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“Expected DA” phrase losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

“Expected DA” phrase losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

Nowadays, the attractive and magical word of “Expected DA” is losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

We are proud to claim that we were the first to introduce the phrase, “Expected DA”. 

Central Govt employees are getting additional Dearness Allowance twice in a year according to the fluctuation of Consumer Price Index. Generally all employees, including state and central government employees are showing interest to know the hike of additional Dearness allowance in advance.

In 2009, when, for the first time we wrote an article under the title "Expected DA (Dearness Allowance) from Jan 2009 for Central Government Employees", we did feel a bit uneasy. We were wondering if the readers would comprehend the title properly. Even the familiar publications like “Swamy’s News” didn’t have such phrases that time. 

The phrase “Expected DA”, received tremendous response from the Central Government employees and earned a place for itself in their hearts. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration for us to claim that after the magical ‘Central Government Employees News’, this was the most exciting phrase that we had come up with. 

As far as we know, “Swamy’s News” was the only publication that had successfully predicted the Dearness Allowance accurately for a number of years. It is not an ordinary feat for a private publication to be treated on par with a Government Order. This is the reason why, despite the onslaught of the internet, the publication is still gaining tremendous growth.

In January 2009, we announced a 6% expected additional DA. Since then, with Dearness Allowance rising continuously, the curiosity and eagerness to hear the forecast continued to grow. With two 10% hikes in 2010, the response to our forecasts was nothing short of mind-boggling. 

Normally, Government employees are more than eager to receive positive news about salary  hike, like increment, DA, Arrears, Bonus etc.,. Yet, strangely, there is a slight dip in the kind of interest that the phrase "Expected DA" triggers nowadays. 

In  2009 Our Forecasts in additional Dearness Allowance...

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Anonymous said...

With this fast-moving world, when we do not move alongwith then even most useful things lose relevance.
'Expected DA' is also such case. But let us move and see what lies ahead.
Till now, Govt used to watch its employees to fight inflation on their own. Then Govt, as a model employer
Used to intervene and assess the damages periodically which were paid to employees at her convenience. This way the employee was always in the battlefield totally unarmed and thus in the damaged, bruised and injured condition. This situation can be changed easily. Let us see how?
We know very well that inflation is going to stay. And employees have to fight it perpetually. If the employees are forearmed, they can save themselves from getting damaged. It will be in the interest of Govt
To see that it's employees remain fit, so that they can work with optimum efficiency. We have been able to work out 'Expected DA' in advance. This amount can be given to employees in advance, so that they are forearmed to fight inflation. To convince the present Govt on this issue should not be difficult for the following reasons:-
1. Fit employees are more efficient than unfit or damaged employees.
2. Employees who can concentrate can give better quality of work. Employees who are disturbed and whose mind Is preoccupied with searching newer ways to fight inflation give poor quality of work.
3. Future inflation can be worked out in advance with a reasonable accuracy. Adjustments if any, can be done
Subsequently on release of AICPIIN.
4. It does not involve any extra expenditure.
5. It is in line with the thinking of present Govt, who stands for ' change' and 'good governance'.

It is just a tab. More knowledgeable persons can add
More to this. Then it can be taken up with the Govt
At an appropriate level.

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