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Expected DA from January 2015 - The Next Episode Begins...!

Expected DA from January 2015 - The Next Episode Begins...!

The Centre has announced a †hike of 7% Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief for Central Government employees and Pensioners, with effect from July 2014 on 4th of this month. Soon, Finance Ministry will issue appropriate orders for payment of Dearness allowance to all.†As and when orders are published by the Ministry of Finance, we will be posted in our website immediately.

According to the fluctuation of price index past six months from Jan to Jun 2014, the additional Dearness allowance has been arrived as 7% only. It seems there are a few employees who are unhappy with the single-digit number because until then they have been getting double-digit DA hikes.

The disappointment also reflects the high expectations that people have from the Modi government. Our readers have been raising a number of questions in this regard. While the previous Manmohan Singh government had twice given them DA hike of 10%, why has Modi government given them only 7% increase?

First of all, the ruling party at the Centre has no direct impact on the DA calculations. DA is calculated on the basis of AICPIN points, which are based on price rise.

The current system of DA calculations, which is being done as per the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission, will come to an end after two more instalments (Jan 2015 and July 2015). Recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are expected to come into effect from Jan 2016 onwards.

Now, the next episode begins...'Expected DA from January 2015'

It is highly unlikely that there will be a two-digit DA hike in the next two instalments (January 2015 and July 2015). Kindly keep in mind the fact that despite a 6 point increase of the AICPIN from 246 to 252 for the month of July 2014, there was hardly an impact. Even if it increases by 3 points over the next five months, the DA would increase to 9% only. It is impossible for AICPIN to constantly increase in future.

We believe that, under current circumstances, the next installment of additional Dearness allowance from Jan 2015 hike would only be about 6 or 7%.

We have analyzed the impact of CPI number on increasing DA and given below†a table to express the†same for your information...

Source : CGEN.in

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Anonymous said...

Defence employees are given only deewali bonus of rup 3450 only otherside railway and bank employee s are given atleast one month salary

Anonymous said...

that is only on paper in reality it is as much as yours...

Mathew T said...

Next DA will be 6% whatever happens in AICPIN in Nov & Dec

Anonymous said...

whether price rise is contained by the new govt?

Chandrajit Singh said...

central/state Govt employee gots their psy revised in every decade through pay commission only, but what about our MP/MLA, how many times, how many times they have hiked their pay...

Yoga Raju said...

Cricketer get 100 Runs in One match they got 1 lac and CAPF personnel not getting their allowances timely for example i.e., 50% DA merger

chinni k said...



Anonymous said...

I work wit State Bank as a Deputy Manager.. I got Rs.500/- for Deepawali last year.. Wanna swap situation with bankers?
We don't get grade pay.. We get transfers every two year.. And every signature we do (while we do atleast a hundred every day) sink us deeper into personal liability and accountability..

Anonymous said...

Majority of public have prejudice mind against the government servants(whether Central or State) due to negative approach and publicity by the medias. So what the government can do? even a slight increase in the DA is highlighted in all the medias as heavy increase in salary of government servant. Due to these prejudice attitude towards the government servants by these medias has only made the Kejriwal successful.
Because of this negative approach only many thinks all the public servants are corrupt. Alas who knows the truth.
Now the government servants are just puppets at the hands of only money and muscle power people.
So whether it is MMS govt, AK govt or NM govt. it is the sincere poor government servant who are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Central govt headed by NDA is not going to release DA from Jan 2015 for the past 10 years during UPA time DA instalment was released prior to 15th March is there DA freezing is not in their mind?

Anonymous said...

When will be the defence pensioner get the Jan -15 DA.we have not yet reveived.

Anonymous said...

Why disperity on DA payment for defence pensioner . You are lucky to get 6% DA which we have not yet received

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