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Method of Night Duty Allowance and Night Shift Bonus Calculation for Industrial Employees

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Method of Night Duty Allowance and Night Shift Bonus Calculation for Industrial Employees

Night Duty Allowance & Night Shift Bonus in OFB- Para 196 & 201 of Office Manual Part-VI (Volume-I) Chapter -V (Labour-Methods of Payment and Allocation)

Night Duty Allowance
201. Industrial employees working on night shifts are eligible for Night Duty allowance on the basis of weightage of 10 minutes for every hour of night duty performed between 22.00 hours and 6.00 hours at the rates specified in the Government orders Issued from time to time.

For calculation of weightage, duty for less than half an hour shall be ignored and, duty for half an hour and more but less than one hour shall be reckoned as one full hour. The rounding off of fractions of an hour shall be made with reference to the, actual hours of night, duty performed in a month (i.e. wage period) and not on daily basis.

Night duty allowance not be admissible during overtime hours if any falling within the night duty hours. The allowance will not be treated as `Pay’ for purpose of piece work earnings or for other allowances admissible to the employees. The night duty allowance payable to the industrial employees shall be booked to work order number 02/00003/00 and the work order is exempt from DA levy.

Note: – In the muster rolls, the period of night shift indicating the time of commencement and closing of such a shift in respect of workers on night duty should be specifically indicated by the factory.

The net hours of work between 22.00, hrs and 6.00 hrs. performed by the workers daily during the normal hours of night shift duty (i.e. after excluding the period of recess, shift leave, overtime etc. during that period) ‘,which hours qualify for night duty allowance should be shown separately in muster roll and progressive weekly and monthly Carried over as done in the case of normal booking, of attendance.

Night Shift bonus
196. A night shift represents the hours worked between the termination of the day shift and the normal opening hours of the next day. The piece workers who Perform overtime work under Departmental rules in the night shift will be paid an extra half hour pay termed as ‘Night shift bonus‘ calculated at the hourly rate of 1/200 of the monthly basic pay plus dearness allowance, special pay, personal pay, pension (to the extent taken into account for fixation of pay in the case of re-employed pensioners) and city compensatory allowance for every hour of systematic overtime under Departmental Rules worked on the Night shift in addition to their piece yearnings. This element is not admissible to day workers.

Source: www.bpms.org.in
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