Aadhaar number to be included in Service Record – Dopt orders issued

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Aadhaar number to be included in Service Record – Dopt orders issued

Dopt issued orders regarding the maintenance of service book of Central Government employees and instruction also given to all ministries and departments to include the Aadhaar number in the service book of all Central Government employees. Aadhaar number is a unique identification of each employee, which will be used in bio-metric attendance in future.

Inclusion of Aadhaar (Unique Identification) number in Service Book of Government servants – Dopt Orders issued on 3.11.2014

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Block-IV, Old JNU Campus,
New Delhi, November 3rd 2014

Subject: Inclusion of Aadhaar (Unique Identification) number in Service Book of Government servants

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to the provisions of the Supplementary Rules which relate to maintaining records of service of a Government employee. As per provisions of SR 199 every step in a Government servants’ official life must be recorded in his Service Book and each entry attested by the Head Of Office. As per SR 202, Heads of Offices are to obtain the signatures of the Government servants in token of their having inspected their Service Books annually. Further Rule32 of the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 provides for issuing a communication on completion of 18 years of service, as part of preparatory work for sanctioning pensionary benefits. The Service Books at present contains details of bio data, posting details, qualifying service, security details, HBA, CGHS, CGEGIS, LTC, etc.

2. It has been decided to include the respective Aadhaar numbers also of all Government servants in their Service Books. The e-Service Book format already provides fields for Aadhaar number of the Government servant.

3. All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India are requested to ensure that the Service Books of all employees have an entry of the employees’ Aadhaar number. The attached and subordinate offices under their control may also be suitably instructed for compliance.

(Mukul Ratra)

Source: www.persmin.nic.in

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Anonymous said...

Hon'ble Supreme Court yet to give its final verdict on Aadhaar. Till such time Aadhaar is NOT compulsory, also the govt should not insist Aadhaar for any purpose. Even as per UIDAI statement, Aadhaar is NOT mandatory. As such, this DOPT order is in violation of Supreme Court directives.
iqbal ahamed, chennai

Anonymous said...

In the writ petition filed by Justice K.S. Puttaswamy (Retd) in the Supreme Court of India, in September 2013, Supreme Court clearly ruled:
"No person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card in spite of the fact that some authority had issued a circular making it mandatory and when any person applies to get the Aadhaar card voluntarily, it may be checked whether that person is entitled for it under the law and it should not be given to any illegal immigrant."
Supreme Court, again in the case filed by UIDAI against CBI, on 24 March 2014 ruled:
“…More so, no person shall be deprived of any service for want of Aadhaar number in case he/she is otherwise eligible/entitled. All the authorities are directed to modify their forms/circulars/likes so as to not compulsorily require the Aadhaar number in order to meet the requirement of the interim order passed by this Court forthwith.”
Does not the DOPT order grossly violate the Supreme Court rulings?
iqbal ahamed, chennai

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