Reply of Dopt regarding Child Care Leave to Confederation

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Reply of Dopt regarding CCL to Confederation : Confederation requested to withdraw the limit of three spell in a year for Child Care Leave in respect of Central Government female employees. He said in a letter to Dopt on 30th June 2014, the condition spelled in the DOPT OM No. 13018/1/2010-Estt (Leave) dated 07.09.2010 limiting the grant of three spells in a calendar year now become a constraint to the less leave takers and needs a revision. It is quite beneficial both to the administration and staff to enhance the three spells limit to more or without limit. But, the Dopt has replied that there is no proposal to review the condition.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi, the 31st July, 2014

Secretary General,

Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers,
1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building,
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Child Care Leave (CCL) for removal of limit of 3 spells in a calender year – regarding.

I am directed to refer to Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers letter dated 30.06.2014 on the subject mentioned above and to say that the matter was considered in this Department. 

It is stated the condition of restricting the number of spells for which CCL can be allowed to a female Government servant during a year provides check & balance to ensure that demands of public service are not sacrificed or compromised with and that there is no dislocation of work, thus there is no proposal to review the said condition for its deletion.

Yours faithfully,
Under Secretary to the Government of India


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