7th Pay Commission rumors – Recommendations on Holidays and Leave

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7th Pay Commission rumors – Recommendations on Holidays and Leave

‘Rumours regarding the 7th Pay Commission are ablaze like wildfire among Central Government employees.’

The hot topic of discussion among Central Government employees these days revolves around the holidays and their accumulation of EL. There is plenty of news to mull over.

During their entire service period, Central Government employees can accumulate 300 days of earned leave.These unutilized earned leave can be surrendered for encashment at the time of retirement.

According to unconfirmed reports, the 7th Pay Commission is keen on reducing the accumulation of 300 days earned leave limit. Rumours fix the number to most likely be either 120, 150, or 180 days.

Accumulation of 300 days earned leave is not a simple task to accomplish. At 10 earned leave days per year, one must put in 30 years of service to earn 300 days earned leave. It is worth mentioning here that National Council JCM Staff Side had to fight a long battle to earn the privilege.

Unconfirmed reports also claim that the number of leave days too is likely to be reduced. Some even say that the 7th Pay Commission is giving serious thoughts about abolishing the gazette-leave holidays and suggest to the Government that only three national holidays be given henceforth.

There is also a flood of information about issues like salary hike and retirement age. Unfortunately, nobody is in a position to either completely trust or dismiss these bits and pieces of information.

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Anonymous said...

At the end of the day employees anxiously look for the money they are going to get from their savings (gpf), gratuity, accumulation of leaves, etc. As you all aware that every employee is not an officer to get sufficient money at superannuation. There are lots of small time employees who are desirous to get the money for building homes, marriage of their children, etc. It is not just to reduce in accumulation of leave days. As regards to cut in the holidays, it should be done with immediate effect. There should not be any holiday for any national leader's birthday or otherwise, including Mahatma Gandhiji's. We shall have to work more on the day to observe their sacrifices.


Why so hurry? Let us wait for a couple of weeks to unleash the reality

Anonymous said...

The number of days of earned leave is 30 per year and not 10 as mentioned above. In fact every 6 months 15 days of earned leave is credited to the individual's account. So it requires only 10 years to accumulate 300 days of earned leave. Any attempt to reduce this will affect adversely the retirement benefits.

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