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Is the Central Government Planning to Reduce Retirement Age?

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Is the Central Government Planning to Reduce Retirement Age?

A popular English daily reported on the 28th of last month that the Central Government is giving serious thoughts about reducing the retirement age of its employees. The news has created a big buzz among the employees working under Central Government.

It was said that the proposal is part of the Government’s strategy to reduce non-plan expenses. It was mentioned that a senior official said that the move will help giving employment opportunities to new people under the new recommendations to be suggested by the 7th Pay Commission.

In 1998, the Vajpayee Government raised the retirement age for Central Government employees from 58 to 60. The subsequent UPA government proposed plans to raise it further from 60 to 62, but the plans were then dropped. The retirement age was raised from 55 to 58 in 1962.

The article said that BJP’s manifesto, which had promised to rationalise and converge ministries, departments and other arms of the government, could implement such tough reforms. But, our investigations and enquiries say that the Government has no such plans. We aren’t aware of a debate that was held in any office, including the PMO, over this issue.

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  1. In case of reduction of retirement age to 58, I will be retiring on 31.12.2015 i.e. one day before implementation date of 7th pay commission i.e. 1.1.2016.

    I would like to know whether I will get all benefits (including frinze benefits like gratuity 30 lakh, etc) are not?


  2. Submission of Seventh Pay commission Report is likely to take some more time.Pending the siad status, the Retirement Age is as per Rules...

  3. Hope for the best. Reemployment after retirement should not be considered.

    Radhakrishnan K
    Greater Chennaiiii.

  4. S good step by Government. Retirement age 58 to even less to 55 is okey for gvt. employees. As mentioned it may create space for new entrance.

    But practically the government is not doing so, there are too many vacancies which are not filled, even hiring the young people on contract instead of appointing them on regular employment. Further the govt. should abolish the system of appointing the retired persons on service on contract, and not to give any chance to any of the retired govt employee to serve on payment basis after their retirement. If the so called employee is willing they can extend service on honorary basis without expensing the govt money.

  5. It is an excellent proposal to reduce retirement age from 60 to 58. I physically observed several officers left 2 years service simply sitting
    monthly getting and never bothered to take any
    policy decision in the interest of organization and
    employees as they are fag end and may face
    problem latre date.Why to waste wages on staff?

  6. Very bad move, if done by BJP. It's like first putting bomb all of a sudden then informing about it. BJP should know this that by doing this now they would fill the old age of many senior central government employee with the sorrow because 7 pay commission is on door step. Government should not snatch the morsel from their mouth which is coming in the form of 7 pay commission. If BJP did this now many people would loose faith in modi government.

  7. It is definitely an immature move. Govt employees in last two yrs of service is costing to exchequer about 20% of their salary but their output is manifold. I agree, their can be some people who may be inefficient so correct move should be to identify & remove those in efficient people even earlier to 58 Yrs of age rather to remove complete set as a whole. It would generate of large no of court cases thus wasting huge time & energy of Govt machinery in addn to impart punishment to the people as so many things are left by Govt employees in their last two yrs of service. I think all association should have a brain storming on to it & have dialogue at appropriate platform in the interest of state to advice correctly to the Govt who is committed to development & progress of country.
    GD Pugalia

  8. It is a good move

  9. When modi govt is not even interested in fulfill present vacancies in various central govt Deptt., by reducing the age from 60 to 58 is injustice. If. There are no vacancies than it is ok, in such conditions unemployment. Will increase, in addition govt has to reduce senior citizens age also from 60 to 58. There is only hypothetical creation of vacancies. Gov't has to psss Bill before implementing. That there are no vacancies are available in any Deptt,for genuinely reducing the age.

  10. Sudden decision to reduce the retirement age will affect the dreams of thousand of Govt employees. When a politician can work without any age limit by drawing the Govt salary why a Govt employee should not work up to the age of 60?

  11. First of all politicians should be retired after reaching age 58 , then apply to government employees.

  12. Factual condition that this Govt. Can not be taken any action about reduction of age, yes its fact that any commission can put the proposal with a good views & guidelines.

  13. why should government make such a decision which will affect several employees life and expectations. Let not the inefficiency of some affect the whole. There are lot of employees who are working seriously, truthfully and with great respect towards Central Government. Let there not be such a radical step.......

  14. Reduction of retirement age is not at all good decision if you are thinking about youngster to provide appointment where the government is taking such decision? Most of the vacancies is filled by government through contract agency where agency employees is getting very meager salary with no job security they will be thrown out with out notice whenever contract agency wishes.It is one kind of humiliation of employee both side.Now a days getting employment in government is very difficult and most of the persons getting employment very late that means at the age of 28-33 years and they will set up their family life after 33-35 years only and getting issue is also late so if government reduces retirement age from 60-58 or 55 it will be a great problem for retiring employees. he has to see his responsibility in his old age with out pension(new employees have not pension)his last drawn amount will be spent for children education or marriage and employee will not have sufficient money to live and some time he has to starve even for food. If his retirement age is 60 atleast he can some how finish his responsibility before retirement as he is likely to get better salary in his old age which will help him to fulfil his responsibility so that after retirement he can live peacefully.
    Since young voters are 65% and just to impress them such action has been taken by Mr.Modhi means it is not justifiable step and it is only vote catching step. If he thinks like that he must remember that in future youngster will not support any older man like Modhi to become P.M and youngster will become the Prime Minister and Minister whom has no sufficient knowledge in administration as we have already seen earlier youngster who became Prime Minister and Chief Minister were unable to lead the country and
    they became unpopular. If such steps taken by BJP daffinately next election they may not rule the country

  15. if retirement age is reduced instead of increasing; government has to pay considerable amount of retirement benefits to the retiring persons. Besides there will be sudden loss of experienced manpower that cannot be replaced by newly recruited persons.There will be unemployment of retired persons. THE PROPOSAL NEEDS A RECONSIDERATION.


  17. All young Railways Employee are thinking that this is a big beneficially move for all central govt. employee because who cross 50-52 he have a good promotion chance after reducing retirement age before his retirement and young employee also...

  18. First of all fill up the vacant post in Central Government Office all over India through recruitment. Secondly fix the age limit of Ministers. Lastly apply to the age limit to Central Government Employees.

  19. Indian Constitution has been amended umpteen times. Let it be amended one more time fixing a particular age for retirement, be it political or judicial or executive or other occupations including private employment. It is ironical that politicians never cease to abdicate their political interests and cling till their alzeimers catches up or till their death. Everyone in this country should have equal oppurtunities and none above the Constitution.

  20. In the name of employment government is taking jobs from old ones. I am 16 years old. I have two elder sisters who are married just now. We have also reconstructed our house. So our net amount comes out to be very less. How will my father invest in my further studies? There are thousands of other people who will face problems because of early retirement. Hope for the best from Modi Sarkar.

  21. The retirement age my be reduced from 60 to 58, then only the juniors will get promotion.



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