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Revision of Grade Pay of Lab Technicians – GP 4200 effect from 1.1.2006

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Revision of Grade Pay of Lab Technicians – GP 4200 effect from 1.1.2006

Up-gradation of Grade Pay from 2800 to 4200 to Laboratory Technician working in O. F Hospitals. Text of Order received by email from Shri Vikas Garg is reproduced below:


Government of India
Ministry ofDefence
Ordnance Factory Board
10 A: S. K Bose Road
KOLKATA – 700 001.

Date: 17-10-2014

The Sr. General Manager/ General Manager
Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories

Sub: Up-gradation of Grade Pay Laboratory Technician working in O. F Hospitals.
Ref: (i) MOD ID No. 50(7)/2012-D (Estt./NG) dt.15-10-2014.

The Competent Authority in the Government of India has agreed to revise the Pay Scale of the post of Lab Technicians working in the Hospitals of DGOF Organisation as under:

Present Pay Scale PB 1 5200-20200 with G.P. 2800/-
Revised Pay Scale PB 2 9300-34800 with G.P. Rs.4200/-

The new Pay Scale will take effect from 01-01-2006.

However, the units may ensure that all those Laboratory Technicians who are to be given the higher/ revised Pay Scale strictly posess the required qualification as per SRO 88 dated 3rd August, 2005 (Relevant portion is enclosed an annexure to this letter).

Copy of Factory Order Pt. II notifying grant of revised Pay Scale to the eligible Laboratory Technicians may be forwarded to OF B for information and record.

(Dr. Rotash Kanwar)
For Director General, Ordnance Factories

(Authority: MOD ID No. 50(7)/2012-D (Estt./NG) dt. l5-10-2014.)

Source : CGEN.in

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  1. laboratory technician grad pay no safficent we are wanted 4800 grade pay for lab technician -2,g.p 5800 lab technician -1,and 6600 gp for senior lab technician.chanan singh state president aimlta Punjab unit

  2. Is this order applicble to all Lab Technicians or only for O.F. Hospital LTs only. Will anyone clarify?

  3. M.L.T is a higher qualified healthcare professional those are explore the mystery of human body,pin point to cause of disease,also called disease ditective and backbone of health service.m.l.t deserve to higher pay scale.this pay scale not for all but this is your base for higher scale demand any state

  4. please all state and union territory demand for higher and equaled pay scale in all India for medical laboratory technician and begin a movement to change your designation. You are medical laboratory scientist not technician.our demand saprat council,higher pay scale,designatin change

  5. anand k reddy sab this pay scale only applicable on ordinance factory hospital employee. But it was strong base for your new demand from 7cpc.so firstly struggle for higher pay scale in your territory after applicable this scale on you.
    chanan singh president aimlta punjab

  6. what M.L.T community doing
    what seniors doing
    seniors you must getup from you sleep to save our community and redesignate medical laboratory technician to bio-medical scientist

  7. Upgradation of Grade Pay is good. The same may be implemented in all the ministries for qualified technicians.

  8. Dilip Kumar Panigrahi, Malaria Research Division, VCRC, Koraput, Odisha.November 4, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    As far as the enhancement of gp of the Technicians from Rs. 2800/- to Rs. 4200/- w.e.f 01.01.06, why the Government has passed it for the workers of a single organisation or ministry i.e DGOF only. It should be implemented for all the Technicians working (possessing required minimum qualification) in other organisations also. It is obvious that such an order will create anamoly in pay structure of employees working with same designation. I request the Government to implement this order for all the technicians possessing the required minimum qualification and experience.

  9. kindly help me to provide SRO 88 copy and the photocopy of cat order regarding grant of gp from 2800 to 4200 for the sake of other lab technician working in different govt. organisation.
    hoping for immediate response your brother Md Iftikhar

  10. Why University Grant Commission (UGC) not revised Technical Assistant grade pay 2800 to 4200. n Banaras Hindu University here is Technical Assistant Grade Pay is 0nly Rs. 2800/-. Can any one provide document related to revision of grade pay.
    Govindam Srivastava

  11. Dilip Kumar Panigrahi, Malaria Research Division, VCRC, Koraput, Odisha.November 16, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    CAT order for enhancing the GP of the Technicians having qualification of B.Sc. plus DMLT, implemented by the Honourable DG of Ordance factories from 01/01/2006 is highly appreciable. I hope all the Central Government ministries where the Technicians (Laboratory) are working with B.Sc. plus DMLT degree on or before this implementation date i.e. 01/01/2006 should implement this with immediate effect, so that further anomaly in pay structure after implementation of 7th CPC can be avoided.

  12. I m Banibrata working in a govt of india autonomous institute.Our condition is too poor than others. Our gp2400 institute entitling qualification (BSC+2yearDiploma in laboratory techniques+one year experience). But one joking news that our senior technician is same post enjoying gp4200. Working here last 4years but we can't changing our gp.our authority always told us one think that our scale is not part BC approved. So Please help dear friends if u have any good documents or order where we can get good judgement.

  13. my name is vikash garg, doing work in ordnance factory hospital ,i file this case in principal cat bench new delhi,if any one want any paper please sent a mail on my mail id vikashgarg76@yahoo.com

  14. the Lab technicians working in CGHS Min of Health and family welfare are not getting the GP of 4200, we have
    sent letter to our ministry but no action what to do

  15. Agar y keval defence k liye hi to is ka G. O. Mr ramesh maulana azad medical college delhi ko Kyo bheja gya. Any body tell me please

  16. yeh defense ke liye nahi sabh ke liye hai yeh aapki takat hai ke aap apne per apply karwa sakte ho ke nahi

  17. IN ICMR -Research Assistant posts, Redesignated as Technical Assistant
    from 2009
    Now ordnance factory hospital Technician GP CHANGED from 2800 TO 4200
    What about Research Assistant appointed cases, consider to be 4600 GP

    Hope its applicable....

  18. Why different pay scale from Bsc Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) & Bsc Medicine & Bsc Surgery (MBBS) ?? We need pay scale like a MBBS .....but why not possible??? Why BMLT salary scale few???

  19. Is this only for GoI departments? or all departments? need to know

  20. recently national anomaly commitee meeting held on 9th june 2015 and 4200 grade pay to labtechnicians came to discussion. the official side said that orders have been issued in this matter. so friends let us all together fight with dopt when the order was issued...

  21. Yes, Balu Krishna the matter was also published here. http://www.govtempdiary.com/2015/06/national-anomaly-committee-meeting-raised-the-following-issues/

    If any one get the order kindly post the link.

  22. National anomaly committee had meeting with National council JCM on 9th June 3 pm in the GP of Lab technician was raised for the govt has replied that order has been issued in that matter. It is not for all central govt Lab technicians, it is only for Defense hospital Lab technicians. I dont know why the JCM has taken the issue only for OFB Lab technicians. JCM meant for All central govt staffs. will the JCM take this issue again and do justice for the Lab technicians working in various central govt hospitals and dispensaries. IT should be done before 7th CPC gives its recommendation

  23. Hi Frens, am a lab tech from CGHS. Since Most of us possess degree in MLT in our hospital we fought and finally got our RR changed which is Bsc MLT with an year exp. And now we quoted the same ( Degree as Entry qualification) that we are eligible for grade pay 4200 and they agreed to recommend the same to ministry...Let's guys join hands together from different states and get justice for our cadre. Also we need a council to get through things easier in future.

    1. Dear friend please give RR order of giving 4200 recent mohfw ...it will help us... balu19911985@gmail

  24. When we United we grow when we devid we fall.so please make a national front for med.lab tech.we are file a write petition for 4200 gp in Punjab and haryana high court.fight against injustice.come on. Chanan Singh msc cmb president aimlta Punjab unit

  25. Why is not applicable for odisha Govt those are working in Family Welfare dept some employees have B.sc with DMLT.

  26. Without struggle any govt not giving you benefit.this is your weakness.first United and give fight for your claim.then seen positive results.are you ready.if no ready not seen dream into daytime odisa gov giving to you gp 4200

  27. In DRDO It is only 1900. For tech A recruited from mlt trade. Why they are treated like that while ofb can afford 4200

  28. Item No.3:- PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- for Lab Technicians.
    The Staff Side demanded for grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- for Lab Technicians working in Ordinance Factory Hospitals against the GP of Rs.2800/-.”

    Lab technicians working in all central government hospitals and dispensary labs, but JCM has taken only for the Lab Technicians working in Ordinance Factory Hospitals as issue in the NAC meeting . I don’t know the reason behind in it. May the JCM will clarify this ?

  29. Plz do something to empliment the GP 4200 for all qaulified technician working in different org.

  30. I also AIMLTA member and working in Micro Lab bhu but i am very confuse with cetegrise the technician grading system I would like to know what designation comes in which grade


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