OROP protests likely to intensify

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OROP protests likely to intensify

“UFESM is not ready to believe the assurances given by all the forces that constitute the power at the Centre that the scheme would be implemented.”

This is because such assurances have been given for a number of years by a number of parties and nothing had happened. Therefore, this time, the UFESM is not ready to bow down.

Either the plan has to be announced, or the Prime Minister has to announce the date on which the plan will be implemented. Else, as per the current scenario, the protests are going to intensify.

In more than 60 cities across the country, protests are being held demanding the implementation of the OROP scheme. Ex-servicemen from all over the country are arriving in New Delhi to participate in the relay fast protest that is being conducted at Jantar Mantar.

The UFESM has announced that ex-servicemen shall henceforth boycott all the government-organized functions. They have also decided to go to the court after hearing the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech to find out the Government’s stand on the issue.

Armymen are being granted pensions and retirement benefits based on the current pay commission’s recommendations at the time of their retirement. Since the pension calculations are revised once every ten years, the OROP scheme seeks to remove the resultant anomalies.

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Anonymous said...

Retirement criteria of 33 year service or 60 years age in 7 pay commission is not justified as the most of employees wiil retire in early age Below attaining the age of 54 year age. In such circumstances , they will leave their child unsettled (studying condition) and their daughter unmarried . This will adverse impact on social life of Indian people. Ultimately affect to whole country. Therefore, retirement issue should not be touched by 7 th pay commission . This aspect should leave on Indian government.

Rajesh Rout said...

I am completely agree with this comment because one man joined in RLy at the age of 18/19 what mistake done by him/her? Why govt is now planning for forcively retire at the age of 51 /53.So what about their family and he might have socked and commit death also and at last his /her family will ruin. This is the voice of 70% CG employees. So 7th pay commission should not touch this.

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