Central Government Employees Warned against Complaining to the Minister, PM

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Central Government Employees Warned against Complaining to the Minister, PM

‘The DoPT has, in its newly issued orders, warned the Central Government employees, including defence personnel, of departmental disciplinary action if they choose to take their complaints directly to the ministers or the PM.’

Central Government employees, army officers, and members of the paramilitary forces are directly contacting the concerned ministers, the ministry officials, and the Prime Minister. The Department of Personnel & Training has termed it a “violation of procedures.”

Central Government employees are contacting the ministers, their secretaries, and the Prime Ministers for grievances related to their work. If they want a solution to their grievance, they must contact their senior officer or bring the grievance to the attention of the head of the department. Instead, seeking other means to solve the problem is in violation of the CCS Rules and Instructions. Disciplinary actions will be taken against such violators.

Central Government employees are prohibited from using the emails or approaching grievance cells to find a solution to their problems. Trying to use their external influence to solve work-related issues is also a violation of the CCS Rules. Trying to influence the department’s activities through friends and relatives who are employed in higher designations in other departments shall also be deemed as using external influences.

Therefore, the employee has to approach the senior-ranked officer to solve the work-related grievance. Violators of this rule shall be subjected to disciplinary actions. Such warnings have been issued a number of times since 1952.

Nine such orders have been issued since 1952. Here are the details:

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Kalyan Ghosh said...

I thank god that I shall not be framed by DOPT for violation of rule. I'm a retired CCS employee, else I couldn't even dream to make complaint so extensively. This much of complaint would definitely have shunted me out to a hostile remote destination. Moreover I have made complaint after exhaustion of all initial level of approaches.
Clerical blunder and obstinacy has put implementation of revised pension in accordance of DOPT guidelines and in agreement to decisions that have been taken at other departmental offices spread at all over India. Geological Survey of India, Lucknow has snatched away due revised pension benefits to Survey cadre at the behest of controlling officer. Past over two and half years of rigorous pursuits to almost all the conceivable high officers could not draw any attention. I'm thankful to our department head who has taken cognizance of this gross injustice and have assured of logical settlement. Six PG Portal registered comments, many interventions from Ministry of Mines, Deity, NIC, DOPPW so far couldn't make any impact. Now I see a faint ray of hope at other side of the dark tunnel. To express my deep anguish and helplessness I have expressed my hurt at web news comments, so far about sixty comments of mine have been published. I'm dumbfounded to see that GSI, a 164 years old organization can remain silent about such massive criticism. After these comments earns bad name to GSI.

Anonymous said...

What about pensioners? Can they write to ministers about their grievances? or will they be subjected to disciplinary action ?!

drtkbhatta said...

In many instances, the concerned superiors fail to redress the grievances of the officials in a time-bound manner. There are many instances where representations to the concerned superiors including the HODs fail to evoke any response, leave aside redressal.

Lakshmanrao seshagiri said...

Civil side will always forward the representations to the appointing authorities only with the specific recommendation of the Head Of Office.Hence the contents of this circular may not be applicable in the channels mentioned herein.

Anonymous said...

Department of Personnel & Training

Will you take disciplinary action on senior-ranked officers if they fail to solve the grievances of employees.

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