PM's surprise visit to Siachen: PM said the promise of *One Rank, One Pension* had been fulfilled

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PM’s surprise visit to Siachen; celebrates Diwali with officers and jawans of the Indian Armed Forces

PM to jawans: I come to celebrate my first Diwali as PM with you. Happy to be among my own.

PM to jawans: You make it possible for 125 crore Indians to celebrate Diwali happily.

“Your dreams and responsibilities are the responsibility of us all. The entire nation stands shoulder to shoulder with you.”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today made a surprise visit to Siachen. Addressing officers and jawans of the Indian Armed Forces at Siachen Base Camp at a height of over 12,000 feet, he praised their valour and courage, saying that 125 crore Indians could celebrate Diwali today, and go about their lives in comfort, because the jawans stood guard at the borders, prepared to make every sacrifice for the nation. The nation is proud of all three wings of the armed forces, the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister said he had come unannounced, and the jawans may be surprised, but one does not need to announce arrival when coming to one’s own (family).

The Prime Minister said the jawans at Siachen worked in one of the remotest places in the world. It is a rare opportunity to be called upon to defend the country in such difficult conditions, he said.

Shri Narendra Modi said that he comes to Siachen as a representative of the family members of the jawans who are busy serving Mother India on the borders.

He said he is privileged that his first Diwali as Prime Minister will be spent partly with the jawans of Siachen, and partly with those affected by the floods in Srinagar.

The Prime Minister said the Indian Armed Forces were unique – because while they spelt trouble for the enemy on the battlefield, they spelt life for all the countrymen affected by disasters or natural calamities. He recalled the immense contribution made by the Armed Forces during the recent floods in Srinagar.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the fact that women too were now contributing to the Indian Armed Forces in a significant way.

Sharing the pain and anguish of those who lose their loved ones in these difficult conditions, the Prime Minister said sometimes a body is found years later, and many still wait. He said one has to witness first-hand, the conditions at Siachen to appreciate the hardship that the jawans go through.

The Prime Minister assured the jawans that wherever they are, and serving or retired, the country stands shoulder to shoulder with them. He said their dreams and responsibilities are the entire country’s responsibility. He said he would do his utmost to ensure a life of dignity for them. The Prime Minister said the promise of One Rank, One Pension had been fulfilled, and preparations were being made for a National War Memorial, that we could all be proud of. The Prime Minister wished the entire country “Happy Diwali” from the icy heights of Siachen, adding that as countrymen light diyas today, they should recall that the warmth of the earthen lamps has been fuelled by the sweat and toil of the jawans of the Indian Armed Forces. Let those jawans inspire the rest of the country to work towards achieving the dreams and aspirations of the common man, he added.

The Prime Minister later handed over a cheque for Rs. 5 lakh for the welfare of the jawans, and personally offered sweets to the jawans. He wrote in the visitors’ book, saying that the soldiers in uniform who guarded the nation’s frontiers in such difficult conditions were no less than ‘rishis’ and sages. The Prime Minister was at Siachen Base Camp for over an hour.

Source: PIB News

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SANTOKH said...

My dear civilian friends,
You must be reading it in almost all news papers that One Rank One Pension(OROP) has been granted to defense forces. Our Respected Prime Minister Mr Modi has been announcing at all election meetings that OROP was not implemented by congress govt in 60 years where as it has been implemented by him with in 60 days of coming to power.
This is not true.
The implementation letter is YET TO BE ISSUED.It is so strange that the very definition of OROP duly approved by TWO Parliaments is being questioned by Babus.
The Defence minister is contemplating to refer the issue of OROP to a Tribunal. What a pity that so many Ex-Servicemen have faded away since Feb 2012 when acceptance of OROP was announced by Mr Chidambram in interim budget.
God only knows how many more would fade away hoping to enjoy the fruits of OROP.I would request Mr Prime Minister to direct Defence Minister not to play with the sentiments of Hapless Veterans and get the implementation letter issued.
Referring the matter of OROP to a tribunal means delay of another few years, possibly to 7th Pay Commission.By doing this Babus would achieve their Aim of denying OROP.Babus have already vowed " OROP only over our Dead Bodies"
In view of the above our civilian brethren are requested to note that TILL DATE OROP IMPLEMENTATION LETTER HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED.

SANTOKH said...

Dear Sir,
Where is the promised OROP?
Where is the Implementation letter?
Queries to Mr NaMo on PMO site are unanswered.
Nation is being misled that OROP has been implemented

ramshyam313 said...

Credibility of PM is at stake.How is the country going to believe his other promises? For gods sake ULLU MUTH BANAO!

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