Identification of sensitive posts in Central Government Organizations

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Identification of sensitive posts in Central Government Organizations


While replying to a question regarding sensitive posts in Central Govt Organization in Parliament on 30.7.2014, Minister Dr.Jitendra Singh said that the Central Vigilance Commission and the Government have issued instructions for effecting rotational transfers of officials posted on sensitive posts in each organization which offer scope for corruption. 

As per Commission’s instructions issued vide letter Nos. 98/VGL/60 dated 15.04.1999, 02.11.2001 and 004/VGL/90 dated 01.05.2008, 04.01.2012 (for public sector banks) and 11.09.2013, it was prescribed that Ministries/Departments/Organizations and CVOs are to identify the sensitive posts and staff working in these posts and also ensure that they are strictly rotated after every two/three years to avoid developing vested interests.

Identification of sensitive posts and effecting rotational transfers are continuous processes, and the Commission has asked the CVOs of the organizations to ensure strict implementation of Commission’s guidelines.

As per the functions and powers of the Central Vigilance Commission under Section 8 (1) (c) of the Act, the Commission shall inquire or cause an inquiry or investigation to be made on a reference made by the Central Government in respect of a public servant. Further, the Commission causes inquiry/investigation on complaints received by it under Section 8 (1) (d) of the CVC Act.

Complaints received are processed as per the Complaint Handling Policy of the Commission. Complaints received in the Commission are scrutinized and wherever specific and verifiable allegations of corruption/having vigilance angle are noticed, the complaint are forwarded to CVO/CBI for conducting investigation/inquiry into the matter and submission of report. Details of complaints received during the last three years and the advice tendered by the commission are annexed.

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