CSD Canteen Facilities for Retired Employees – Long pending demand accepted by MoD

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CSD Canteen Facilities for Retired Employees – Long pending demand accepted by MoD

“CSD Canteen facilities for Defence Civilian retired employees – Long pending demand accepted by MoD”

For a number of years the Defence Civilian employees have obtained the facility to buy items at subsidized prices from CSD canteens. Especially, Ordnance Employees could buy anything from groceries to bike – at super-subsidized rates from the CSD Canteens, also called Unit Run Canteens. But these facilities were denied to retired employees.

There is no doubt that such concessions are of tremendous importance post-retirement, when the person faces extreme financial crunch. There is no denying the fact that the mental satisfaction is much higher when these items are bought at subsidized rates from these canteens. Also, denying this privilege after retirement becomes a prestige issue of sorts.

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After prolonged fights by all the federations of employees union, the Centre is accepted to extend the subsidized CSD canteen facility to retired defence civilian employees too. It is being said that the Minister of Defence has given his approval to the order.(Click to view the order)

More information on this is expected soon. Issues like who qualifies for the facility, what are the items they cold buy at subsidized rates, and providing Smart Cards, etc., have not yet been decided.

One thing is for sure – retired employees can now proudly shop at the CSD canteens.

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