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Will 7th CPC Add Lustre to the Children Education Allowance Scheme..?

Will 7th CPC Add Lustre to the Children Education Allowance Scheme..?


It was only in the 6th CPC that the CHILDREN’S EDUCATION ALLOWANCE & HOSTEL SUBSIDY was introduced to Central Government employees with new face..! Prior to this, the scheme was being granted in a simple form as Tuition Fees. From Rs. 30 to 40 per month, the scheme was revamped much to the excitement of the Central Government employees, and earned their appreciation. 

One could see that the scheme, launched in the nation’s interest and with the intention of attaining higher standards in the field of education and literacy, had succeeded. 

Under this scheme, Central Government employees were now eligible to refund the educational expenses of Rs. 1000 per month per child, for two children, adding up to Rs. 12,000 per annum per child. By submitting original receipts for the expenses incurred for the education of their children from Kindergarten, right up to Class XII, the employee could claim a maximum reimbursement of Rs. 12,000 per year. The scheme was applicable for two children, at the most.

As a result, Central Government employees began sending their children to only the best schools. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the scheme was a big boon for Central Government employees living in small and medium-sized towns and cities. 

In addition to this, a recommendation was made to raise the Dearness allowance by 50% each time, the allowances and advances also revised by 25%. As a result, from 01.01.2011, from Rs. 12,000 per annum, it has increased to Rs. 15,000 each year. And now the Children Education Assistance once again revised by 25% from 1.1.2014.

Even though there were some procedural difficulties in implementing these schemes, they were generally welcomed by all. A Glittering Diamond in 6th CPC’s Crown

Everybody is eagerly waiting to see how this scheme, which was introduced for the betterment of the future generation, is going to be handled by the 7th CPC

Let's see the scheme highlights...
  • Applicable to all Central Government Employees without any pay limit...
  • Child means, employee's child, wholly depends on the employee...
  • Reimbursement is admissible only if the children study in a recognized school...
  • If both(husband&wife) are  working, reimbursement will be allowed to one of them...
  • Reimbursement is allowed for two eldest surviving children only, accepted in case of multiple birth in second child birth...
  • Children from nursery to twelth and two years diploma course in polytechnic...
  • Nursery means, two classes prior to class 1 irrespective of nomenclature...
  • Even if a child fails, reimbursement shall not be stopped...
  • Reimbursement of school bags, pens and pencils are not allowed...
  • Age limit for claiming reimbursement for children is 20 years...
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