Confederation writes to Cabinet Secretary regarding the declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Central Government Employees

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Confederation writes to Cabinet Secretary regarding the declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Central Government Employees and Exhibiting all the details of movable assets in the website accessible to everyone…

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001
Website: WWW.

Secretary General

DATED :11-09-2014
The Cabinet Secretary
Government of India
Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001


Sub: Declaration of assets and liabilities by Govt. Employees – exhibiting the details of movable assets in the website – regarding.

All the Central Govt. employees, as per the latest order of the Department of Personnel & Training (DOP&T) have to declare their assets and liabilities, both movable and immovable, as well as their spouses and dependents latest by 15th December 2014. All these informations would be then be put up by the respective ministries on their website accessible to everyone.

A large number of Central Govt. Employees have expressed their fear that putting up details of movable assets such as jewellery and cash in hand and bank would pose a security threat to them and their dependents, leave their children vulnerable to kidnapping and ransom demands.

There are various sources the Government employees would have accumulated wealth such as gift from parents, grandparents property, self-earning, wife-side property, or children’s contribution etc. Putting this information in the public domain would leave them and their family members vulnerable.

It is therefore requested that necessary action may be taken in this regard, so that all such information as stated above shall not be displayed on public domain.

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob: 09447068125



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Anonymous said...

Why Central Govt.Employees ? Why not every Indian who are working privately or doing small or big business or running small/ big shop etc.Even MP/MLA, PM /President should declare their assets/Liability pubically periodically.

Anonymous said...

They can target central govt employees only. What about the businessmen who collect taxes and fails to deposit. Is there any transparency who collected what and deposited what?. Govt controls thio sand there will be no need of income tax and other taxes.

Anonymous said...

When you and your spouse are both paying Income Tax, then why this need. Even if it is to be posted it should not be public domain.

Anonymous said...

first we have to decide whether we are a servant or an employee, even a servant is not treated like this? Why should property details be put up on public domain, how the govt. will protect the govt servants from anti social elements, enough problems are there in the country, it should not create any further problem

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