Biometric Attendance System – Are the Central Government Employees Supporting or Opposing It?

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Biometric Attendance System – Are the Central Government Employees Supporting or Opposing It?

BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM is the procedure of registering the attendance by placing the thumb imprint on a machine which captures the imprint and records the time of entry or exit from the office. In the moderate scheme, the employee has to manually enter his/her 6-digit Aadhaar number and then confirm his/her identity by fingerprint and iris-scan.

Biometric Attendance System – Are the Central Government Employees Supporting or Opposing It?

On the 21st of last month, the DOPT issued an order announcing its decision to implement the new biometric attendance system linking the employee’s Aadhaar number with his/her attendance. This system, according to the order, was to soon be implemented in offices of all the Central Government departments and their various agencies.

It is well known that the system has already been implemented in all the Government-run offices in New Delhi. The order says that the system will be implemented completely before the end of this year. And, before January 26, 2015, the scheme will be expanded to other regions of the country.

BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM is the procedure of registering the attendance by placing the thumb imprint on a machine which captures the imprint and records the time of entry or exit from the office. In the moderate scheme, the employee has to manually enter his/her 6-digit Aadhaar number and then confirm his/her identity by fingerprint and iris-scan.

How do the Central Government employees feel about this new system that has become the talk of the town?

As far as we could see, about 95% of the employees are not greatly affected or troubled by this new system.

Once in a while, employees tend to be late to work due to unavoidable reasons like unexpected traffic hurdles or they might have to go out for their personal work during office hours. There is no denying these facts. But the system is a major irritation for those who are habitually late to work and go out on personal business during office hours. The change of system has hardly produced any reaction from those who are regular and on time at work.

But, there are no answers to the questions raised by employees who are forced to stay back to complete their work.

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Anonymous said...

Thus every second is accounted. All employees may not be habituated latecomers. Unexpected traffic jams / late running of vehicles could force employees to seek alternate routes forcing them to leave home at early hours together so as to attend office in time or to seek leave, even for delays of a few seconds. Isn’t it too harsh to deduct ½ day CL for every instance of late coming even for 1 sec after the 2nd occasion? Instead if all the late comings / early goings were accounted and rounded to nearest half day, on a monthly basis, and adjusted against the salary payable for the month, the same would be just and reasonable.

Ranjay said...

If employee is late due to traffic , let him take a leave or he must start from his home early.....he is getting paid for work & not for relaxing...complainants are only the late risers/ comers.... They must realise Sarkari naukri is not Masti !!!! great work by Modi sarkar....!!!!

Anonymous said...

the two interim judgements pronounced by Supreme Court explicitly say "No person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card in spite of the fact that some authority had issued a circular making it mandatory and when any person applies to get the Aadhaar card voluntarily..."vSupreme Court, again in the case filed by UIDAI against CBI, on 24 March 2014 ruled:
“…More so, no person shall be deprived of any service for want of Aadhaar number in case he/she is otherwise eligible/entitled. All the authorities are directed to modify their forms/circulars/likes so as to not compulsorily require the Aadhaar number in order to meet the requirement of the interim order passed by this Court forthwith.” As such, the order of DOPT,Railway and any other deptt which press for Aadhaar for any purpose including service is in VIOLATION of supreme court orders.
iqbal ahamed

Anonymous said...

Biometric attendance is good for the employees, in same way the qualified employees should be given promotion.the central govt harashing the employees without promotion the appeal to the corresponding ministry itself no use.

Anonymous said...

There is a system of cross check by superiors no need of bio metic attendance. If it is implemented it must be from upward to downward not restricted to those whose attendance record is maintained
It will demoralise the faith

Nag Raj said...

This system is welcome, provided the Modi Govt ensures that there wont be any route for VIP Ministers during office hours. There will be system in place to provide easy commuting with lesser traffic.

This system is a gimmick and nothing else. Quantity can not replace Quality.... will this ensure Quality output by the employees?

Why not have an open morning and evening timing. Morning timing be something like 9 to 11 and evening time.... 5 yo 7. Come early, leave early. Come late, leave late.

If Modi Govt feels attendance is the only yardstick to measure the output of a govt employees, they are sadly mistaken.

..........and yes, they are digging their own debacle in the coming Delhi elections.

varma sagi said...

It is a welcome system and should be implemented with out any hesitation.i fully support this move.

Anonymous said...

Idea for Bio metric attendance is good.
but only physical presence will serve the purpose? there work should bound with time table.All transaction should mandatory through e banking..! Each Government servant having official id and it should be published in public domain.All application and billing system should online..all email should be treated properly and replied in stipulated time limit..Treat every citizen in a proper Manner.. physical presence is only fruitful if common men (Tax Payer) get fruit of freedom in real sense...B'sir

Anonymous said...

Move is welcome if extra hours are accounted too. What about people who are already working more than working hours. I will here like to give two examples.
My father working in a central govt office has to often work more than 12 hours to complete his office work due to shortage of staff. He often comes from office between 12 pm to even 3am. So is it wrong if he goes at 10am next day and due to half hour late his half leave is taken(well it won't matter to him though his leaves are often lapsed cl end el both.
Second me I am a central govt employee too. In peak months I have often worked till 8pm and even holidays. They were not aacounted. Even now my officer do not hesitate to give me work at 6pm. I won't say he is wrong, but its because the shortage of staff.
Rather Why not count the number of hours a person is working....

Anonymous said...

This is the best suggestion, I think,as it will improve work culture.

Anonymous said...

Vry good

Anonymous said...

for roster duty with overtime biometric attendance is not good , some relieve for those persons who perform that duty

Anonymous said...

it proves that modi ji is not interested in development. it should be impiemented on gazzeted officers only as they are the feudal lords. apart this it must be
implemented on teachers doctors etc.
in all central govt.offices all class 3 staff is hard worker & 200% accountable. if it is implemented than all employees will be GULAMS. so every body must oppose it. by hindustani

Anonymous said...

Few points we have to think about:-
1.if we r coming rt time then we will leave also at rt tum.
2.what about the salary paid to group C especially those working in metros. Cost of living is highest n salary is like peanuts " ohh I forgot we r doing service not job" ( who is responsible for this".
Modi ji must not be having a family but we have to sustain our families who r totally dependent on us .
3. Why we should suffer and do extra because of insufficient staff....why always group C is held accountable who is paid least in the department....

And my last question...
4. Why there is such a low n poor criteria of promotion in government job.... why its this much time taking....if government is really serious for work culture it should implement fair and quick incentive or promotion policy.. then we all see the miraculous results as there will b competition between employees of performance not Flattery.....
Jai hind

Anonymous said...

As usual senior and favorite subordinates will wait up to the departure of the officers from the chambers and so the subject item will have to be bye passed and in this slot , others will get lenience and slowly degradation of the newly introduced system and exception in this system should not be given and more over in a vast organization exception cannot be done away with for ours is a vast network and only in office set up and in workshop set up this is applicable and above all local environment, this machine will have weight on it and all these are to be expected for CG Offices are parallel to EYES , heart, central nervous system for a human body and full co ordination at 24X7 is a MUST.

Gouranga Sarkar said...

it will only harrass the daily passengers

Anonymous said...

Introducing Biometric Attandance Machines clearly speaks that government is not believing their own employees. Many big business people have swallowed millions of rupees by taking bank loans and lot of corruption is prevailing in the market. The govt. should not have two policies, one harassing policy for govt. official and very liberal policy for any industrialist. Even govt. official will only pay I. Tax honestly, but are business people paying. I request all govt. officials to strongly revolt the issue for changing the face by this government.

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