Aadhaar Number Made Mandatory in Central Government Employees’ Service Books

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Aadhaar Number Made Mandatory in Central Government Employees’ Service Books

On November 3, the DOPT issued an order regarding the adding of Aadhaar Number in the Service Books of Central Government employees. The order also contains certain important instructions in the rules and regulations regarding the Service Book.

According to Rule SR-202, every year, the Head of Office has to get signatures from all the employees affirming that their Service Books have been updated.

According to Rule SR-199, all the work-related remarks and notes of the employee have to be recorded in the Service Book. Each remark and note has to be attested by the senior officer.

According to Rule No. 32 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, all the employees who have completed more than 18 years of service will have to be informed of the retirement and pension benefits.

The Order adds that the Service Book must also contain information like the employee’s biodata, posting details, qualifying service, security details, HBA, CGHS, CGEGIS, LTC claims, etc.

And now, all the Ministries and Departments have been asked to add the Aadhaar Numbers of the employees to their Service Books.

Service Record book have to be created for an employee on the day he/she join duty. Each employee must be given a copy of his/her Service Book. In case of misplaced, for additional set of copy, the employee has to pay a fee of Rs.500. The Service Book must also contain important details of his/her life, like the employee’s marriage, children, death and address.

Why should Aadhaar Number be added to the Service Book?

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Lakshmanrao seshagiri said...

Aadhar Card Number has to find place in the pension records held with the pension disbursing agency.Government has not given any instruction that the same details are required in the Service Books of the Retired/Retiring Government Officials.Thus it follows that without Aadhar Card Number,pension Papers will not be processed.In the absence of specific instructions in relation to pensioners,it is presumed that the concerned organisations will become answerable to the families,when the latter need to qualify for family pension at appropriate time.Needs special attention before 30.11.2015.

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