Biometric attendance system – Aadhaar details should not be used for personal reasons – Supreme Court

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Aadhaar based biometric attendance system – Aadhaar details should not be used for personal reasons – Supreme Court

Aadhaar based biometric attendance system – Employees express displeasure

The biometric Aadhaar-linked attendance system has now been introduced among the staff of Income Tax Department in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. This now links the everyday attendance of these Income tax officials with their Aadhaar card. The fingerprint registered in the Aadhaar card database must match with the fingerprint saved in the timecard. Employees who have not yet applied for their Aadhaar card were instructed to get them as soon as possible.

A senior Income Tax official has said, “The Aadhaar information of the employees and officials are gathered at the national information database. Links are provided from this centre to the various Central Government departments. The daily attendance register has now been added to this database. The employee has to register his/her attendance by getting the thumb scanned.

This scanned thumb impression has to match with the one in the Aadhaar card. The new system has already been implemented at the Income Tax office and the postal department of New Delhi. It has now been introduced at the Income Tax office of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Employees without the Aadhaar card have been asked to apply for one immediately.

Central Government employees meanwhile have expressed their objection to linking the daily attendance timecard with Aadhaar. Mr. Duraipandi, the General Secretary of the Employees’ Sammelan, said, “We have no objection to implementing a biometric attendance system. But, linking the Aadhaar card information with the attendance record is unnecessary and in violation of personal rights. Adding my personal information to my office attendance violates my right to privacy.

The honourable Supreme Court, in its judgement, has clearly specified that Aadhaar details should not be used for personal reasons.

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వజ్రం said...

Let us better support Govt in this aspect. In turn this will benefit us in future. Biometric life certificate ( you need not go to bank at ripe old age of 95 or 100 years to certify that you are live), grant of family pension to successor automatically etc. are few benefits..
I personally feel that though employees are occasionally late to office, they are working 40 hours a week for sure. Then why should us worry.

Anonymous said...

There is two types of Govt. Employee. One who think Official work is not only duty but also day to day routine works. They must tried to complete day to day work without thinking about time. Others do only for duty and maintaining relieving time of office but not worry about to maintain to join office on time. These others must be worried about the new attendance systems. If we the employee of Cent. Govt. did our work properly and keep no pending, the case may not be go to the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

What about those employees who have to stay late in the office to complete their job at hand which , may ask them to stay at the office after office hours.

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