Comparison of Group ‘B’ Posts between the Railways and Other Central Govt Departments

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Comparison of Group ‘B’ Posts between the Railways and Other Central Govt Departments

A mild comparison of Group ‘B’ employees working in the Railways and other Central Government Departments as per the Census of 2001 and 2008. The Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association(IRTSA) submitted an additional memorandum to 7th Pay Commission recently. The report is highlighted the situation of Group ‘B’ posts in Railways in last 14 years. We just reproduced the matter briefly for your information…

Meagre number of Group ‘B’ posts in Railways
Every department of central Government are increasing the number of gazetted posts for effective & efficient governance, Railways are not doing so inspite of huge need of it on Administrative & functional justifications and requirement thereof.

According to Census of Central Government employees published by Ministry of Labour, between the year 2001 and 2008 number of Group-B employees have increased to the tune of 35.65% from 1,59,517 to 2,47,822 despite of reduction of total number of employees to the tune of 24.5% from 38,76,395 to 31,11,610.

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Source: IRTSA

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Lakshmanrao seshagiri said...

Group A and Group B posts :Officials in other government Departments have the field service liability.Whereas, this clause may be silent to the railways.Railway Board has to examine the need of the said clause or otherwise...

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