wards...

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell the rules of Department of Personnel & Training and Central Civil Rules 1972 on creche facility by public sector undertakings in or nearby office premises.

Gieeta Ahuja said...

There are some women who have sacrificed their dream of motherhood, because they have to look after invalid or chronically ill parents.

My mother has been an invalid for several years . I have been looking after her like a little baby-- bathe her, clean her, feed her, change her clothes, brush her teeth, etc.

Having no children, i cannot get child care leave.

Several women get child care leave to look after 16 and 17 years old children, who can do everything for themselves. Why can't i get parent care leave to look after my mother ?

The government should give women the option of choosing either child care or parent care leave. Looking after ailing, elderly parents is as important as looking after children.

krishan kumar Sagar said...

Child Care Leave may be sanctioned for male employees in following conditions:- 1.In case when a mother is unable to attend the child. 2.In divorce case when a mother left his children and they are leaving with his father.3. In case whether a mother is pregnant(2nd Child), she is unable to proper care of his child.
Thought of Government is clear that a child has to right of proper care not the leave sanction of mother, In other hand if women is unable to care his child it's a responsibility of a father that he care his child. So there should be provision for Child Care Leave for Male.

Anonymous said...

Child care leave should be sanctioned to all the employees ,whether their children are below or above 18 years of age. Some employees avail of this facility just to exhaust their period of leave.Why child care should not be allowed to the employees having children above 18 years of age. The children above 18 years of age also get sick,it can be required for the marriage purpose, or on the birth of grandchildren or as a matter of fact for one's own ill health.Under such conditions the employees have to exhaust their EL,Or their HPL,whereas on the contrary the employees availing Child Care Leave add on their EL or their HPL. Such facility should be available for all the employees.Two different employees in the same organisation,one being granted paid child care leave just because her child is below 18 years, and the other taking half pay leave because her child has completed 18 years of . I feel there is a lot to be odne on this

Toko Lel said...

I am male widow, working in the central university. My wife left for heavenly abode leaving my two children. I am facing hectic problem to attend my office duties and during sickness/examination of my children. In such situations, it is requested to implement Child Care Leave for the Male Widows.

Anonymous said...

CCL is the most misused leave by female employees . It should be scrapped altogether . Instead all employees should be allowed to take commuted leave without medical certificate to take care of their children . Why I am suggesting this is that in all cases these HPL is simply lapsed .

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